IELTS graph writing # 205 - Effects of different brands of fertilizer on bean plant

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Bar Graph:

» You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The graph below shows the effects of different brands of fertilizer on bean plant growth.

Write a report for a university tutor describing the information shown in the diagrams below.

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                                  The effect of fertilizer on Bean Plant Growth

IELTS Graph image - The effect of fertilizer on Bean Plant Growth

Sample Answer 1:
The illustration gives data on the effects of five different fertilizers on the growth of bean plants. As can be seen from the given diagram, Granny’s Bloomers and K Mark fertilizers help grow the bean plant more than other fertilizer brands.

The column graph indicates that Granny’s Bloomers is the most effective compost as it helps grow the bean plant the highest, which is 28 centimeters. The average height of bean plants is 22 cm when K Mark fertilizer is applied. The growth of bean plants from Job’s House Plant Spikers fertilizer is about 16 cm on an average. Interestingly, bean plants’ height goes as high as 12 cm without any fertilizer being used which is almost double that the height bean plants gain from Miracle Gro fertilizer.

In summary, in terms of the efficiency on bean plants’ growth, Granny’s Bloomers is the best fertilizer while Miracle Gro is so far the worst fertilizer. Natural growth of bean plants is higher than the effects of Miracle Gro but less than the growth of bean plants with the utilization of Job’s House Plant Spikers fertilizer.  


Model Answer 2:
The graph shows how bean plant’s growth is affected when different fertilizers are used. It is evident that Granny’s Bloomers and K Mark fertilizer are two most effective composts in terms of bean plants growth while Miracle Gro is least effective.

According to the column graph, bean plants grow as high as 13 centimetres without any fertilizer. Among the given composts, Granny’s Bloomers has the most significant effect on its growth which helps this plant grow to 27 cm on an average. The second most efficient fertilizer, K Mark, hike the growth to 22 cm which is 11 cm higher than the bean plants natural growth. When Job’s House Plant Spikers is utilised, the bean plants develop to 15 cm, a slight increase than the natural growth. However, with the Miracle Gro, bean plants raise to only 6 cm, 7 cm shorter than its natural growth without any fertilizer.

In summary, among the four fertilizer brands, Granny’s Bloomers is the most effective one in terms of bean plant’s growth while Miracle Gro negatively affects its growth.

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Nguyen Thuong Vu
The provided column graph illustrates different patterns of bean plant growth, given the use of fertilizer brands. As can be seen, with the exception of Miracle Cro, most fertilizers seem to have positive effects as plants tend to grow higher than normal.

It is revealed that an average bean plant can reach 13 centimeters without fertilizers. And interestingly, the growth reduces by about a half when Miracle Cro is used, which also means that this brand would do more harm to bean plants than good in terms of their growth.

On the other hand, "Job's House Plant Spiker" fertilizer slightly increases the figure of an average plant to 15 centimeters. At the same time, K Mark Fertilizer and Granny's Bloomers make it develop to 22 and 27 centimeters respectively. It is also worth noticing that the growth created by Granny's Bloomers doubles that of an average no-fertilizer plant and more than quadruples that of a plant using Miracle Cro.

In short, there is no doubt that Granny's Bloomers is the most productive fertilizer brand while Miracle Cro is the least productive when we consider their effect on bean plants' growth. The former, along with K Mark Fertilizer, helps an average bean plant grow beyond 20 centimeters.