Choose a realistic & achievable goal

You should target a band score which you require for your future study or for immigration. The band score should be achievable for you. Be realistic to target a reasonable band score in each module as well as an overall score. Find your strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly. For instance, if you have some weaknesses in the reading module, put some extra effort into this module. You can achieve your success with a constant and wise study plan. For the IELTS preparation and for your IELTS result, you should be reasonable and fix a target which is feasible yet challenging.

Don't give an impossible target to yourself- be it a daily study plan or the test result. Get flexible with the IELTS exam by practising to your best level and taking part in mock tests.

Some candidates do not know what band score they require from their IELTS tests. If you are one of them, do contact the university you are planning to apply to or visit their website to learn the IELTS band score they ask for. Sometimes, the same university asks for different band scores for different majors. So be sure to contact them. If you are planning to take IELTS for immigration, you should consult with the immigration authority.

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