Discussion Topic - Leisure activities

Discussion Topic - Leisure activities

Part 1: Introduction & Interview

1. Do you have any hobbies or interests? [What are they?]
Answer: Yes, I have a number of hobbies, and I enjoy doing them depending on my mood and time. These hobbies include watching movies, reading storybooks, playing badminton and going to fishing on a bright sunny day.

2. How did you become interested in (whatever hobby/ interest the candidate mentions)?
Answer: I became interested in reading storybooks since the day my high school gave me a “storyteller” as an award for writing the best essay. My mother first introduced me to the idea of watching movies in order to keep me busy when she needed to finish some important house works. I became interested in fishing after watching some really interesting documentary on fishing on national geography TV channel a while ago. As for badminton, I became interested in it when one of my uncles gave me one badminton racket as a “gift” before some years.

3. What is there to do in your free time in your hometown/village?
Answer: I live in a very lively and vibrant town where one can do plenty of things to enjoy his or her free time. It has a few top class movie theatres where people can always watch the latest movies. If somebody is into enjoying a boat ride, he/she can always do so at a big lake in our hometown. Besides, there are a couple of large shopping malls where one can enjoy shopping for the whole day. Finally, one can also visit a number of restaurants that offer some great dishes at a really affordable price.

4. How do you usually spend your holidays?
Answer: It depends on what time of the year we are talking about. If it is during the summer, I spend most of my holiday times by hanging out with my friends at my favourite café or restaurants, fishing or swimming at a lake, or playing badminton. If it is during the winter time, I spend my holidays mostly indoor either by watching movies or reading books.

5. What new hobby you would like to take up in the future?
Answer: In future, I would like to choose “gardening” as my new hobby as it would allow me to make the empty space in front of my house look more beautiful. Besides, it would also allow me the opportunity to get closer to Mother Nature without having to go outside of my house.


Part 3: Details Discussion

1. Why it is important for people to have time for leisure activities?
Answer: In this modern and busy life, we sometimes become overwhelmed with our duties and responsibilities. That’s why, sometimes, we need to have time for some leisure activities as it helps us reduce our stress and depression by allowing us to spend our time more wisely and efficiently. Besides, leisure activities provide us the chance to find a balance in our life which is absolutely essential to ensure personal and professional satisfaction in our lives. Finally, leisure activities allow us to “recharge” our brains and bodies to face the next important challenges.

2. What types of leisure activities are popular in your country?
Answer: There are a number of leisure activities that are popular in my country. Activities, like playing different kinds of sports, watching movies, visiting café and restaurants in order to enjoy different kinds of food, going to sea beaches during the summertime, enjoying picnics at a beautiful natural site, watching TV, doing some gym activities, fishing and camping are enjoyed everybody regardless of their age. Activity, like visiting some beautiful places, depending on the time of the year, is also enjoyed by many people in my country. Then, of course, playing video games is also something which is hugely popular among the young generation.

3. Why are some activities more popular than others in your country?
Answer: Going to a movie theater in order to enjoy a newly-released movie, visiting different café and restaurants, watching TV, doing physical exercises, visiting families/relatives, playing different kinds of sports, visiting a local park nearby in order to get close to Mother Nature are some of the activities which are more popular than others.  And, the reason for them to be more popular than others is that they usually require lesser time and efforts.

4. Are the types of leisure activities that are popular today the same as those that were popular when your parents were young?
Answer: No, as the time has changed, the popularities of different leisure activities have also changed. For example, when our parents were young, activities like watching TV/movies, visiting some popular café/restaurants and visiting families/relatives were more popular. But, today, activities like visiting a gym nearby, shopping, and playing video games have grown equally popular because of technological advancements as well as increasing health and fashion awareness. Besides, people today, as opposed to the time of our young parents, want more from their lives, and as a result, they naturally tend to explore new forms of leisure activities.

5. What types of leisure activities may become more popular in the future?
Answer: I think that leisure activities, which involve the internet, computer, social media, and other kinds of modern technologies, are going to be more popular in the future. Besides, the activity like travelling to a distant yet beautiful and exciting land is going to be more popular in the future as well because it is becoming easier and easier to learn about those places, courtesy to satellite TV channels and the internet, which have literally brought the whole world into our bedrooms. 

6. How can our leisure activities help us in our future life?
Answer: In future, just like today, different kinds of leisure activities will help us in our future life by allowing us to have work-family life balance. In fact, if our present busy life is any indication, people are going to have a way more hectic and busy life schedules in the future, where the need for different leisure activities will be felt even more in order to enjoy some quality times with their families and friends, outside of their work-life, before they completely break down both physically and mentally.

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