IELTS Cue Card Sample 115 - Describe a piece of modern technology you own

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a piece of modern technology you own.

You should say:

  • What it is
  • What you use it for
  • How long you have owned it

And explain why it is important to you.

Model Answer 1:
I have several pieces of modern technology and electronic gadgets that I often use and among them, I would like to talk about the laptop I have. This is a laptop computer which is manufactured by HP. This laptop has a good configuration and it supports most of the latest software. It came with the Windows 8 operating system and it was a bit expensive for me to buy. I bought it a few months ago when I replaced my old Dell laptop with this new one.

I use it for my official purposes as well as personal purposes. I use the internet, communicate with my friends using this laptop. I sometimes prepare some documents, surf internet and play games in it as well. This laptop serves my entertainment also. I watch movies, listen to music and play games in it. In fact, I use this laptop more frequently than any other electronic device I have except the cell phone.

I own laptop for more than 10 years but I bought this current one 3-4 months ago. Since the technology changes and to use the latest software and to get faster performance, we need to upgrade our computers and laptops, I replaced my old laptop with this new one.

As I have already mentioned, I use this laptop to use the internet, play games, create documents, contact my friends, maintain my blogs, watch movies, listen to music and for many other important purposes. This laptop has become an unavoidable technology for me that I use almost every day. 


Sample Answer 2:
In fact, I own several techno devices & gadgets and out of those, I would like to talk about the Kindle Fire that I have. This device is produced and sold by Amazon and I ordered it from their website last year.

This device is both a tabloid and a digital book reader. To me it is a very important technology device for purchasing online products, listening audiobooks and reading eBooks. I have noticed that after I have bought this device, the percentage of my reading has increased significantly. I use it to read eBooks and with the Wi-Fi connectivity, it becomes easier to find books online. The charges last for a couple of weeks and this is a great device for reading books. As I bought it last year, I own it for more than a year and with time this has become an important electronic device that I own. This device is my best companion when I make my journey. The perfect design, nice outlook, good quality hardware and nice user interface make it an ideal device for book lovers. To me, this is an important device as this fulfils my appetite for reading. With the internet connection with this device, I now have access to an immense number of books and reading materials. Before purchasing it, I used to read 1 book in a month on an average which has increased to around 3-4 books per month after I bought this device.  

I love and enjoy reading and this is a really good device for digital reading. It is immensely important to read and for me, this Kindle Fire is a companion I would like to have always with me. In fact, sometimes I consider it to be the most important and utilitarian electronic devices I ever had.


Part 3: Two-way Discussion:

Q. How can technology make our life easier?
Answer: Technology can impact our lives in many ways and so far technological advancement has made our life easier than ever. First of all, the internet has contributed to this to a large extent. This invention has dominated our daily life and made it easier by providing a massive amount of information on different subjects.  It has also made communication faster and easier. For example, you can just press a button and all the desired results can be retrieved instantly. When I was at university, I found many helpful resources on the internet, while in the past students had to go to libraries and spend endless hours of searching. Going further, communication and shopping have improved as well. Nowadays, people across the world communicate whenever they want, whilst some decades ago this entailed time and money. Online purchases are a constant phenomenon, as you can buy anything you want by few mouse clicks and of course at a better price. Finally, the smartphone is a representative example of technology that is used by everyone and because of its multiple functions things that were unattainable in the past, have become completely feasible now.

Technology has made it possible to cure diseases that were incurable in the past. It has improved the way we travel, cook, play, make a relationship, spend our leisure time and so on and on. The space exploration has enhanced our perspective of life and universe while we can better fight the natural disasters with the help of technology. In fact, we are blessed with the advancement of technology on every step of our life. 

Q. What are some greatest inventions you know about?
Answer: There are many remarkable inventions that have changed our lives and humankind. The Automobile and light bulb are two of the most important things that were invented by Karl Benz and Thomas Edison in 1885 and 1870 respectively. The first device helps people commute whenever they want and wherever they are and the second has made working in dark places and at night feasible. We can't omit computer and the internet as well. The former was invented by Alan Turing, a British Mathematician and is a machine that takes information in, is able to manipulate it in some way, and outputs new information. The latter, allows people to access almost any information located anywhere in the world at any time. Its effects on business, communication, economy, entertainment and even politics are profound. Among other greatest inventions, I should probably mention the wheel, printing press, paper, Penicillin, Integrated Circuit and camera.

Tip: These are only some of the inventions I consider that should be mentioned. There are plenty of other devices that can be included. Some of the greatest inventions of human history are given below from which you can select your personal favourite to speak about:

Air Conditioning, Alphabet, Airplane, Automobile, Barcode, Battery, Calculator, Camera, Candle, Cash Register, Clock, Coins, Compass, Computer, Compact Disk, Credit Card, DVD, DNA Fingerprinting, Electricity, Email, Engine, Fiber Optics, Film, Fuel Cell, Glass, Gun Powder, Ink, Internet, Laser, Light Bulb, LCD, Matches, Mirror, Mobile Phone, Neon Lighting, Paper, Pencil, Printing Press, Radio, Wheel.

Q. Why should we restrict the use of mobile phone in public places?
Answer: The primary reason is that sometimes they can be intrusive and irritating. For instance, when they are used in hospitals or in public libraries they are really disturbing. Mobile usage in public libraries disturbs people from concentrating so they must always be turned to silent. A further reason is that cell phones can be considered as an antisocial means. In a little more detail, most of the time people send messages and make calls to their friends and relatives and this deprives them of face to face communication. A final reason could be health issues that are caused by cell phones. Due to radiation emission, headaches and migraines are a frequent occurrence as well as other health-related problems such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and heart problems.


Q. Why mobile phones are gaining its popularity?
Answer: It's an undeniable fact that mobile phones are very useful. For example, in case of an emergency, you can make a call and avert something unpleasant, something that without mobile phone possession would be unattainable. Moreover, these appliances enhance communication and help people retain relationships that they might otherwise be lost, take pictures to keep memories, access the internet and include different types of applications as well. So, all these functions are combined and contained in a single device, otherwise having different appliances for every single function would be very expensive and space consuming. This is less expensive to purchase and have many handy applications and usages. These are the main reasons cell phone are gaining its popularity so rapidly.

Q. Can you do without your mobile phone?
Answer: Unfortunately, the answer is no. Due to the fact that it's multifunctional, it constitutes an integral part of my life. I use it constantly every day to make calls and talk with my friends and family, send messages, access the internet, take pictures. I think I'll have a very difficult time even if I lose it for a while.

[Part 3 answers are written by - Mary, UK, Economist with Main Field of Studies in Business Economics]

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