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Using the same word or phrase several times in your IELTS writing gives a poor impression about your vocabulary and skill in writing. Being able to use a rich set of vocabulary, on the contrary, conveys a good impression to your examiner. This article lists down some frequently used words and phrases that you will often use in your IELTS test.

We aim to provide you some alternative words of a root word so that you can use them in your writing. This is also helpful for enriching your vocabulary and overall writing. Keep in mind that you must use those words sensibly depending on the context of the writing. Do not use them without understanding the context as it might change the meaning of the sentences you write. 


In addition to, besides, additionally, likewise, plus, furthermore, moreover, next, additionally.


Else, otherwise, alternatively, instead, as a substitute.


On the other hand, then again , on the contrary, in contrast, however, then again, in spite of that, nonetheless, instead, even so, alternatively.


Given that, as, since, for the reason that.


Thus, so, likewise, therefore, consequently, that is why, for this reason, above and beyond.


Next, after that, it follows that, followed by, subsequently, afterward/afterwards, therefore.

In fact:

As a matter of fact, actually, in reality, essentially, in truth, indeed, in effect,  in operation.


Start, initiate, commence, originate, create, instigate, activate, launch, open.


To sum up, wrap up, deduce, to draw a conclusion.


Illustrate, demonstrate, represent, embody, epitomise, show.


Consent, approve, concur, harmonise, be in accord, endorse, support, back up.


Deny, refute, reject, repudiate, renounce, abjure, contradict, disapprove, oppose.


Increase, grow, go up, mount, ascend, upsurge, spread, and intensify, develop, climb, get higher. 


Develop, evolve, happen, occur, take place, appear.


Reject, decrease, diminish, refuse, minimise, fall, lessen, turn down.


Differ, fluctuate, diverge, show a discrepancy, change, alter, contrast.


Carry out, accomplish, perform, act, take action, take steps, play a part, execute, act upon, produce a result.


Make use of, draw on, benefit from, amplify, take advantages of, make the most of, capitalise on, maximise.


Accomplish, attain, complete, bring out, get, reach, do.


Be unsuccessful, abort, end, terminate.


Rivalry, antagonism, contest, fight, battle, resist, thrash about, retaliate, brawl, stand up for.


Aid, assist, support, lend a hand, abet.


Demand, want, require, necessitate, requirement, requisite, fundamental, destitution.


Fine, superior, excellent, decent, high quality, first class, moral, upright, noble, worthy, pleasant, delightful, advantageous, useful, fair, benefit.


Terrible, awful, dreadful, ghastly, evil, wicked, poor, inferior, flawed, troublesome, mischievous,  regretful, guilty, injurious,  harmful, adverse, rotten, rancid.


Lovely, pretty, gorgeous, splendid, magnificent, attractive, good looking,  attractive, charming, exquisite, cute, appealing, nice looking, sweet, elegant, striking, stunning, dazzling, grand, superb, wonderful, astounding, superb, fabulous.

Use better words instead of using 'very' over and over again:

We sometimes use the word 'very' in our writing and nothing is wrong with that. However, using it frequently makes your writing banal and shows your lack of using proper vocabulary. Here is a list of words that you can use instead of using 'very'.

very rich -  wealthy, affluent.
very poor - destitute, impoverished.
very simple - basic, primary.
very often - frequently, regularly.
very shy - timid, withdrawn.
very noisy - deafening.
very old - ancient.
very short - brief, concise.
very sad - sorrowful, grieved.
very old-fashioned - archaic.
very serious - grave.
very sharp - keen, well-honed.
very shiny -  gleaming.
very open - transparent, translucent.
very scary - chilling.
very scared - petrified, terrified.
very painful - excruciating, agonizing.
very rainy - pouring.
very pale - ashen.
very perfect - flawless, impeccable.
very powerful - compelling.
very pretty - beautiful.
very quick - rapid.
very quiet - hushed. 

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