Discussion Topic - Food and cooking

Discussion Topic - Food and cooking

Part 1: Introduction & Interview

Q. 1. What sorts of food do you like eating most? [Why?]
Answer: To tell the truth, I don’t mind about my foods when I am hungry.  But, foods, which I would eat any time of the day without any complain, include pizza, chicken sandwiches, rice with sizzling beef curry, chicken biriyani, pasta, noodles, fried and spicy chicken, and specially made vegetable burgers.

Q. 2. Who normally does the cooking in your house? [Why?]
Answer: We have a cooking lady at my house who is in charge of cooking all kinds of foods because it has remained a tradition in our families for almost 3 generations. Of course, my mother supervises the works of the cooking lady from time to time but the main job of cooking is done by our cooking lady because she does a fantastic job.

Q. 3. Do you like cooking? [Why/why not?]
Answer: No, I don’t really like cooking primarily because I don’t have a great mind or “intellectual” capacity for cooking. Besides, in my opinion, cooking takes a lot of time and patience, neither of which I have in abundance.

Q. 4. Do you watch cookery programmes on TV? [Why/Why not?]
Answer: Yes, I do enjoy watching cookery programmes on TV from time to time because it allows me to learn about different kinds of dishes from different countries or regions along with their cultures and traditions. And, once I know about those dishes, I can always go to a restaurant and try those foods. After all, I do like trying different kinds of foods even though I do not like cooking much.

Q. 5. In general, do you prefer eating out or eating at home? [Why?]
Answer: Well, to tell the truth, I prefer to eat out, instead of home, mainly because restaurants have many different kinds of food items. So, if I don’t like a certain kind of food at a restaurant, I could always order for a different dish which is not always possible if I am eating at home.


Part 3: Details Discussion

Q. 1. What are some reasons that people eat at a restaurant?
Answer: Different people have different reasons for eating at a restaurant. For example, some don’t feel like preparing a meal for themselves either because they don’t like to do grocery shopping, or they are just not good at cooking. It is also possible that some people just don’t have enough time to cook because of their busy life schedule. Some people like to eat at a restaurant also because they are just tired of eating the same kinds of food, and they want to try some new cuisines from different countries or cultures. Finally, some people like to eat at a restaurant because it allows them to have fun and relax in the company of some special people, friends and family members.

Q. 2. How can the government encourage people to eat healthier food?
Answer: The government can do many things to encourage people to eat healthier foods. First, it can actually identify many of the unhealthy foods in the market and impose some stiff sales taxes on them in order to discourage people from buying them. Secondly, it can also take the help of different newspaper media, electronic media and social networking media to propagate the benefits of eating healthier foods, along with the harms of eating unhealthy foods, on a regular basis. Finally, governments can also heavily subsidize different initiatives and schemes which produce and manufacture healthy foods so that people can buy them at an affordable price.

Q. 3. Do people in your country generally like to cook their food at home? Why?/Why not?
Answer: Yes, people in my country generally like to cook their food at home mainly because it allows them to save a significant amount of money and time. After all, we all know how expensive the foods at restaurants can be. Besides, cooking at home allows us to have more control over how our food is made and portioned so that they may be particularly helpful for anyone who is trying to lose weight, and who have food allergies and are following a special diet due to some medical conditions. Finally, they like to cook their food at home also because it brings the entire family together by fostering love and harmony among its members.

Q. 4. Do you believe people in your country have a healthy diet? Why/Why not?
Answer: Yes, I do believe that people in my country have a healthy diet which actually manifests in their health. For example, we don’t have many people with an obesity problem, and they don’t even have to hit the gym to become less “obese”, comparing to the obesity rate of many other countries. People in my country choose to live on a healthy diet of rice, vegetables and fish most of the times and they prepare healthy meals at home. Besides, most of the adult population in my country are able to work and are productive citizens, goes to prove the fact they generally have a healthy diet.

Q. 5. In modern society, is it important that people still learn to cook? Why/why not?
Answer: No, it is not important for people to learn to cook, whether they are living in modern society or not, because not everybody in our society has the time or energy to cook because of other priorities and busy life schedule. Besides, learning to cook, be it for a personal or professional reason, doesn’t always benefit everybody in the same way in our society because we all have different tastes and preferences as far as our diets are concerned. Finally, people don't have to learn to cook simply because “cooking is not everybody’s cup of tea”. In other words, not everybody enjoys cooking.

Q. 6. How important it is for us to be able to cook when we live in a different city/country away from home?
Answer: It depends on if we live in a different city or a different country. If we live in a different city within our own country, it is not important for us to be able to cook because we could easily get and eat the foods, which we are used to eating on a regular basis, at a restaurant or food store. But, on the other hand, if we live in a different country away from home, it is important for us to be able to cook because the restaurants or food stores most likely wouldn’t serve the types of food which we are comfortable with to consume. Besides, if we learn to cook before migrating or staying in a different country, we would be able to save a significant amount of money each week.

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