IELTS Listening Sample 12

IELTS Listening Sample 12

You will hear a number of different recordings and you have to answer questions on what you hear. There will be time for you to read the instructions and questions and you will have a chance to check your work.

All the recordings will be played once only. The test is in 4 Sections. At the end of the test, you will be given 10 minutes to transfer your answers to an answer sheet.

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Tapescripts of IELTS Listening Sample 12


(Section 1 - Questions 1-10)

Questions 1- 4:

Circle the correct letters A-C.

The respondent is...
   A  20-33 years old
   (B)  34-54 years old
   C  over 54 years old

1. The respondent works in...
   A  the professions.
   B  business.
   C  other.

2. The respondent has a salary of...
   A  0 - £15,000 a year.
   B  £15,OOO - £35,OOO a year.
   C  over £35,000 a year.

3. The respondent watches TV for...
   A  relaxation.
   B  entertainment.
   C  information.

4. Every day the respondent watches TV for...
   A  30 minutes-1 hour.
   B  1 hour - 2 hours.
   C  more than 2 hours.

Questions 5-7
Choose two letters A-E for questions, 5-7.

5. The respondent mainly watches TV...
   A  in the early morning.
   B  around midday.
   C  in the afternoon.
   D  in the early evening.
   E  at night.

6. On the new channel, the respondent would like to see more...
   A  children's programmes.
   B  documentaries.
   C  local service programmes.
   D  travel programmes.
   E  health programmes.

7. The respondent would advise the new channel to...
   A  spend more money on drama.
   B  train their broadcasters to higher standards.
   C  improve sound quality.
   D  broadcast interviews with famous people.
   E  talk more to customers.

Questions 8-10
Circle the correct letters A-C.

8. The respondent feels that adverts should occur every...
   A  10 minutes.
   B  15 minutes.
   C  20 minutes.

9. The respondent would like to attend special promotions if...
   A  expenses are paid.
   B  he is invited specially.
   C  they are held locally.

10. The respondent would like to receive...
   A  no mail.
   B  requested mail.
   C  all mail.



(Section 2 - Questions 11 - 20)

Questions 11-14
Circle FOUR letters A-G.

Which FOUR activities of the Union are mentioned by the speaker?
   A  raising money for good causes
   B  political campaigning
   C  running a newsagent's
   D  running a supermarket
   E  providing cheap tickets
   F  helping with accommodation
   G  providing catering services

Questions 15 and 16
Circle TWO letters A-E.

Which TWO of the following can you get advice about from the Union?
   A immigration
   B grants
   C medical problems
   D personal problems
   E legal matters

Questions 17-20
Write the appropriate letters A-C against Questions 17-20.

What are the locations of the following places in Radford?
   A  part of the Metro Tower building
   B  in the main square in the centre of the town
   C  some distance from the centre of the town

17. the hi-tech fitness centre ..................................
18. the ice rink ..................................
19. the new cinema ..................................
20. the Theatre Royal ..................................



(Section 3 - Questions 21-30)

Questions 21-23
Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS or A NUMBER for each answer,


Hand-in date: (21) ..................................
Length: (22) .................................. to .................................. words.
Extra programme offered on: (23) ..................................

Questions 24-26
Complete the table below.


Date                                Action

31 January                    Basic bibliography
7 February                    (24) ..................................
February-March             (25) ..................................    
(26) ....... to ..........        Write up work
27 May                          Hand in work

Questions 27-30
What is Dr Simon's opinion on the following points?

Tick column A if he is in favour.
Tick column B if he has no strong opinion either way.
Tick column C if he is against.





(27) Buying a computer




(28) Reading previous year’s dissertations




(29) Using questionnaires as main research instrument




(30) Interviewing tutors






(Section 4 - Questions 31-40)

Questions 31-37

Circle the correct letters A-C.

31. The driest continent is...
   A  Australia.
   B  Africa.
   C  Antarctica.

32. The evaporation rate in Australia is...
   A  lower than Africa.
   B  higher than Africa.
   C  about the same as Africa.

33. Rainfall in Australia hardly penetrates the soil because...
   A  the soil is too hard.
   B  the soil is too hot.
   C  plants use it up.

34. In sandy soils water can...
   A  evaporate quickly.
   B  seep down to rock.
   C  wash the soil away.

35. Water is mainly pumped up for...
   A  people to drink.
   B  animals to drink.
   C  watering crops.

36. Natural springs are located...
   A  in unexplored parts of Australia.
   B  quite commonly over all Australia.
   C  in a few areas of Australia.

37. Underground water supplies…
    A  18% of Australia’s water.
    B  48% of Australia’s water.
    C  80% of Australia’s water.
Questions 38-40
Circle THREE letters A-E.
Which THREE of the following uses of dam water are mentioned?

A   providing water for livestock
B  watering farmland
C  providing water for industry
D  controlling flood water
E  producing hydro-electric power

Tapescripts of IELTS Listening Sample 12

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[Source: Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 2]

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Anish P S

Please correct answer no. 15 - is B instead of G.

Audio Here :-
Please tell me how should I download the audio?
Muhammad Bilal
Please check the recording.
I also think that it should be 'B'.
There are some issues regarding the sequence of the recordings.
Thank you. This works.
Алексей Жуков
There are some problems with the record. In section 1, the record ends and starts the other one.
Answers - 15: G & 16: E (15, 16 in any order) but where is the option 'G' in questions 15 & 16?
Please help correct the Audio for the test Listening 12.
Yeah, the same thing happens to me.
The audio has some issue in the section 1 itself.
Where is the audio :(
Please explain the answers to the questions 28, 29 and 30.
I completed almost all of the tests and no improvement at all, as I check the answers, many of them do not even exist in the questions, like question number 15, I chose C (medical problems) and what I heard was very clear to me. At the end, while checking the answers, I found that the correct answer is G, which does not even exist.
How come the answer to the question 15 is 'G'. In that question, there are only 5 alphabets A, B, C, D, E. So, how the answer is 'G'?
Shamik Ray
28 should be B. Not sure why 30 is not A.
I believe so. It should be for grants and legal issues, so options - B and E.
Patel Janak
Answer 15 is not an option.
Rahul Rana
Yes, the answer to the question 15 is wrong. There is no option as 'G', so the answer is 'B'. Please correct it.
Myat Noe
Please insert the download button for the audio. It doesn't work here. So I cannot listen.
Nice observation.
There should be PDF versions for question booklets.
Navjot Sidhu
Yep, the answer to the question 15 is 'B'.
Manpreet Kaur
The right answer to the question 15 should be 'B'. Please correct it.
Where are tapescripts?
How is the answer to the question 28 'A'? I think there is no strong opinion in favour of this topic. What do you think? Thank you.
Sujan Khadka
Can I have the link to see the answers, please?
Suma Raji
Erica said :
Answers No. 15 is incorrect.Please check.In question No. 15, there's not even option for "G".
It's B.

Rahul Verma
Some answers are incorrect. Please correct them. Thanks, in advance.
Satheesh Kumar
I can't see Practice Tests after listening 12, please upload. I need this soon. Please provide links.
Answers to question no. 15 is incorrect. Please check. In question no. 15, there's not even any option for "G". Home come then this is be the correct answer?