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IELTS Cue Card # 131 - Describe a job that you would like to do in the future

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a job that you would like to do in the future.

You should say:

  • what type of job it is
  • what skills or training would be necessary to get the job
  • what is so special about this job

and explain why you are interested in having this job in the future.


Model Answer 1:
If one thing that has fascinated me from my early university years is the nature of international relationships among different countries in our world. No doubt, this is a very complicated subject, and the brightest of the minds are able to penetrate into it. On the other hand, I am not even remotely as bright as those people who handle this complicated job so well. But, that doesn’t prevent me from wising to become an International Relationship Expert in the future.

So, what does an "international relationship expert" and/or political analyst do, or what is so special about this job? Well, in plain English, he or she analyzes and interprets international policies, issues, legislation, as well as the activities of governments, businesses, and organizations overseas in order to forecast political, economic, and social trends. Now, of course, it sounds a bit too easy just from the sound of it, but, trust me, it isn’t that easy at all, and that’s exactly where it gets interesting.

In fact, a particular event or a political or economic development in a country can frustrate the entire plan or process to forge a mutually beneficial relationship among all countries. A miscalculation, wrong step or even some wrong choices of words can create tension or a war-like situation. And, when situations become this messy or unpredictable, it is the experts on international and political affairs, who jump into actions to calm things down by putting matters into proper perspective, to maintain a steady and peaceful situation in our world.

I believe, it is not really easy to become an "international relationship expert" because it requires extensive education with very good academic results and some solid work experience in the political field or internship in different international organizations which research on international politics.

And, I am interested in having this job in the future because there are just too much mistrust, hatred, competition and animosity, because of the conflict of interests, among the countries in the world, and I want to be able to minimize, if not completely erase, these conflicts for a better future of this world and our future generations.


Sample Answer 2:
This is an interesting topic to talk about, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this nice topic. I think I would like to work as a senior secretary in the education ministry of the government as it is a great job, and I have been planning to work in this position from the very beginning of my university days.

This job demands a very talented person to fill in the position who comes with extensive experience in the education sector. It required a person who would be able to change existing policies, make new policies, have extensive knowledge in different academic activities, take the necessary measures to bring positive changes in the education sector of the country and so on. I want to work in this position to contribute to the education sector of our country. Comprehensive training on our education system and various aspects of the education ministry would be required to do well in this post. Apart from training, extensive experience in the education sector would be a bonus, I believe.

This job does not pay a big salary but if someone wants to contribute to the advancement of the country, he or she would have plenty of opportunities to serve the nation by working in this position and improving the most important sector of the country. Education, in my opinion, is the single most aspect of the overall development of a nation, and this job gives a perfect opportunity to work and contribute to this important sector.

I feel the necessity of putting the utmost importance on the education sector, and I know how changing the policy and rules in the education sector can contribute towards the betterment of the whole nation. I am attracted to this job, not because of the salary, power or the facilities it would offer, rather for the opportunities it would give to serve the nation and young learners.


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