IELTS Speaking Exam 67

IELTS Speaking Test # 67

Part One - Introduction

Q. What's your name?

Q. Where do you come from?

Q. What did young people do in their free time there?

Now let’s talk about sport...

Q. How popular is sport in your country?

Q. Do most people play sport or watch it on TV? Why?

Q. Did you do any sport when you were a child? Which?

Q. Do you play any sport now? Why / Why not?

Q. Is sport important for people today? Why / Why not?

Part 2 - Cue Card

[The topic for your talk will be written on a card which the examiner will hand you. Read it carefully and then make some brief notes.]

Describe a person whom you met recently and liked.

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • how you met him/her
  • what he/she does for a living

and explain why you liked this person.

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Rounding off Questions:

[At the end of your talk, the examiner will ask one or two brief questions to signal that it is time to stop talking.]

Q. Do you think you will see this person again?
Q. Do you like meeting new people?


Part 3 - Two-way Discussion:

Let’s think about friends and friendship generally.

Q. How do people usually meet new friends where you live?

Q. Is it easier for adults or children to make new friends? Why?

Q. How are relationships with friends different from relationships at work/college?

Q. Is it possible for people to be close friends with their boss or teacher? Why/Why not?

Now let’s consider the importance of friends...

Q. Some people think that friends can never be as important as family. Do you agree?

Q. How are responsibilities towards friends and family different?

Q. Will the relative importance of friends and family change in future societies?

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