Graph Writing # 111 - The diagrams give information on transport and car use in Edmonton

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Pie Chart + Table:

» You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The diagrams below give information on transport and car use in Edmonton.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

» Write at least 150 words.

Information on transport and car use in Edmonton


Model Answer 1:
The pie chart shows how people in the city of Edmonton use four types of transport, while the table provides data on five different reasons for driving. Overall, the city dwellers prefer cars to LRT (Light Rail Transit), bus and taxi; and people mostly use cars in order to travel to work.

As the information suggests, 45% of the people in Edmonton city like to drive, while the figure regarding the LRT system stands at exactly one-tenth less. The remaining 20% is equally divided between using bus and taxi. This also means that the number of people driving more than doubles the combined total of bus and taxi users. And those using the LRT more than triple both the number of people choosing a bus and those travelling by taxi.

Among reasons for using cars in the city, work travel accounts for more than a half. Taking children to schools and business activities represent 40% and 45%, respectively. And interestingly, the proportions of those using cars to go shopping and take part in leisure activities were similar, both stand at 15%.

[Writen by - Nguyen Thuong Vu]


Sample Answer 2:
The given data shows the type and reason for the transportation used in Edmonton. According to the given information, the car was the most common transportation type used by the people of Edmond and work and business purpose was the main two reasons they travelled. In general, people of Edmonton travelled mostly for work, business and to reach their children to school and they used mostly cars and rails for that. 

As is presented in the pie chart and table, 45% of travel was made by cars whereas the light rail transit was used 35%. These two were the highest used transportation types used by the people of Edmonton. Bus and Taxi were both used 10% of the total travel which was much lesser than the use of car and rail transportations. According to the table data, most people travelled to commute to work and the percentage of it was 55. The send the highest percentage of people travelled for the business purpose which was 10% less than the work commuting reason. For shopping and leisure activity 15% of people travelled and to take children to their school was another reason people travelled which occupies 40% of their total travel.


Sample Answer 3:
The provided pie chart illustrates four different modes of transportation used by Edmonton citizens and their motivations for using the car in this city. Overall, the car was the primary means of transportation for Edmonton citizens and rail was more popular among them than the taxi and bus.

As is observed from the given diagram, approximately half of the total travellers preferred to go by car. However, the possible reason to travel by car was to go to the job which was 55%, followed by business (45%) and taking children to school (40%). Interestingly, it was least prioritised while they went for shopping and leisure activities using their cars. Besides, 35% of the citizens commuted by Light Rail Transit whereas bus and taxi were equally used by the Edmonton people with 10% both. It is obvious that people in Edmonton city preferred Light Rail Transit over the taxies and buses as the rail commuters well exceeded the bus and taxi users in this city.   

[Written by - Lavanya]


Sample Answer 4:
The pie chart depicts the usage ratio of different types of transportations in Edmonton and the table illustrates the purpose of using cars in the same area. It is clear that the car is the most popular while rail is the second most preferred transportation types among the people in Edmonton.

As is seen in the pie chart almost half of the Edmontonians use cars for their transportation while more than one-third of them rely on the Light Rail Transit or LTR. One out of ten of them uses bus while the same proportion of these people takes the taxi for commuting.  

From the table, it is evident that the majority of Edmontonian people prefer cars to commute to work, for business needs and taking children to schools. Just over half of the car users travel by car to go to work, while 45% use it for business purposes. People who take their children to school in a car contribute to 40%. On the other hand, only 15% travels by car for shopping and leisure activity.

[Written by - Anu]


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Two presented diagrams - a pie chart and a table, illustrate the percentages of four different transportation use by people in Edmonton, and the reasons for people in this area to use cars.

Overall, the car is the main mode of transportation in Edmonton and the most common reason to use a car, according to the local people, is to commute to and from work.

As the pie chart denotes, automobiles are the most frequently used transportation type in Edmonton, recording 45% use of all, followed by Light Rail Transit, which accounted for 35% of total commuting. In contrast, only two-tenth of all commuting was registered by bus and taxi.

Moreover, "commute to work” topped the chart among the reasons to drive a car, while automobiles were used to do business and taking children to school recorded 45% and 40%, respectively. Only one-sixth of the car use was destinated to do shopping and leisure activities.

Manpreet Kaur
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The pie chart illustrates the types of transportation citizens in Edmonton prefer to use, and factors that primarily influence people to drive cars in this area is presented in a table.

Overall, cars and light rail transits are two popular public transportation types in Edmonton and the main influence of driving a car in the city is for the convenience of the daily workers.

To begin with, two major kinds of transport is mostly used in Edmonton - car or LRT. More than two-fifths commuters in Edmonton prefer to travel by private cars while roughly more than one-third of them chooses to ride the light rail transit. Commuting to and from the city by bus and taxi notably depicts an equal proportion of one-eighth each.

A significant majority of the community use automobiles because of daily travel to work. Other purposes of using private cars are for business services and fetching children from school that showed a figure of 45% and 40% respectively. However, going to the mall and recreational park shared the same fraction and the least among other usabilities.

Pankaj from Punjab
The pie chart maintains the records of different vehicles used in the city of Edmonton for various purposes. Car makes up almost half of the commuting in the chart and the table demonstrates the reasons for the usage of cars in the same city.

Overall, cars and LRTs were the most preferred transports for the citizens in Edmonton and professional commuting made up the maximum portion for people's preference to use cars.

Firstly, the bus and taxi usage is one in ten and accounts for the lowest percentage in this city. Next Light Rail Transit (or LTR in short) was preferred by 35% of people in this city when it comes to their means of commuting. This percentage is quite high as compared to taxis and buses but the majority of the population in the city of Edmonton travelled by car (45%).

The data shows five reasons behind the travel they made by their private cars. More than half of the commuters use cars due to commute to work and 45% people use this transport for business. Next two-fifth of the population use this for taking children to school and 15% use personal cars for shopping and leisure activities.

The pie chart illustrates the transportation type usages ratio by people of Edmonton, whereas the table data elucidates for what purposes they use their cars.

Overall, the car is the most popular mode of transportation in Edmonton and people commonly use cars to travel to and from the workplaces.

As is observed, the highest proportion of the population, 45%, use cars as their favourite means of communication in Edmonton. The second popular transportation type is Light Rail Transport and it is used by 35% of Edmontonian people. Buses and taxis are the least common type of vehicles among Edmontonian citizens.

Now, according to the table data, more than half of the time people depend on automobiles for their daily commuting to the workplace. For business-related travel and sending children to the school, the usage of private cars is an account for 45% and 40% of total use respectively. Finally, for shopping and leisure activities, private vehicles are used less frequently and these two reasons account only 15% of the total car usage.