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IELTS Cue Card # 174 - Describe an activity you like doing

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an activity you like doing.

You should say:

  • what activity it is
  • who you do it with
  • how you do it and how often

and explain why you enjoy doing this activity.


Model Answer 1:
I like to remain active, both physically and mentally, by enjoying different kinds of activities. Such activities may include spending time with all of my friends (and trust me, I have plenty of them) to enjoying some video games all by myself, and any other activities in between. But, today, I would like to talk about an activity which is a little unique in the sense that not too many people do that.

The name of this activity, I would like to talk about, is “video recording” – video recording of different kinds of interesting and unique TV programmes when I don’t have anything else to do. In fact, I have been enjoying this activity for more than 7 or 8 years since the time I started my career as a Media Communication Specialist at one of the leading advertising firms in my country.

By the way, one of the things, which I have to do as a Media Communication Specialist, is to understand and explain the visual effects of different kinds of TV programmes, especially, the programmes like drama, serials and advertisements. In other words, I needed to watch a lot a TV sometimes for professional purpose. But, as I kept doing that, I suddenly figured out that TV programmes change in their costumes and styles in the course of time, even though, they air basically the same kind of programmes with the same kinds of substances and messages. And that’s when I also figured out that these changes, which both can be very subtle and visible, could be preserved as some great source of reference and information about the fashion and styles of a certain period of time or age.

Anyway, I enjoy doing this activity because it allows me to compare the different kinds of communication styles and the qualities of different kinds of TV programmes through the prism of time. It also allows me to recall some of the good memories of the past that are associated with watching a certain kind of programmes. I think that more people should take this activity as one of their favourite pass time activity.


Sample Answer 2: 
With the job I have, the study I am pursuing and other responsibilities in my personal life, I have a busy schedule. So even though I would like to get involved in different interesting activities, I can't do that. As a consequence, over time, the number of activities I was involved in has reduced noticeably.

Despite all these, I still try to maintain some of the activities I really, I mean really enjoy. One such activity is hanging out with friends during my days off. We often meet at a place in the evening and enjoy our time together discussing important and sometimes not-so-important issues. Sometimes we meet at a public place like a park, and sometimes we go to watch a movie and enjoy some foods in a large shopping complex.

I mostly do it with my close friends and we have 4 to 5 such friends who meet at least twice a month. I enjoy spending times with my buddies as we are friends for many years. We also enjoy our brotherhood as we have a good understanding and bond among us. We often plan to do things that we were very passionate about during our university days. In the latest meet-up a few days ago, we decided that we would try sailing in the sea which attracts so many tourists each year.

Meeting with friends and spending some quality time is indeed a good activity, at least to me, as I value our friendship to a great extent. Good friends are like treasures in life as I have often found their help in times of distress and need. Thus the activity I have allows me to spend a good time with them, get their updates, discuss interesting topics from which I learn many new things, and most importantly, allows me to plan and do some activities that otherwise would not have been possible.


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