You and your family are living in rented accommodation - GT Writing Task 1: Sample 86

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You and your family are living in rented accommodation in an English-speaking country. You are not satisfied with the condition of some of the furniture.

Write a letter to the landlord. In your letter

  • introduce yourself
  • explain what is wrong with the furniture
  • say what action you would like the landlord to take

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear ................,

Sample Answer 1:

Dear Ms Linda,

I am a tenant in one of your properties in William Street, Norwood. I am writing this letter to bring your attention to some of the substandard furniture that you have provided as part of our rental agreement. I am hoping that you would either fix them or replace them with new ones.

In relation to the specifics, I live in apartment 17B with my family for the last 4 months. We were excited when we moved into this apartment but disappointed when we found that a couple of furniture and appliances were old and torn down. The sofa set in the living room has the worst condition. The colour of the cushion has faded out and they are not usable. The coffee table has a broken leg. Besides, the refrigerator in the kitchen does not maintain the desired temperature accurately and the grocery cupboard door locks are missing. Overall, some of the furniture and stuff you have provided are in faulty conditions.

I request you to look into this matter urgently. I recommend you kindly arrange for the repair and maintenance of the living room furniture and replace the fridge. New keys for the cupboard can be prepared by a locksmith. I expect your action on this as soon as possible, as these problems are affecting our living and well-being.

Yours Sincerely,

Ramesh Roy

[ Written by Ramesh ]

Model Answer 2:

Dear Mr Jones,

I am Elissa Gomez, a tenant at your apartment on Lakeshire avenue, writing to inform you about the poor condition of a few pieces of furniture that require immediate fixing.

I, along with my husband and two young children, moved to your flat 3B last June, and I signed the rental agreement a week later. I have been living in this apartment for the last four months, and I like living here with my family. However, the dining table and the sofa set require immediate fixing as they are now a matter of concern for our peaceful living in this furnished apartment that we otherwise love so much.

The problem with the dining table is that it has uneven legs and two broken chairs. Besides, the sofa set is also very old and the cover needs to be replaced immediately. When I first pointed those issues to you before moving into the apartment, you agreed to fix them by purchasing two new chairs and new covers for the sofa set while also calling a carpenter to work on these two pieces of furniture. However, nothing has been done so far! I would really appreciate it if you resolve it as early as possible.

Perhaps you can repair the uneven table and replace the sofa cover first and then fix the other issues a few days later. I believe this would solve the matter without costing you much while also allowing me to live placidly in your apartment. 

I wish to hear a positive reply from you soon. 

Yours sincerely, 

Elissa Gomez


Sample Answer 3:

Dear Ms Saradha,

Hope you are doing great. I am a new tenant in your apartment 106-C, writing in connection with the defective condition of some of the furniture in my apartment. I am hoping that you would arrange to replace them soon.

In relation to the specifics of the faulty furniture, the legs of the dining table are uneven and it makes the table unusable. Besides, two chairs are missing. On top of that, the sofa set in the living room is old and substandard. It needs to be replaced immediately.

While I signed the rental contract, you assured me to have these pieces of furniture replaced. Two months have already elapsed but nothing has been done. Imagine how awful it is that we can not enjoy our dinner together and cannot seat in the living room!

It would be highly appreciated if you could kindly find a replacement for this furniture soon and make our living comfortable.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Priya Nivetha

[ Written by Nivetha ]

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Dear HH Properties Management,

I am a tenant of your apartment 32B5 in North Avenue. I moved into the house last week and made a contract for a fully furnished property. Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the condition of a few old furniture, and some damaged and old fittings. I am writing this letter with anticipation that you would arrange to fix them immediately.

At the time of the lease agreement, it was mentioned that the room will have new branded appliances and furniture. But I regret to mention that the table, bed, two dining chairs are almost unusable and no way new. The fridge, washing machine and kitchen accessories are also very old, and the washing machine is not working properly from the very first day when I moved in. To make things worse, the living room has no sofa as mentioned in the lease agreement.

As per the lease documents, your company promised me that any uncomfortable fittings or faulty furniture would be replaced by you without any cost incurred to me.

I hope you would arrange to fix and change them and keep your promises. I strongly believe that you will take immediate actions regarding this.

I look forward to your positive reply.

Yours faithfully,

Shanaf Ashraf

Letter Writing Topic: You and your family are living in rented accommodation in an English speaking country. You are not satisfied with the condition of some of the furniture.Write a letter to the landlord. In your letter introduce yourself explain what is wrong with the furniture say what action you would like the landlord to takeAnswer: Dear Mr Kashani,I am Mohammad Mahdi Akbari, the tenant of your Zanbaq 13 street house. The objective for which this letter has been written is to let you know about some household furniture which makes me fretful as well as peevish.As is seen in our rental contract, all furniture have to be functional, while I've had a bitter experience with some. As a case in point, dining table's leg disjointed, meanwhile, the air conditioner doesn't work properly and we are suffering from hot weather. Further and more importantly, the temperature control of the refrigerator occasionally fails. Therefore, we face food spoilage time to time.I would highly appreciate if you can arrange to fix those issues or replace the faulty furniture and equipment within this month. I have never made any delay to pay my rent and have always adhered to our contact. I expect you the same. Yours truly, M.Akbari
Sam G
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