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IELTS Cue Card # 151 - Describe a situation that made you angry

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a situation that made you angry.

You should say:

  • where and when it happened
  • what exactly made you angry
  • how you handled this situation

and explain how you felt and did then.


Model Answer 1:
I try not to get angry even if I have a very valid reason for it because I feel that getting angry doesn’t exactly solve our problems. But, I am only a human, and I also get mad and angry sometimes just like I did about a couple of years ago. Here is how the story goes -

A couple of years ago, my younger sister had just finished building her new home, so she naturally wanted everything to new in her newly-built home. Anyway, after buying pretty much all the items for her house, it was time for us to buy a nice looking and modern oven for her kitchen that had all kinds of features and options. But, unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything like her preference at the stores in our hometown. So, we decided to visit some other stores in a different city. Luckily, we got exactly what we were looking for from one of the stores there, so we told them to get one from their warehouse and pack it for us. So far so good.

But, after opening the oven box at home, we found out that the oven was a little bigger in size than what we had ordered for, as it wouldn’t fit properly in the kitchen cabinet of my sister’s kitchen. Apparently, they made a mistake. So, I immediately called them about the mistake, but instead of trying to find a remedy for the situation, the manager told me that it was us who gave them the wrong size. Needless to say, the response from the manager made me really angry. Then I realized that if we didn’t get a proper size oven, we could simply get a larger and separate cabinet to fit it in.

Anyway, after feeling angry and irritated and exchanging harsh words with the manager, I felt that I shouldn’t have behaved like that because we didn’t care to check the size of our product ourselves either, after all, before bringing it home. I also called the manager back a little later and politely requested him to check the order of their customers with a bit more care.

Sample Answer 2:
I don't usually get angry for silly reasons as I like to believe that I'm not a short-tempered person. Yet, I'm only human. So, three years ago, I was kind of furious with two of my close buddies. I was so angry that I did not talk to them for more than two weeks!

It happened when I was in the 7th semester at my university. Back then, I had a friend named Rummel who invited me and Stephen to visit his hometown after our term final. Three of us finalised our plan and fixed the date for our journey.

Two days before the scheduled journey, I called both of them to confirm that the plan was still valid. They both told me they were looking forward to it. Rummel even informed me that he had already told his parents and relatives about our visit.

I called my mum and told her about the tour. I mentioned that I would probably see them a week later after returning from my friend's hometown. She wished me a safe journey. I packed my bag the night before. As planned, I was supposed to meet my friends at the train station at 9.00 AM to catch our train.

That day, I woke up early, got ready and was anticipating everything about an exciting tour. Then I picked a taxi and went to the station at 7:30 AM or so. As I was a bit early than expected, I waited for another 45 minutes before exasperatedly looking for my friends. But to my dismay, they were nowhere to be found. When it was 10:00 AM, and none of my friends arrived, I started worrying that they could have been involved in an accident.

I was annoyed, worried and a bit scared. When the clock ticked to 11:00 AM, I got seriously frustrated and angry. I felt stupid! I was so angry that I did not call my friends. I sat at the station for another 30 minutes and then took a taxi back home. Later I called their homes and learned that they were home all day long. This afternoon, they call me several times, probably to explain their reasons for not showing up at all, but I did not pick any of their calls.

Almost after two weeks, during which we did not meet because I left for my hometown, they came to my place and explained that due to Stephen’s mother’s sudden and unexpected illness, which was severe, Stephen left for his hometown early that morning on that eventful day. They both thought that the other one had informed me about the cancellation of our tour. At that time I was not angry anymore and we were on good terms.


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