Letter to offer concert ticket to a friend - GT Writing Task 1: Sample 62

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You bought a music concert ticket. However, you are unable to go. So you want to offer the ticket to your friend.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:

  • say about the concert
  • say why you are unable to go
  • inform how your friend can receive the ticket

You should write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write your own addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear ......................,

Model Answer 1:

Dear Eric,

Hope you are doing great. It's been only two weeks since I last saw you and it already feels like a year! I am writing to offer you a concert ticket that I purchased a few days ago. As I can't make it to the concert, I thought you should go.

On November 7th, Guns N' Roses is coming to Oakland to rock the city. The full team would be on the stage and it would be a 4 hours' blast at the Oakland Coliseum. I did not want to miss my favourite band's live performance and purchased a ticket. Unfortunately, I will have to cancel it due to a sudden family tour to Canada during the time to meet my grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary.

I know how much you revere Guns N' Roses and that's why I would like you to enjoy the concert. I did not want to disappoint my parents and dishearten my grandmother, who is eagerly expecting me on their marriage anniversary.

I will give the ticket to David, who is also going to the concert, and you can meet him prior to the concert to collect it. Do not forget to record the performance and share your experience with me when I get back and meet you.

Take care and have fun.

Warm regards,



Sample Answer 2:

Dear Paul,

Hope you are doing fine and things are good at your side. Anyway, if I remember correctly when we were talking a few weeks ago, you expressed your interest to go to a concert by the "Living Loud" music band, if time permits. I think here is your chance to go to a concert by this music band and they will rock the fans at Trivision Stadium on the evening of 27th July.

You would be glad to know that I am going to offer you the ticket for this music concert. Actually, I bought this ticket for myself, but, unfortunately, after a few days of purchasing that ticket, one of my cousins requested me to visit his hometown and not to mention, of course, I decided to accompany him to stay at his hometown for a couple of days. But that would also mean that my concert ticket would go wasted as our timing to travel intersects the concert schedule.

So, I am offering this ticket to you and I hope you will enjoy the concert. Please visit anytime at my home or meet me at the college library so that I can hand over the ticket to you.

Warm wishes,


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Suraj Singh
Question:You bought a music concert ticket. However, you are unable to go. So you want to offer the ticket to your friend.Write a letter to your friend. In your letter: - explain the concert - why you are unable to go - how can your friend receive the ticketAnswer: Hi Jack,Hope you are doing great. I wish to inform you that a couple of days ago I purchased a ticket for a live music concert but due to some uncontrollable circumstances, I can not make it. I would like to offer my ticket to you and I hope you would enjoy the show.This live music concert is being held in Infospace building and veteran musician Arijit Singh will be performing live. I know how much you enjoy his music and I am sure you will find it fascinating to see him perform live. Initially, the concert was supposed to be held on 21st January 2019. However, the date was changed to 07th February 2019 and I would not be able to participate because I have an important exam on the same day. I would like you to enjoy it instead and I hope you are not preoccupied on that day. The organizers of the show have requested the audience to carry the ticket to enter the venue. Hence, I request you to please collect the tickets from me at your convenience. Come to my home and please collect the ticket any day you like. Take care and have fun.Warm regards,Suraj Kumar Singh
Joyce Tan
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