IELTS Speaking Sample 17

IELTS Speaking Mock Test# 17

Part One - Introduction:

[Good morning. My name is George.]

Q. Could you tell me your name, please?
A. My name is Rambod.

Q. Please show me your identification/ passport?
A. Sure, here it is. Thank you.

Q. Where are you from?
A. I am from Iran, a country located in the Middle East.

Q. Do you have a large family or a small family?
A. We are a married couple living together, and we separately live from our parents and do not have any children at the moment. So from this point of view, I have a small family!

Q. Can you tell me something about your family members?
A. My parents live together in their home. My brother, who is single, lives and works as a professional engineer in Canada. My sister, who is married, lives in Iran.

[Now I'd like to ask you a few questions about your family]

Q. How much time do you manage to spend with members of your family?
A. Averagely on a working day, I am used to spending almost 3-4 hours a day with my family. Rest of the time I need to remain busy at my workplace. I often call and update my family while I am away from home. But on my day off, I try to spend most of the day and night with my family members.

Q. What sorts of things do you like to do together?
A. We are interested in watching TV, cooking and eating meals, spending time with friends, go shopping and travelling.

Q. Do you get on well with your family? Why?
A. Yes, absolutely. Actually, we are a happy and prosperous couple who enjoy living together, backing up each other in difficult times and having tremendous fun during our free time. I am totally satisfied by my matrimonial life. We love each other and we have a great bonding of love and care.

Part Two - Cue Card

Describe your favourite news source.

You should say:

  • what it is and how often you use it
  • what other news sources you use
  • what types of news you are interested in

and explain why this is your favourite news source.

Click here for the answer of this Cue Card Topic

Part Three - Details Discussion:

Q. Compare the people's attitude to media between now and the past 20 years?
A. On the one side, now people have become less trustful to new features of media. Using of more developed technology in camera or editing, people can be defrauded far easier than the past. However, some may say that the Internet has caused citizens to be able to check all news in different resources on the web. For example, they can check the latest one on CNN or BBC website in seconds and compare it with what they heard on TV, while in the past the only resource was newspaper or television. I personally agree with the second group because I think we have more choices to assess and examine the authenticity of news.

The traditional newspapers that were famous in last decade were the main source for news. TV and radio were two other media for news and communicating information and for entertainment as well. With the advancement of technology online newspapers, the internet and online TV have become more popular nowadays.

Q. Should we trust the journalists?
A. I believe that we cannot solely rely on their reports. We have to check the authenticity of some news because reporting is a part of the business, and employees may exaggerate an event based on their favourite or benefit. In this case, I have heard different news by different journalists about nuclear talks happened between Iran and 6 other countries recently. Furthermore, we should be very careful about some technical issues affecting the accuracy of a report. Some unpredictable problems may affect negatively the quality of a report. We should trust the journalist and their news to a certain extent but if the news has a chance to be influenced by political motives and personal benefits, we must rely on various authoritative sources as well as use our own brain. 

Q. What do you think what a good journalist should be?
A. Honesty, hardworking, and valuing other people’s opinions are the most important characters. A perfect journalist must be able to work diligently without having any rest and be sensitive to the accuracy of his or her report which is being exposed to viewers. An honest journalist must understand that he is doing a responsible and sensitive job and that’s why should not be biased or influenced. 

Q. Many people think the Internet will soon replace the printed newspapers and magazines. What's your opinion on that?
A. Well, this is a greatly debated issue and in some cases, it is true that the number of printed newspaper will decline at a time. The internet-based newspapers have already started replacing the printed newspapers to some extent. Mostly, people want to get instant news and information on their interested topics. They get the news and information instantly by accessing the internet and browsing their preferred news websites or magazines. And with the printed newspaper they get the information on the next day which is creating a distance with the readers. Further, someone needs to buy a printed newspaper to read while the online newspapers are almost free. Hence, those are getting gradual popularity among the readers around the world.

Q. Is the Internet as a news source trustworthy? How?
A. Uhhh… online news sources are always trustworthy. Some of the people try to spread fake or manipulated news. And the number of such websites dealing with the fake reports is on the rise. So, it is not always confirmed that the news someone reads in an online newspaper is always reliable. However, people should always avoid spammy news websites and rely on reputed and large news agencies for news and information.

Q. How the way we used to get news has changed? How will it change after 10 years?
A. With the rapid use of the internet, people get news and other necessary information mostly from their social networking applications. But in the past, people had to wait to listen any news aired on television or broadcast on radio. Besides, they also read newspapers to know about the world.  

I think the internet will become the main news source for people after ten years. All the newspapers and news agencies will have their digital version which will get more visitors. People will have a great freedom to choose what type of news they would be notified about and their online activities and preference would be greatly considered while delivering a news to his email, social media or in the search result.

[ by - Rambod ]

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