Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Preparation (Part 1)

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Preparation.

(The IELTS Writing Task 2 Preparation is under construction. We will publish the content soon.)

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Please can you put the resource to this website?
Can you please put the resource to the website?
Patel Jenil
Please, help me to improve my writing task 2...
Please help me in IELTS writing task 2.
Rahul Garg
Hey, I am taking my IELTS exam on 31 October and I need a partner for speaking practice. If anybody is interested please message me on my WhatsApp number- 9530696368.
Please help me in writing task 2.
Please help me in essay writting.
Writing task 2.
I want to achieve a 7.0 band score.
Akshay Kyada
For study.
Writing part 2, IELTS.
Jasvir Singh
Hello everyone, I need a speaking partner to practice on a daily basis which will enhance my confidence to achieve a good band score. Well, I'm going to take the test at the end of September. Who are interested may contact me on this WhatsApp number 7814693451.
Soumya A
Please help me with IELTS Writing part 2.
Vamshi Krishna
Dear Friends, I have scheduled my test for this months' end, and I'm actively looking for a speaking partner. Interested persons can connect me on +91 9133722244.
Yuanzhe Pan
6.5 (not lower than 6 each).
Dr. Vivek Mishra
I am planning to appear in IELTS, and I am looking for an IELTS trainer who himself/herself has scored 8 bands in each module of IELTS ACADEMICS, AND can help me in scoring a minimum of 7.5 bands in each module of the academic section. Interested person can contact me soon.
Lê Đông Đức
Hello, nice to meet you, everyone.
Sukirti Singh
Hi, this is Sukirti. I am an IELTS trainer and have scored 8 bands in both Academic and GT.
Hit me up in case you need any help in any of the modules. Email -

I am a trainer in English from Kerala, India. I'm planning to start a group only for those who are about to attend the IELTS test. If you are interested to join, WhatsApp me. /919995923452.
Hello, I am looking for a partner to share thoughts in the writing and speaking sections. My WhatsApp number is 9814632245.
Hello everyone,
I am Seema and I really want to improve my writing skills. Any hint for me? My email id is Thanks in advance.

Hello everybody,
My name is Nuriya, and I am going to pass the IELTS exam too. If everyone wants to chat and share the IELTS examination issues, you re welcome. My WhatsApp number is +77478487370.

Where are you from my dear?