Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Preparation (Part 1)

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Preparation.

(The IELTS Writing Task 2 Preparation is under construction. We will publish the content soon.)

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Vinod Pendam
Hi, I'm looking for a study companion. If there is any group for IELTS preparation, please do add me.
Hello everyone,

I am preparing myself for the IELTS exam. I need a partner for practicing. My level of speaking is up to 6. I would be happy to connect with you via Skype or Telegram. My number is +98 935 514 2067.

Manuel Pedraza
Hi, how are you? I am going to take the exam soon too, so it will be good to pracetice with you. Greetings - Manuel Pedraza.
Hello everyone, my name is Marina and I really need to improve my speaking skills. If you want to be my study buddy and chat with voice messages, please, feel free to write to me!

Telegram: @lemannj
Instagram: @lemann.j

Hi! I'm Monir from Canada. I would like to improve my speaking and listening skills as I 'm going to take the GT IELTS soon. Thanks - Monir.
Please share your WhatsApp for speaking practice.
Hi Marina, give me your email id or WhatsApp number so that I can contact you. When are you planning to take the exam?
Hi Lakshmi, I am also planning to appear for IELTS next month. So can you help me with speaking and writing module? You can WhatsApp me on +91 9099167755.
Aditya Sheth
Hi, my name is Aditya and I want to improve my English speaking skills. Can anybody help me? Please feel free to call me at +91-8866888540.
Hello! my name is Marina. Do you have a Telegram or Instagram? I am from Russia and I can't call.