IELTS Cue Card Sample 128 - Describe your idea of a perfect vacation

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe your idea of a perfect vacation.

You should say:

  • where the vacation would be
  • who would be with you
  • what you would like to do there

and explain why you think it would be a perfect vacation for you.


Model Answer 1:
Having a perfect vacation is many people’s dreams except, of course, they don’t know how to have them most of the times. However, over the years, if I have learned one thing about enjoying a perfect vacation, it can be achieved only if we don’t worry too much about the world “perfect”. After all, it is the very ‘stress’ of planning a perfect vacation which takes the fun away from it.

But, since I will have to put the discussion of this topic into proper context, I am bound to name the spot of my vacation which could be anywhere from visiting an isolated island, far away from the rest of the civilization, to a beautiful mountain site close to a nice lake, depending on the time of the year. But, since I prefer to enjoy my vacation during the summertime, I would preferably choose a mountain site.

To be honest, my perfect idea of a vacation doesn’t include anything fancy except enjoying some good jokes and laughs with my family members and friends while forgetting about the worries about our worldly life for a while by lying at the feet of the mountain. While I am enjoying my vacation there, I want to be to able to fully connect to the mother nature which has fed us and taken care of us even though we have done to so much harm to it for last few centuries.

Frankly speaking, I don’t even want to worry about cooking or eating my food when I am enjoying my perfect vacation because that would steal a lot of time from me when enjoying mother nature around me. Of course, I wouldn’t mind at all to jump in the lake and catch some fishes to do some barbecue, apart from swimming in it from the dawn to dusk.

Anyway, I think, it would be a perfect vacation for me because I would be able to do anything I want there. Besides, this vacation would allow me to enjoy little things with families and friends which don’t happen often when I am busy with my work life.


Model Answer 2: 
A perfect vacation is in my opinion, would be a vacation that would be thoroughly enjoying and refreshing. First of all, there would be a good plan for the vacation and the vacation would be for about a week. This has to be a different type of place that the vacation taker usually lives in. Usually, people enjoy visiting a place which has great natural beauty, quiet, offers good stay and enjoyable activities. So I would prefer a place near the sea, hill, tea garden, urban area with natural beauty or a historical place that offers a good travelling route. The journey has to be smooth and there should be tours to take the vacation takes to deferent places. 

I would prefer either my friends or family members to have such a great vacation. If it is my choice, I would like to go to a far end of the country or in a foreign city which offers a lot of different activities like hiking, surfing, natural sceneries and an arrangement of the comfortable stay. I would go to the famous and attractive places there, hand out with my friends, take photos, take part of the activities offered there, walk beside the open space and enjoy the night from the rooftop. I would stay in a quiet place and in the morning I would go explore the area to know about the people, their custom and culture. 

This would be a perfect vacation mostly because it offers different activities and different lifestyle which are always refreshing. A vacation is aimed to recharge us and give us pleasure so that after we come back from vacation, we can concentrate our daily routine with a pleasant feeling. My idea of the vacation would give plenty of opportunities to enjoy and to be refreshed. 


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