IELTS Cue Card Sample 134 - Describe a situation when you were late

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a situation when you were late.

You should say:

    What was the event you were late for
    What was the reason that you were late
    How did you feel about it

and explain how you handled it.

Model Answer: 
The city I live in has a severe traffic jam problem and due to that, we often get late to reach our destination. One such event when I was late in an important exam was a frustrating experience for me. It was 2 years ago when I was a student in the university. I had an exam at 8.30 am which I thought would be at 9.30 am. I did this mistake because I noted the time wrongly in my notebook. I prepared for the exam well and left home at 8.15 am as my usual journey to my university takes around 40 minutes. According to the schedule, I should have reached at least 30 minutes before the exam time.

I already had the wrong idea about the exam timing and I found that it was raining outside and there were only a few transportations available on the road. I had to wait at the bus stoppage for more than 30 minutes before I actually got into a bus. To my surprise, the traffic on the road was very bad. The buses were moving very slowly because of the unavoidable traffic jam. I was hoping desperately to reach the university in time. But that was not my day! I reached at the exam hall at 10.15 am and I was shocked to learn that the exam would end only in 15 minutes. I was so worried and anxious that I could not think clearly what to do.
I felt helpless at that time and was asked the teacher what can I do now. He asked me to come after the exam ends. I followed him as soon as he left the exam room. I noticed that some of my classmates were also looking at me with surprise and were probably thinking how careless I was to miss such an important exam.
After I reach the class exam coordinator’s room, he took me to our advising tutor and asked me to give a good reason why I was late for the exam. I told everything that has happened and the coordinator arranged an exam in his room. As a penalty, he deducted 20 minutes from the exam time and asked me to finish the exam and leave the answer sheet to him. I was kind of worried and felt a bit relieved also. As my preparation was good, I had been able to answer all the questions in the due time. Thus the situation was handled and I was not in a big trouble for the late I made unintentionally.

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