IELTS Listening Sample 7

You will hear a number of different recordings and you have to answer questions on what you hear. There will be time for you to read the instructions and questions and you will have a chance to check your work.

All the recordings will be played once only. The test is in 4 Sections. At the end of the test, you will be given 10 minutes to transfer your answers to an answer sheet.

Listening Tape:

Tapescripts of IELTS Listening Sample 7


Section  One  - Questions 1-10

Questions 1-5
Circle the appropriate letter.

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1. What does her briefcase look like?

IELTS Listening Sample 7 image 2

2.  Which picture shows the distinguishing features?

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3. What did she have inside her briefcase?

A wallet, pens and novel        C pens and novel
B papers and wallet               D papers, pens and novel

4. Where was she standing when she lost her briefcase?

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5. What time was it when she lost her briefcase?

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Questions 6-10
Complete the form. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

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Section Two  - Questions 11-21

Questions 11-13
Tick the THREE other items which are mentioned in the news headlines.

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Questions 14-21
Complete the notes below by writing NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS in the spaces provided.

The Government plans to give (14) $ ............................................. to assist the farmers. This money was to be spent on improving Sydney’s (15) ................................................ but has now been re-allocated.

Australia has experienced its worst drought in over fifty years. Farmers say that the money will not help them because it is (16) .......................................................


An aeroplane which was carrying a group of (17) ............................................ was forced to land just (18) ........................................... minutes after take-off. The passengers were rescued by (19) ....................................................... The operation was helped because of the good weather. The passengers thanked the (20) ....................................................... for saving their lives but unfortunately, they lost their (21) ...............................................................


Section  Three  - Questions 22-31

Questions 22-25
Circle the appropriate letter.

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22. The orientation meeting
      A took place recently.
      B took place last term.
      C will take place tomorrow.
      D will take place next week.

23. Attendance at lectures is
      A optional after 4 pm.
      B closely monitored.
      C difficult to enforce.
      D sometimes unnecessary.

24. Tutorials take place
      A every morning.
      B twice a week.
      C three mornings a week.
      D three afternoons a week.

25. The lecturer’s name is
      A Roberts.
      B Rawson.
      C Rogers.
      D Robertson.

Questions 26-31
Complete the notes below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

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Section Four - Questions 32-41

Questions 32-33
Circle the appropriate letter.

32. The speaker works within the Faculty of
      A Science and Technology.
      B Arts and Social Sciences.
      C Architecture.
      D Law.

33. The Faculty consists firstly of
      A subjects.
      B degrees.
      C divisions.
      D departments.

Questions 34-36
Complete the notes using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

IELTS Listening Sample 7 image 10

Questions 37-41
Circle the appropriate letter.

37. The speaker says students can visit her
      A every morning.
      B some mornings.
      C mornings only.
      D Friday morning.

38. According to the speaker, a tutorial
      A is a type of lecture.
      B is less important than a lecture.
      C provides a chance to share views.
      D provides an alternative to groupwork.

39. When writing essays, the speaker advises the students to
      A research their work well.
      B name the books they have read.
      C share work with their friends.
      D avoid using other writers’ ideas.

40. The speaker thinks that plagiarism is
      A a common problem.
      B an acceptable risk.
      C a minor concern.
      D a serious offence.

41. The speaker’s aims are to -
      A introduce students to university expectations.
      B introduce students to the members of staff.
      C warn students about the difficulties of studying.
      D guide students round the university.

Tapescripts of IELTS Listening Sample 7

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[Source: Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 1 book]

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Tran Thi Khanh Huyen
Audio Here :-
Would you please share the audio link?
Please, I want the audio.
Bohdan Andriichuk
Can someone please explain when the answer to question 39 was mentioned? I played the audio a few times but really could not figure out where it is mentioned. Thanks!
Muhammet Aksoy
She says "delivery of read (sounds like written) material", it means naming the books they've read.
Vikas Bhatia
Got 32 correct answers.
Wazid Ariyaan
Impressively, for the first time, I was able to correct 30 answers. It will help me to build up my confidence in the future.
Wazid Ariyaan
Impressively for the first time, I was able to answer 30 questions correctly and I have got 7 band score.
Rajiv Kumar
The very first time I have got 7 band score. I am very happy with my success.
Question 14: the answer is 215, not 250. Listen again.
Bello Babatunde
I've got 30 out of 41. Could you tell me my band score? Thanks!
Whoops, I have got 29/41.
1. In the question 14, the dollar symbol is already given, so from the answer, it should be removed ($250 million).2. Q. No. 15: roads//road system; only Road System, No Roads.3. Q. No. 19: boats//pleasure crafty/boats and pleasure craft; write boats and craft only. Three words are allowed, not more.4. Q. No. 26: talk/ give a talk; the boy says he wants to talk.
Only 33/41 :( Got 3 mistakes in 37-41. Most difficult part.)
Mohammad Sharfuddin
In the 17th question, I've written 'students' in place of 'school children//boys'. Is that correct? Do I get a point for that?
I wrote 'D'.
Question 29's correct answers is a 6? Thanks.
IELTS Mentor
Moderately good.
I got 32 points.
39/41 ......The score is 9.
Can you please explain me the answer to the question 41?
There is no audio file!
Congratulation! Best of luck in your original IELTS exam.
I got 38 points. It is equivalent to 8.5. Voila!.
Anoop Thomas
Hi there, where can I find the audio?
Mohammad Alahmad
Where is the listening audio?
I haven't got any audio for listening to practice. Would you please help me?
That's 8.5 :) A fair score.
I've got 31 out of 41. Could you tell me my band score?
Hey, I want to practise these listening samples but they are not working! Audio is not working, please help.
Hello, I have got your email. I really need to do more practice on the listing test but this is not opening. Please help me out. I need a good result - 7.5 or above.
IELTS Mentor
That would be band score 8.5.
Lady Shah
I got 39 out of 41. What band score is that?
Hello, I have been trying to do the listing test but the audio is not working.
I have corrected 30 answers out of 41.
Is 'student can choose' the correct answer for question 28? As in the answer key, it's only 'can choose' which is not making sense as it will make the sentence 'Usually can choose'.
The usual capitalisation rules would be applicable. Thank you so much for your comment.
Thank you so much for offering theses materials online. I have a question: Should I capitalize subject names?
Yuvi Singh
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Audio removed from YouTube! What do I need to do to get the audio? Please help me.
Hi, would "Children" be the right answer for the question 17?