Letter Writing # 159 - You want to move to the college accommodation

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You are a college student in an English speaking country. You share a rented apartment with others but want to move to the college accommodation instead.

Write a letter to the teacher in charge of the hostel and explain your intention to move to college accommodation.

In your letter:

  •  introduce yourself
  •  give reasons why you are not happy with the current accommodation
  •  explain why you think college accommodation will be better for you

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Sample Answer 1:

Dear Sir or Madam,

The purpose of inscribing this missive is to inquire about the availability of any vacant room to stay in the college hostel. I am facing many obstacles with my current accommodation arrangement and hoping that you would arrange a hostel room for me from the beginning of August 2019.

I enrolled in ‘Master of Education’ in your college three months ago. I am an immigrant from India and before arriving here, I arranged to stay with a family through a private accommodation agency. Unfortunately, this accommodation is a stumbling stone in my studies because it is far from the college and consumes a great chunk of my time for the daily commute. Moreover, the food, which I think is not even palatable, costs me an arm and a leg. The current accommodation arrangement, bus fare and cleaning service are heavy in my pocket.

Resultantly, I want to move into the college hostel due to multifarious benefits. Firstly, it will save me from the daily commute and I can devote my time to my studies. On top of that, I can share ideas with my classmates and socialize with them more frequently. Last but not least, I can enjoy healthy food and save some money.

Hope you will consider my predicament and issue me a room from the beginning of August.

Yours faithfully,

Neha Sharma

Model Answer 2:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a Science major sophomore in your college. I am originally from Brazil and my student ID number is S2-5487. I would like to request you to arrange suitable accommodation for me in the college hostel as my current housing arrangement is utterly inconvenient and rather expensive.

I came to the UK last year and have stayed with a relative for around six months before moving to a private accommodation with a Russian family. I applied for a hostel room to the college authority before moving to the private accommodation but did not get one as a fresher, which I guess is no longer applicable to me.

Regrettably, I am having unendurable inconveniences at my current residing arrangement. The traffic kills more than 3 hours per day and I can barely manage my time to study for the exams. The family I live with has frequent guests and parties. I have little privacy there and would like to be near the college to save the time spent on the road. Moreover, being at the heart of the college would allow me to have better interactions with teachers and my classmates. Finally, this would be more pocket-friendly for me.

I, hereby, request you to allow me a single room at the college hostel as soon as possible. I would be much obliged.

Yours faithfully,

Lucas Libra

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Neha Sharma
Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to inquire the availability of a room to live in at the college hostel. I am a first-year student at the University of Edinburgh; therefore, I am eligible to apply for the university accommodation. My current accommodation arrangement has some problems and that's why I have decided to move. At present, I am living in a shared apartment in the suburb area, around 30 miles away from the university. Long distance is the primary reason I have made my mind to shift to the university accommodation. My roommates are very inconsiderate and play loud music, have frequent parties, just a few to mention, and I am fed up with their irrational behaviours.I must mention, the college accommodation would not only save my time but also money because it takes me an hour to commute to University and costs me $10 each day. Additionally, I would be able to get rid of my current roommates. Since I will be living with students, I will enjoy the opportunity to discuss coursework with them. In another word, I can have a perfect study environment. Looking for your positive response.Yours faithfully.Neha
Dear Sir, I am Jack Robinson, a second-year BSc student in your esteemed institution. I request you to arrange me an accommodation in the college hostel. Currently, I am staying in a rented apartment with other flatmates. I am not at all comfortable with my current accommodation arrangement. All other members of the flat are job-holders and I am the only student there. They return in the evening and have parties often. Some of them watch TV with a loud volume. So I am not getting a proper environment for my studies. I will prefer to stay at the college lodging to get a nice atmosphere for study. As far as I know, our college lodging has a timetable which all pupils must follow and that is exactly what I am looking forward to. Having classmates and seniors around would be a great help. Our college hostel has a good canteen and I will get nutritious and tasty food. I will be more disciplined in my life. So kindly allow me to move to the college hostel as soon as possible. Your’s faithfully,Jack Robinson
Nishita Kulkarni
Thanks for the nice model answers :-) . Two instead of one. However, in the first model answer, "...coat me a huge money ..." should read "...quote me a huge amount of money ...". :sigh: Thank you,Nishita Kulkarni