Study in a group rather than individually

It's proven that IELTS preparation works best if you study in a group rather than studying and preparing alone. The speaking section of the IELTS test is an interview between the candidate and an examiner. So having a speaking partner not only lets you speak more but also helps you find out how you really do while speaking with others.

However, it is not always possible to find a suitable partner who is also taking the IELTS test. In such a situation, convince a friend to have conversations in English. Don't be shy to ask a family member. Sometimes, they would be ready to help and you just need to ask.

If you are lucky enough to manage a group of people who would also take IELTS, practice all the modules together. Someone else can easily detect your weakness which you usually overlook.

For the listening section, take a few mock tests together and then discuss the mistakes you make. Discuss strategies they use to extract information from the recorded conversations. This way you would gather some tactics you have not thought about before.

For the reading section, a group can be a great help especially when you make mistakes to find an answer. If someone has an answer correct, ask him/her why he/she has picked this answer. This can eliminate a wrong approach you use to find an answer.

For the writing section, check answers someone else has written. Some expressions and words you use could be better replaced and your peer might be already using them. Discuss how you generate ideas to write an essay. This knowledge sharing is highly important for better writing. Besides, sometimes you should meet a teacher and have your writing papers checked. He/she would be able to point out many mistakes you are not aware of.

For the speaking section, simulate the real speaking test by asking questions to each other. This will not only eliminate any hesitation and shyness you have while speaking in English but also inform you what topics you know little about.

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