IELTS Cue Card Sample 198 - An interesting news story that you watched on TV

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

An interesting news story that you watched on TV.

You should say:

  • what was the story
  • which channel showed it
  • what was the news story

and explain why the news story was interesting.

Possible Answer:
Though I do not watch TV that much nowadays, but I often watch the news, documentary and sometimes talk-shows. Many of them are contemporary world news, some of them are political news and some of them are news stories. One such interesting news was a story that covered a case file of police who caught a serial killer. This news story was broadcasted in Fox news and I watched it about one year ago.

The news channel represented the news like a documentary and used some actors & actress and they acted to show the real story. The news story was that the police found some connections among some random murders. They worked hard and suspected that one single person or a group of 2-3 persons were responsible for the murders. They worked for several months to find the killer but each time ended with an unsolved mystery. After 5 years the file was reopened by a special team of police and they started reinvestigating the case. With their endless efforts, elaborate testing, extensive experiments and strong determination they finally started finding connections among the murders. They talked with different people of the places where the murders were committed; they went through every detail of the previous files and talked elaborately with the police officers who were engaged in the case for the first time. With 8 months' effort, they finally caught the murderer who to my surprise was a housewife of a happy family and the mother of 3 kids. She accepted the fact that she had committed the crime and that was revenge to the people who abused her during her career as a rising model of a suburban area.

I watched the whole news story with great interest. The news story by itself was adventurous and interesting. Moreover, the news channel represented it like a movie presentation which made it more interesting and watch-worthy.

Tips for answering this Cue Card Question: 

Note that you are asked to talk about a news story, not a news you watched on TV. Do not talk about the news program you usually watch daily on TV that gives different updates of local and international events or the talk show that TV channels broadcast. A news story is usually a broad story of public or historical or national or international interest and is usually lengthier than a single piece of news.  
A news story can be usually one of the following topics: 
1. A recent talk of the town topic that gives details of the news or shows live on TV.
2. A news coverage on war. 
3. A news made much like a documentary and is shown to the public. 
4. A news story on a historical or mysterious topic. 
5. Details on a major sporting event. 
6. A news coverage on an advanced technology. 
7. A news coverage on a social or political issue. 
8. News details on an interesting crime and criminal. 
You can mention about a news story that you know about or you watched on TV. Say, which TV channel broadcasted it when you watched it, how interesting the news story was, what was the main topic of the news story and give some details on the program.

For the questions why you enjoyed it/ or why it was interesting, you can say that the news topic was interesting, the channel represented the news story in a very attractive and interesting way, you learned something new from this program, the program revealed a past mystery/ explained a political/ international crisis and suggested solution, gave facts on a historic event etc.  
If you can talk about this topic, you would also be able to talk about the following topics: 
1. Talk about a TV program you enjoyed. 
2. Talk about a documentary you watched on TV. 
3. Describe a program you watched on TV. 
4. Describe an interesting TV program you have watched. 
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