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IELTS Cue Card # 165 - Describe a vehicle that you would like to buy

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a vehicle that you would like to buy.

You should say:

  • what type of vehicle it would be
  • why you like it
  • for what purposes you will use this vehicle

and explain why you want to buy this vehicle.


Model Answer 1:

Even a few years ago, I used to think that buying a vehicle is a luxury. But, today, I don’t think like that anymore after seeing how a car can help us in order to make our life easy. In fact, I am even planning to buy a car in the near future.

And, the car, I wish to buy in the future, is the “Honda Pilot”. This is a luxurious sport utility vehicle, or SUV, with an optional but easily accessible third-row seat, which can accommodate up to 8 people. It has a standard 280 horsepower 3.5-liter i-VTEC V-6 engine and a Multi-angle rearview camera with guidelines. I would prefer my car to be a dark blue colour, with leather seats and champagne colour interior, as well as to have a GPS navigation system. One of the features of this SUV, that really attracts me, is its optional “Panoramic Roof”, which allows all passengers to enjoy views of the sky even when they are sitting at the very back of the car. I also like the fact that Rear-seat passengers in this car can watch the miles fly while enjoying its high-definition entertainment via the available Blue-ray Rear Entertainment System. I really like this SUV because it runs so smoothly without making any noise at all.

Anyway, I want to buy this great looking SUV for the purpose of taking me and my whole family to different places at ease without having to worry about waiting for public transportation. I would also like to buy the vehicle because it would help me travel to and from my office easily and quickly. Besides, I want to buy it also because it would help me save a lot of money when travelling a long distance, especially, when travelling together with 7/8 persons. After all, it would cost a lot more money to buy the train, bus or flight tickets for 7/8 persons. Finally, I want to buy this car because it would elevate my image as a person and it has all the necessary safety and comfort features for a long trip.


Sample Answer 2:

I don't have a private car but I have been planning to purchase one for the last 1 and a half years. I have decided to own a car, which would be a Toyota RAV4 model so that I and my family can travel to different places freely and do not have to wait for public transportations. Thank you very much for this nice topic.

We now use public transportations and because of that, we can’t flexibly plan our schedule - be it going to a movie theatre or an amusement park, or visiting a relative. We have to helplessly depend on the schedules of the public transportations and that kills our time and energy. Waiting in a long queue for the bus or train tickets is very inconvenient and tiresome. So we often feel the need for a personal car because it would give us great freedom when it comes to commuting.

I believe owning a personal car would give us far more flexibility, and we would then be able to go to many different places more frequently in our free time and enjoy our time as a family. Sadly, these days, we often discard the idea of attending a party or family programme arranged by a relative or friend because of the distance we need to travel and heavy traffic on the road. A personal car would mostly eliminate our dependency on public transportations and allow us to avoid busy roads and attend more social programmes as a family.

I'm often late to return home from the office because of my dependency on the public buses which often miss the schedule. So, I also want to own a personal car because, in a personal car, I would be able to spend my time the way I want and like. This, in my opinion, would be relaxing while being on a public bus or train is sometimes exhausting, especially when there is no seat to sit on.

Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV car which would fulfil our requirements as a small family pretty perfectly. Its safety features are great, and it is especially suitable for the roads where I would need to drive regularly. For all these reasons, I have decided to go for a private car of this made and model.


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