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IELTS Cue Card # 201 - Describe an important email you have received

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an important email you have received.

You should say:

  • who sent it to you
  • when you received it
  • what was the email about

and explain why this email was important to you.


Model Answer 1:
In the age of the internet and information, it is only expected that we receive different kinds of messages/emails, be them personal or professional, even though not all of them are equally important. But, today, I would like to talk about an email, that I received a few years ago, which I consider being really important.

Since the early days of email and the internet, I have liked to become a member of different significant email groups. The purpose of creating such email groups was to let every one of us know through emails, if anybody, from the groups or beyond, needed any help. One such email group, which I belonged to, was the “blood donation” group, and the email, I received about a couple of years ago, was from the admin of this group.

The email talked about a seriously ill person, who needed a huge amount of blood from a certain blood group, but unfortunately, nobody was willing to become a blood donor. Anyway, even though, I got to see the email a bit late, but as soon as I read the email, I got into action and immediately asked for help from one of my friends in my home town, who luckily had the same blood group. After learning about the positive news, I emailed back to the admin of the group about my friend and his willingness to help the seriously ill patient.

The email was important to me obviously because it allowed me to save the life of a seriously ill person when nobody could be found to help him. Besides, the email made me realize the importance of each and every person around us, and thus maintaining a minimum level of social relationship with them, as they all could be potential lifesavers. Finally, the email also made me realize the fact once again that the world truly has become smaller, because of technological advancement, and that we should never underestimate the role of such technologies in saving lives, no matter where we live or when we need the help.


Sample Answer 2:
I have received many important emails in my life, and out of these emails, I would like to talk about an email that I got from a Telecommunication company. The email confirmed my appointment as a part-time employee with them. When I was a third-year student at the university, I needed to get a part-time job to earn some money and to gain some experience. I applied for several jobs but I desired to work as a consultant for a major telecom company in my country. It was not easy to get the job since many candidates applied for the job and the company preferred full-time employees.

One day I got an email from Mr Atherton (...say a name common in your country...) and I found that it was from the telecom company where I was interviewed. It was early November in 2015, and at that time, I was around 22 years old. I opened the email and read the details very quickly. My heart was pounding and I felt really good when I found that the email confirms my appointment as a part-time employee with this company. I read the email again and took a print out as well. The email was sent to me by the Head of the Human Resource department of the company and his name was Mr Atherton Derek.

It was a very important email for me as I was desperately expecting to work for this company and the email confirmed my joining there. Secondly, this was the first job confirmation in my life, and I needed this job so badly at that time. So this was very exciting news for me.

Tips for answering this Cue Card Question:

For this cue card topic, you can talk about one of the following emails:

1.    The email from a company about your job confirmation.
2.    An email from a university about the confirmation of your acceptance there.
3.    An email from a friend from a foreign country.
4.    An email from a family member whom you have not seen for a long.
5.    The email that confirms your acceptance into a scholarship program.
6.    An email from your company that confirms your promotion.
7.    An email from a dear friend.
8.    An email from the embassy that confirms your Visa to a foreign country.
9.    An email from a family member that confirms the good news you were looking forward to hearing for a long.

For the first question, say the name of the sender if it came from someone known. If it was from a university or a company, say that it was from the admission, information department and the name of the sender was ….. and it was from the … department. Mention that you have never personally met this person but it was probably someone from the university/office/embassy authorised to send you the email.

For the next question, you can say the exact date (just month and year would be okay too) when the email came to your email address and then the time when you actually read it.

The third question asks you to talk about the reason you got this email. This is the most important part and here you have to be very convincing about your description of the topic and reason for the email. Give some background details to the examiner that relate to the email and that would clearly describe the reason you got this email.

For the question, "why this was important", you can mention some of the following reasons. Note that the following points give only the idea that you are required to elaborate:

1.    This was a long-expected email that you were eagerly waiting for.
2.    This email confirms a very important event/success of your life and hence this was quite important to you.
3.    You were very relieved after you got this email.
4.    This email contained a piece of very good news that made you really happy.
5.    This email contained one of the best news you got recently.
6.    This was a long-awaited email from a friend/ family member.

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