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IELTS Cue Card # 178 - Describe your favourite place to eat out

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe your favourite place to eat out.

You should say:

  • where it is and what kinds of food are served there
  • what the décor is like there
  • and say what kind of people you think would enjoy dining there

and explain why this is your favourite place to eat out.


Model Answer 1:
I live in a rather big city which has plenty of good "food places" and "restaurants" to enjoy all kinds of food. In fact, there are so many of them that it would take literally years to try all of their food and dishes at least once. Anyway, I have no intention to talk about trying to taste all those kinds of food, but rather I want to talk about visiting one of my favourite places to try some of my favourite food items and dishes.

The name of this place, where I like to eat out, is called “Noel’s eatery”, which is also my favourite place to eat. Physically located at one corner and also on one of the major roads of my hometown, this large restaurant serves all kinds of food which include famous Indian cuisines, Chinese foods, Italian dishes, as well as popular dishes from many western countries.

Even though this restaurant is located at one corner of the city, city dwellers from all over flock into this busy restaurant in order to enjoy their favourite food menu.  Anyway, I mostly visit this place to take my dinners, occasionally. This restaurant offers a sitting arrangement both in its lower space and upper space and attracts more or less all kinds of customers from all age groups and professional backgrounds, but it is more popular among the young people, probably because it is closed to a university and a junior college.

By the way, the décor of the restaurant is exquisitely designed with modern architecture, complemented by all kinds of modern furniture and amenities to make anyone feel comfortable. Besides, the elegant looks and designs of the cutleries there can only match those of a star-rated restaurant.
Well, this is my favourite place to eat out mainly because it has a rather impressive look. In fact, it allows me to enjoy the grand view of my beautiful city from the top floor during the nighttime. I like to visit this place also because it has all kinds of food for all seasons and time to stimulate my taste buds. Finally, it is my favourite place because the staffs here are very professional and cordial.


Sample Answer 2:
The "Fine Diners" (... or say the name of a restaurant you like...) is my favourite place to eat out. I often go to this restaurant with my friends and family members both for the delicious foods they serve and for the quiet and elegant ambience they offer.

"Fine Diners" serves various types of dishes and that's why one can easily pick the food items of his or her preference. The main dishes they serve include Thai, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and a few local dishes. On special occasions like Christmas and New Year eve, they offer special menus and give discounts to attract new customers.

This restaurant occupies a 3 storied building, has a large underground parking and a garden in front of it. When people enter the restaurant, the garden gives a very first positive impression. The architecture of the building looks good from the outside and the interior decoration of the building is eye-catching. The light green colour of the wall, the opulent wooden furniture, the paintings on the wall, and the nice arrangement of the interior make it a great place.

The restaurant offers a range of dishes and the prices are reasonable. The middle class, upper class and lower-middle-class people can easily afford to eat here. People who love Indian, Chinese, Tai and Mexican foods and like to be in a nice place with a calm environment should go there and try their menu. Since the environment is tranquil and the interior is well-designed, people of all ages would enjoy being here. The playground on the ground floor is specifically built for children's amusement and the kids would also enjoy being in this restaurant.


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