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IELTS Cue Card # 181 - Describe people you know who you believe are good parents

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe people you know who you believe are good parents.

You should say:

  • who they are
  • how you met them
  • what they do

and explain why you think they are very good parents.


Model Answer 1:
I respect all parents, and I also like to believe that they are all very good parents in one way or another because all parents love their children with their life. But, I guess that some parents are a bit serious with their parenting skills than others, and today I would like to talk about one of those parents, who I have known for quite some time.

These parents are none other than the parents of one of my close friends. After meeting them for the first time, when my friend had invited me to enjoy a special feast at his home, I got the feeling that they were not exactly like any other parents, I had seen before. By the way, back then, I and my friends were final year university students, and so we were already old enough to know what was best for us. But, when we were just about to eat our food, my friend’s mother started to describe the taste of each and every kind of food, they had cooked for us, apparently, in an effort to let me know what kinds of foods I could eat, and what kinds of foods I could avoid if needed to.  

Then, when we were busy eating our foods, both the parents of my friend asked me if their son (my friend) treats me nicely. At some points, after finishing the feast, they even asked me that if I was behaving nicely with my parents. After that, we had some more conversation among us, and all they asked me about was if I was comfortable enough at their house. In fact, from their talks, it would be difficult for someone to separate their own child from a child of some other parents.   

I think that they are very good parents because they don’t forget for a moment about the well-being of not only their own child but also the friend of their child. Besides, I felt like, even the negative words and criticism from them somehow would prove out to be some very positive messages because of the way they communicate things.


Sample Answer 2:
My grandpa and grandma, in my opinion, are the best parents I have known so far. Though they're not with us anymore for the last 3-4 years or so (May God rest their souls in peace), I have known them for almost all of my life. They have left 5 children in total, and all of them are established in their respective fields, respected in society, doing something good and positive for people, and are exemplary for others.

My grandfather was a government service holder and my grandma was a housewife. They have cared for their children more than their lives. It was a great thing that they had made sure that all of their children get proper education and lead healthy lives. They taught my uncles, father and aunts about a good and moral lifestyle, and kindness to every living soul. They always treated their children as the most important things in their lives and spent time together whenever possible, and that was amazing considering the financial struggles they had to ensure in their lives.

Even when I was 10 or 11 years old, I noticed, to my surprise that my father shared many of his personal things with my grandpa as friends usually do. All of my uncles and aunts treated their parents with the utmost respect, and surprisingly they were so frank and close to their parents and siblings as well. Two of my uncles are doctors, and another uncle is an architect, my father is a professor and my aunt is a lawyer. They are all doing great in their professions and for that their parents’ contributions should come first.

To be good parents, father and mother need to primarily focus on their children's welfare, education, upbringing and future. They need to devote themselves and carry out great responsibilities. They need to sacrifice much of their own happiness and make sure that the children grow up in a good environment with proper education and morality, and that's exactly what my grandparents did.


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