IELTS Cue Card Sample 119 - Describe a meal you enjoyed so much

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a meal you enjoyed so much.

You should say:

  •  when and where you have had this meal
  •  with whom you ate this meal
  •  what you ate

and explain why you enjoyed this meal so much.


Model Answer 1:
I love food and food stimulates my mind and body. But, I think that I like chicken more than anything. So, if there is any meal, be them fast food or traditional dishes, made with chickens, whether it is from the continents of Asia, Australia or South America, I will eat them like there is no tomorrow. But, today, I would like to talk about a meal, that I like even more, is called chicken parmigiana. Some call it chicken parmesan, depending on where you are eating it.  

It was about a few months ago when I was visiting my sister’s place in another city in order to celebrate her new job as a Sr. Manager at a multinational bank. My sister and my nephews teamed up together in favour of making some delicious meals at home with mutton curry. They also requested for some long-grain, steam rice. But, I, my brother-in-law and my niece were planning to visit a new restaurant, which just opened up a few weeks earlier. In fact, my brother-in-law told me that the restaurant was offering some great dishes at great some great discounted price. However, he also told me that their best and signature dish was chicken parmigiana.

Since we were going to an Italian restaurant, the meal was prepared with an Italian style and flavour which included breaded and juicy chicken breast, covered in tomato sauce, along with mozzarella cheese. By the way, the dish was also served with some classic Caesar salad on the side with some Italian ranch dressing on it. As soon as the meal was served, my sister’s whole family, including me, started to enjoy that meal like there is no tomorrow. My nephew and niece ordered for some even more chicken parmesan.

Anyway, we all enjoyed this meal so much, mainly because it was cooked to perfection with some generous amount of melted cheese on it. Besides, the hot pasta, served with the dish, was stimulating our taste bud like we would never want to stop eating them. All in all, it was a great family meal for any occasion.


Sample Answer 2: 
I went to visit (...say a foreign country name or city name...) last year and stayed there for about a month. The food habits of people there were very much different than what I usually eat. Since I had to stay for a while, it was tough for me to enjoy the meals I was eating. Not that I disliked all the foods I ate there. But the food that was easily available was something I ate but did not enjoy. After a few days when I got a day off, I went to visit one of my relatives there. To my surprise, they prepared my favourite meal. The four family members and I ate together and I ate voraciously as I enjoyed the taste and flavour of my favourite foods. 

I ate at this relative’s house and it the dinner that I ate there. I ate (...say some of your favourite food items...) and I enjoyed the way those were cooked and served. It was like eating a beloved food after a long. 
I enjoyed the meal because they were my favourite foods and I ate those after a while. Eating different foods all of a sudden for a few days was kind of a tough thing and when I ate my known foods, I ate the dish with great taste and enthusiasm. Moreover, my relative and her husband had been very cordial and I enjoyed their company and the way they served me the dish. 

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