Describe some technology you decided to stop using - Cue Card # 803

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe some technology (e.g. an app, phone, software program) that you decided to stop using.

You should say:

  • when and where you got this technology
  • why you started using this technology
  • why you decided to stop using it

and explain how you feel about the decision you made.

[Instruction: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:

Well, it can be shocking to many, but I stopped using “smartphone” – a finely made, shiny, metallic “thing”, about 5-inch tall and 3-inch wide – which I bought about at least 3 years ago due to some “popular uprising” within the ranks of my immediate family members, who claimed that I could never become a “smart person” if I didn’t own a smartphone.

So, after being fed up with their “constant nagging”, I finally decided to go to a smartphone store in my home town one day and offered them a “bundle” of my hard-earned money to buy a smartphone (well, that thing was darn expensive—I can tell you that). So, that was pretty much the story about why I exactly decided to use that technology.

Now, on second thought, it was not only because of the “pushing and nagging” that I finally I had decided to buy that nice little technological wonder but also because it would allow me to watch some of my favourite videos from my childhood during my spare time, receive or send emails and browse social media websites on the go.

But, then, a few months ago, technology fatigue struck me as I got bored of using it too much and too often when I could have actually gone out to enjoy some beautiful outdoors and hang out with my friends. Besides, I also got tired of protecting it because that damn thing was so fragile that it would get broken if I somehow had dropped it on the floor by accident. So, one day I told myself that I had had enough of this smartphone thing, and it was time to stop using it. And that was the story of terminating my relationship with that technology.

And as soon as I stopped using that thing, I felt so “liberated” from the bad influence of a magic spell which was continuously being released from that smartphone. Besides, I also felt that I would finally be able to save some money because I was spending just too much money using the internet on that technology.


Model Answer 2:

Thanks a ton for the opportunity here to let me talk about this topic. Well, "Instagram" was one of my favourite social media apps, but a few months ago, I decided to stop using it. For this topic, I will explain to you why(!)

When and where you got this technology:
I got this app on my smartphone around five years ago, and I was excited to start using it. The app came with the smartphone that I purchased at that time. I liked this application instantly as I loved the idea of sharing photos with my friends and family and seeing what they were up to.

Why you started using this technology:
I started using Instagram because it was a popular social media platform and many of my friends were using it. I was interested in trying out this app to see what all the hype was about. Moreover, the idea of sharing photos with my friends and relatives as well as what they were sharing was interesting.

Why you decided to stop using it:
After using Instagram for a few years, I started to realize that it was taking up a lot of my time. I found myself constantly scrolling through my feed, liking pictures, and commenting on posts. It became a habit, and I realized that it was taking away from other important things in my life. Additionally, I noticed that social media was having a negative impact on my mental health, so I decided to take a break from it.

And explain how you feel about the decision you made:
I feel good about the decision I made to stop using Instagram. It has allowed me to focus more on myself and my well-being. I have also noticed that I have more time to spend on other activities that I enjoy. While I do miss keeping up with my friends and family on Instagram, I know that there are other ways to stay connected. I still have the app on my phone, but I no longer use it. 

Model Answer 3:

Technology touches our lives in so many ways, and some of us are so heavily dependent on different technologies that we can't even realise if they are doing more harm than good. I have stopped using some technology at different stages in my life for different reasons, but none was done "so consciously and urgently" as I stopped playing a game called "Mob Wars". I must express that this is an utterly interesting topic before I talk further about the story.

When and where you got this technology:
Approximately 8 years ago, one of my friends sent me a request to join a game called "Mob Wars" on my Facebook. Little did I know that it was such a popular and addictive game which is played either on a mobile phone or the Facebook gaming platform. I joined the game a couple of days later and became a part of it until I decided to stop playing it once and for all!

Why you started using this technology:
I never was a big fan of computer or mobile games, not even during my teenage period when most of my friends were die-hard fans of computer games. But when this good friend of mine sent an online request to join this game - when I had already completed my university graduation, I just got curious and thought to explore it a little. This is how it all started which lasted for more than six months. 

Why you decided to stop using it:
Why did I decide to stop using it? Oh - that's a curious and tragic tale! All I can say is that I got glued to this online game within a couple of weeks after I joined it, and I was spending a lot of time on that game each day. It had thousands of levels, and one could play it year after year. So when I noticed that I check my phone every 30 minutes or so and hardly do anything else on my mobile rather than play this game, I became worried. Besides, when my sleepless night, due to playing this game, started hampering my work, I decided that I should stop. And that's when I stop playing this game completely. But six months have already gone! 

And explain how you feel about the decision you made:
Once I quit the game, I felt relieved. I am not against playing any game but when it becomes an addiction and kills valuable time, that's when it is a problem. If I think about the event now, I feel that it was a step to check my online activity and take control of my daily routine.


Part 3: Details Discussion/ Two-way Discussion 

Discussion topics: Computer games 

Q. 1) What kinds of computer games do people play in your country? 
Answer: Well, the computer gaming or video gaming landscape is changing so rapidly in my country that it is really difficult to keep up with the trend. But, I think that the particular types of games, which involves shooting and battle, are popular, especially, among young people. By the way, it is worth mentioning here that mostly young people play computer or video games in my country. Besides, as far as I know, sports, strategy, and simulation games are also played by many young people of my country. 

Q. 2) Why do people enjoy playing computer games? 
Answer: Computer games, or for that matter any kind of games, are enjoyed by many because they bring a certain level of happiness and relaxation by eliminating their daily stress of life.  Besides, they are really fun because they transport us to new realities, creativities, and power to overcome challenges, while also satisfying our needs for achievement and recognition at the same time. Finally, many computer games incorporate some fine educational materials, storytelling and music which all have some form of educational and entertainment value. 

Q. 3) Do you think that all computer games should have a minimum age for players?
Answer: Well, I don’t think that computer games should have any minimum age bar for players unless, of course, these players are “underage”, depending on what age actually is considered to be underage. After all, not all computer games are violent, nor do they all contain some kind of offensive content that can be harmful to any age group. Besides, putting an age restriction on computer game players can also prevent otherwise fine and talented young men from learning something valuable because some games can indeed be very educational and interesting.   


Topic: Technology in the classroom

Q. 4) In what ways can technology in the classroom be helpful? 
Answer: Technology can be helpful in the classroom in many ways.  First, it can make the life of students and teachers easier by cutting their needs to carry most of those books, notebooks and study materials since they can easily access them through a computer. Besides, it can also help improve the classroom presentation and lessons with the help of media and visuals. Finally, learning can also be made fun in the classroom through the use of many “educational apps” that are not only easy to use but also “practical” – learning something practically that is – in many respects.  

Q. 5) Do you agree that students are often better at using technology than their teachers?
Answer: No, I don’t necessarily agree with such a statement unless the term “using technology” here means “handling technology”.  It can be true that students these days play with technology more frequently than their teachers. And because of this, they might even be able to handle the technology better than their teachers, but that doesn’t make them better than the teachers. After all, when a teacher is using a certain technology, he knows exactly how to best benefit from it, or how the technology really works, which just might not be the case with most students. 

Q. 6) Do you believe that computers will ever replace human teachers?
Answer: Well, I don’t really see computers ever replacing humans, ever in the future, because being teachers is exclusively a “human” thing. Of course, computers can be a wonderful “assistant” to teaching, but they will never be able to replace human teachers because computers will never be able to figure out what to teach when, and how much to teach, on their own. In fact, computers can be taught anything only when a human – in this case, a teacher – intervenes. In other words, how possibly something can be a teacher if it itself can't function without being taught?

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