IELTS Registration

How to Register for the IELTS Exam?

To take part in the IELTS exam you need to register for the IELTS First. You can visit your nearby IELTS test centres, note the address and then talk to the information desk staff to find out what do you need to register for the test, what would be the exam date and cost.  If you are not sure if you need to sit for the Academic IELTS or General Training IELTS visit the link Academic or GT IELTS  or contact to the University or immigration authority. 

Ask for the IELTS Application form from the Test Center or download the IELTS Application form. Please note that you would need to use the same name that appears in your passport or any other valid identification form. Read the instructions carefully, complete the form, sing it and then submit it the IELTS test centres. Alternatively, you can apply online for the IELTS test from website. Not all the centres offer online registration and that's why it's advisable to visit the intended test centres for details.

You will need the following papers and materials ready to complete your registration: 

  1. 2 (Two) recent passport size colour photographs. Do not use photographs that are more than 6 months old. The photograph should depict your face clearly and without wearing glasses. Sing in the back of the both photographs with a pen. 
  2.   Take a photocopy of either your valid Passport or National ID card. The Passport must be valid and not expired. Some test centres might not accept the national ID card and for details contact to the test centre. 
  3. If you want the score to be sent to the university or college, fill the appropriate section of the IELTS application form.

You need to take the filled Application form to the test centre as well as the registration fee to confirm the registration. If you submit the application form online, contact to the test centre about the method of payment.

After your registration is confirmed by the IELTS test centre, they will let you know the IELTS exam test date, time and venue via SMS and email. 

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Taranpreet Kaur
My email address is tejindermander6 Please knock me.
Genielyn W Lee
Hi, I took my IELTS exam in Makati City in the Philippines on September 29th, 2014. I am currently in the United States with a CGFNS visa screen certificate. However, I am trying to endorse my RN license in the state of Carolina. They want proof of passing my IELTS exam. Can I request for a test result form to be forwarded to the board of registered nursing in South Carolina? If it's possible how do I do it? Thank you.
Boy Rosetown
I'm about to take my 2nd exam this coming 10th of September because I wasn't able to get the score I need last time. I'm just wondering if it would be possible to swap score of the test result? In case you get a higher score previously compared to recent test in one subject.Example: Previous Speaking Score 6.5Recent Score goes down to 6.0Will it be possible to bring the higher score on the TRF?
I have a valid IELTS General score (appeared in January 2016). However, I want to take IELTS Academic for study purpose. I want to know whether my IELTS General scores still be valid for 2 years or not?
Thanks for sharing this information. It is very useful for study. IELTS is compulsory for my admission.