Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Preparation (Part 1)

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Preparation.

(The IELTS Writing Task 2 Preparation is under construction. We will publish the content soon.)

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Pujan Khanal
I like this website.
Pujan Khanal
I want to learn about IELTS.
Bikash Bohara
Writing task 2.
Essay part 2.
Samaher Garbaya
George Bethinia
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Mir karimullah Zia
I want to have a look at tasks 1 and 2 practices.
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I need help with the IELTS writing task (academic).
Thank you!
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I need help with the IELTS exam. So please help me. My email address is ronikbhandari57
IELTS Mentor
Thank you for your comment. Could you please inform us what type of help and/or materials are you looking to have? Thanks.
Md Moin
Absolutely crucial.
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It is very useful.
I appreciate your help and I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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I want to practice writing.
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Let's practice together. I'm Mohd Vakeel and my email address is vakeelahmad0786 Please contact me.
All the samples given are very nice.
Naveed Zahra
I need your help with writing tasks 1 and 2.
Naveed Zahra
I want to get more information about the IELTS writing module.
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I need data related to writing Task 1 and 2.
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Prajapati Mehulkumar Madhubhai
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Thank you.
I couldn't find any tips for writing task 2!
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Hi, I'm Alihan. I will take an IELTS test soon.
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This website is very beneficial for me.
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Actually, these articles are good.
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I need the best suggestions for making my IELTS exam better.
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Hey, I am Aman Kaur, and I am preparing for my IELTS examination. I need some guidance on the writing tasks.
Lalit Pawar
Hi Everyone,
My name is Aryan. I am preparing for IELTS. Although, I require a partner to do some practice for Reading, writing & listening. If anyone is interested, message me on Instagram~ pawar__777.

Samina Yasmeen
Please share the content related to academic IELTS writing task 2 or other relevant parts. I am planning to appear in the exam at the end week of August this year, probably only a month is due for preparation. Thanks and regards -
Muhammad Faizan
How did your exam go?
Jashim Udddin
Excellent mentors.
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Cyrus Persia
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Sardarbek Zhakenov
I want to learn how to write the answer in task 2.
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Mansoor Ahmad said :
IELTS preparation.

I must prepare for academic essays.
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Thank you.
Anant Salkar
I want to get a 7 band score on my IELTS test.