IELTS Cue Card Sample 168 - Good news you received on the phone

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a piece of good news you received on the phone/mobile phone.

You should say:

  • what the news was
  • when you heard about it
  • who gave you the news

and explain how you felt about this piece of good news


Model Answer 1:

We all like to hear good news, whether we receive it by mail or phone. Of course, if asked, I would say that receiving a piece of good news over the phone is better than receiving on a mail because receiving it on the phone makes it feel like more of a “real-time” or live thing. At least, I felt like that when I heard a piece of good news over the phone about a few months ago.

The news was about getting a new job. It was certainly good news because my nephew was searching for a job for a considerable period of time after finishing university. But, unfortunately, even though, he was getting a lot of interview calls, no company was actually offering him any good job. Of course, earlier he had got some "jobs-offers" here and there, but he didn’t exactly like those jobs because he was aiming for much better opportunities.

By the way, my nephew is a brilliant student, and he also has some very good grades, so it is only natural for him that he would aim for better opportunities. Anyway, after trying to find a better job for a long time, my nephew got so frustrated that at some point, he actually thought of giving up searching for a job and starting some kind of business. But, as a good uncle, it was only me who was asking him to be a little more patient. So, when he got a job offer letter from one of the prestigious private companies of my country, he immediately decided to call me over the phone in order to give me the good news when I was away from the town for an important job.

Anyway, I felt really great about the good news because it would finally give some hope of life to my beloved nephew. I also felt really happy and little proud of myself because, after all, it was me who convinced my good nephew to wait and keep applying for more jobs when he was growing frustrated and impatient because of not getting a job sooner.


Sample Answer 2:

After I finished my graduation, I applied for 2-3 jobs and faced the interviews in these companies. One day I got a phone call from one of the companies from the HR department and the caller confirmed that I was hired for the job I applied for. This was a piece of very exciting and good news for me as I was expecting to start a job so eagerly. 

I did not know the person who called me at that time but later I found that he was the head of the human resources department of the company and his name was Kane. I heard it in (…say a year i.g. 2014…) and it was probably June. 

My parents and relatives wanted me to get involved in a job right after my graduation and I felt the same. Some of my classmates were already doing jobs and I thought I should start a job as well. After I got the job confirmation call, I was very excited and happy. The first job confirmation, in my opinion, is very significant and exhilarating and I felt no less. I was so happy that I instantly confirmed that I’d be joining the job from the next week. Then I shared the news with my parents and sisters and they were very happy as well.


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