IELTS Cue Card Sample 214 - Annoying neighbour who lives in your community

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an annoying neighbour who lives in your community.

You should say:

  • who this neighbour is
  • why you think he/she is annoying
  • how he/she behaves with others

and explain what can be done to help him/her with his/her annoying behaviour.


Model Answer 1:
This is such a challenging topic for me because among a few things, which I really dislike to do, is to tell negative things about people around me, be them my neighbour or some mere acquaintances.  But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t have to deal with some annoying neighbours at some points of my life, and today I would like to talk about one such neighbour who I wish was a bit less annoying at times.

Anyway, the irritating neighbour, I am talking about, is a businessman, and a successful one in that, who likes to travel to different parts of my country rather frequently for business purpose.  Nobody should find any issue with such a hard-working and successful businessman as his or her neighbour except, of course, the neighbour continuously keeps boasting about his business success while demeaning or belittling his neighbours at every opportunity because of their professions or beliefs.  For example, he didn’t like my teaching profession because he thought that the only PhD degree holders, which I wasn’t, should get the opportunity to teach students.  Now, I understand that he was a very authoritative person, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he could shout at his subordinates and insult them in front of others because of some petty mistakes.

Besides, he also thought that it was his “birth-right” to park his large wagon sometimes anywhere in our neighbourhood even if it was blocking the passage or exit route of his neighbours.  Anyway, I am not too sure as to why he is such an annoying person, but I guess that it must have to do with growing up in a rough neighbourhood with no proper guidance.

Of course, we can help him to change his annoying behaviour by engaging with him on a more regular basis, instead of actually avoiding him, and tell him how his behaviour hurts us.  We could also praise him more about his business success and ask about his health, family and well-being so that he understands that we actually care about him like some good neighbours.


Sample Answer 2:
Mr. / Mrs. (...say a name i.e. David/ Fiona/ Kumar/Sonia/ Maroof...) is a very annoying neighbour who lives across the street. S/he would be around 50 years old and has a really irritating personality that bothers us all.

I have seen him/her living there from my childhood and s/he's still living there. S/he is a short-tempered person who uses his/her mouth far more than his/her brain.

Sometimes s/he yells aloud and uses very vulgar languages for very silly reasons. We thought that s/he had some sort of mental instability but that was not correct. Actually, his/her attitude and behaviours with others are so rude that people get confused and surprised. I have never found a person who can use so mean and vulgar language only kids went on to play near his/her house. S/he never returns the balls kids throw inside his/her fence unintentionally. S/he can scream and shout continuously and even with a 5 year's kid. Though s/he complaints always about others, s/he does lots of stuff which s/he would not allow others to do. He/she is, in my opinion, a bad neighbour who never helps anyone. He watches TV and listens to the radio with a very loud sound at night, screams with his family members, throws water in the street, does not keep his yard clean, and puts the garbage in unauthorised places.

I am not sure what would actually work to pacify him/her but I guess s/he needs some friends and close family members who would accompany him/her and politely advises him/her. Maybe his loneliness and introvert lifestyle are two reasons for his rude behaviours and that can be done by people whom he would yield to. I have never seen him/her going out on vacations and I feel s/he needs to visit different places and change the monotonous life s/he is living.


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