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IELTS Cue Card # 149 - An interesting place that you know

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an interesting place that you know which is open to the public.

You should say:

  • what kind of place it is
  • what kind of people usually go there
  • why people usually go there

and explain why you think it is an interesting place.


Model Answer 1:

There are a few interesting places in my hometown, I know of, which are open to the public pretty much throughout the entire year. But, I would like to go ahead and talk about the one that I like to frequently visit, probably because I find it more interesting than the others.

It is a public lake. Located in one of the rich neighbourhoods of my city, this public place is serving as a perfect and temporary getaway for the busy city dwellers of my hometown. Stretching as long as about 2 kilometres, this public lake has many trees on both sides, and under those trees, one would also get to see many small size kiosks, with a rather large sitting arrangement around them, which are serving different kinds of snacks at an affordable price. If anybody wants to spend his or her time at the lake, just by reading some newspapers, there is some arrangement for that also as people could easily buy daily newspapers from the kiosks there also. People can rent a boat there also and ride it if they are in a mood to play a little with the water of the lake. There are even some small pockets of areas there, scattered on both sides of the lake, which are used to do some physical activities.  

By the way, all kinds of people, regardless of their age, gender and profession, visit this place in order to escape from the daily monotonous life. However, even though this place is visited mostly by mature and senior citizens during the early part of the day, the relatively younger people visit it during the later part of the day and in the evening.

I think that it is an interesting place because so many different kinds of people visit it for different purposes, and yet, they all seem to respect the quietness and serenity of the place. Besides, I think, it is an interesting place also because it has something for everybody, whether he or she wants to hum to some popular music tune or enjoy the tweets of the birds.


Sample Answer 2:

My hometown has several interesting places that I know about. But the rail station is the place I've known for a long, and it is a bit different from other places that I have in my mind. In my childhood, it seemed to be a mysterious place to me, and it still is. So I will go ahead and talk about it.

This rail station is very large, and if anyone observes closely, he will find many interesting and thought-provoking things there. This busy and noisy station is completely different from the rest of the town. It is a usually calm town and has harmony in everything. On the other hand, this busy station is a gathering of lots of people and it gives a different impression than the rest of the town. The place is covered with an elaborated rooftop, and it has several overpasses and roads, ticket counters, waiting areas, a phone booth, and rail lines. Many hawkers, some beggars, workers and passengers make that a cryptic place as it is never the same and has always mystery surrounding it.

To me, it is an interesting place because I have always found new people and new things there. New hawkers and labours come there and stay for a while, people come to receive their guests or relatives, policemen are there to find people who might visit without tickets and the list goes on. People who come to say goodbye to their friends and relatives bear a sad mark on their faces. The happiness and sadness can be observed from their eyes, faces, and way of talking and from the way they walk to the exit. This place is always full of noise, and the loud whistle and sirens of the train are louder than any other sound there. You will never find it empty and dull.

Interestingly this small place is a hub for so many different people from different classes. Some come here to earn their livings, some to leave the town and some accompany their relatives. The station employees, hawkers, labours, beggars and some other people find it as their workplace. The signpost with green and red light, endless rail-line, different people, gathering, liveliness and sadness and many other things and reasons make this place a really interesting place.


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