IELTS Speaking Samples and Answers

IELTS Speaking Sample 19

IELTS Speaking Mock Test 19

Part 1 - Introduction & Interview:

Q. What is your name?
A. My full name is Albert Alexei.

Q. And what can I call you?
A. You can call me "Alexei" if it's okay with you. My parents and friends call me "Alexei" as well.

Q. What was your major in University?
A. My major in university was Computer Science. I have graduated from the University of .... two years ago.

Q. Which is more necessary for a job - experience or education? [why?]
A. I think both are necessary. To apply for a job, a good educational background is required nowadays. On the other hand, an experienced professional can get a better job compared to a candidate without any professional experience. In fact, for a fresh graduate, strong academic knowledge is required. Over time, she/he gathers practical experiences and expertise. I am sure a majority of the companies look for a good combination of both education and experience. 

Q.  What type of job do you prefer? [Why?]
A. My major in university was Computer Science, and that is why I would like to work as a software developer. In fact, I am already working as a programmer in a software development company for the past one and a half years. Having said that, I prefer the types of job that enable the employee to have some flexibility and a nice working environment. The company should provide sufficient opportunities for the employees to learn and also the scope for enhancing their career.

Q.  What are the most common types of jobs in your hometown?
A. Working in government offices, telecommunication companies, software and graphics development companies, and manufacturing factories are the most common full-time job types in my hometown. Apart from that, we have many farmers, manual labours, bankers, doctors and teachers in our hometown. Finally, some part-time jobs in restaurants, grocery shops and marketing companies are also available in my hometown.


Part 2 - Cue Card/Candidate Task Card


Describe someone in your family who you really admire.

You should say:

  • who he/she is
  • what relation you have with him/her
  • what you do together.

and explain why you admire this person so much.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Click here for the answer to this Cue Card Topic

Part 3 - Details Discussion:

Q.  What qualities people, in general, admire among others?
A.  Well, a few certain qualities are preferable by people around us and people just love those features among others. Honesty, sincerity, truthfulness and talent are most common among these qualities. Besides, people also seek humbleness, generosity and good manners among people they like. Moreover, we do not like people who show off and are arrogant. Confidence is another quality that people admire so much, I believe. In fact, confident people achieve success more quickly than others. People also love gratitude and this is an admirable quality, in my opinion. Effective communication skill is a very special feature that people seek among others. Finally, people also admire committed persons.

Q.  Why is it important for parents to set examples for their children?
A.  Umm… I believe that parents are the best teachers for their children. In fact, a family is an institution where parents play the roles of instructors. Moreover, children love to imitate their parents. So, it is the responsibility of parents to set good examples for their children and become their role models. If they can set some good examples, children will follow them and become good persons in their lives. But if the parents set some bad examples, it may have some detrimental impacts on their children's psychology and upbringing. Therefore, it is quite important for parents to set good examples for their children to help them become good people in life.

Q.  Why people admire honesty among a friend?
A.  Well, all of us absolutely admire honesty among our friends. I myself try to be honest with all my friends. So, naturally, I want my friends to be honest with me. Most importantly, honesty is a great virtue and everyone admires honesty. We always appreciate fairness among our friends and might decide to leave a friend who proves to be dishonest and deceitful over and over again. I believe that an honest friend can make our life more meaningful while a dishonest one can cause big trouble.

Q.  Why we like some people over others?
A.  Based on the qualities people have and our relationship with them, we tend to like some people over others. We have our family and relatives who have done so much for us and we like them more considering our gratitude and love for them. Moreover, we make friends and come in contact with many people in our lives, and we prefer those more who are more similar to us. Some universally appreciated features like honesty, bravery, talent and modesty are loved by all. On the contrary, people who have bad habits, dominating mentality and rude behaviours are not preferred by most people. I believe that, subconsciously, we are attached to those who are humble, talented, amiable and we tend to admire and prefer them for their outstanding qualities. I also believe that we want to hang out with people who are similar to us and who possess similar interests that we have. This makes us friends and we like this type of individuals more than others.

Q.  Why the young generation admires celebrities so much?
A.  Generally speaking, youngsters are attracted to celebrities due to their fame, wealth, influence, lifestyle, talent and media presence. They love to follow their favourite celebrities, their styles and actions in their life and want to become famous and important like them. Besides, the performance of celebrities on the screen and other places are highly commendable and the young generation want to archive some sort of success like them. Consequently, they often admire celebrities and mimic them.

Q.  What type of people are famous in your country? Why?
A.  Umm… in my country, people from various professions and arena are famous and the list is indeed long! This list contains movie stars, singers, poets, writers, athletes, and in some cases politicians. But the list contains a great number of movie stars, sportsmen, and singers while the number of politicians is the least in the list.

I think movie stars are like fairy characters to most of the people and we love to imagine them successful, beautiful and influential. Besides, sportsmen are revered for their great performance while we love to listen to our favourite music now and then which often inspires us. Considering these professionals' influence in our lives and the amount of media attention they get, they are no doubt famous.

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