Letter Writing # 279 - Letter to the manager of the movie theatre about the jacket

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You recently went to a movie theatre to enjoy a movie, but unfortunately, you left your jacket there.

Write a letter to the manager of the movie theatre about the jacket. In your letter,

  • describe the jacket
  • describe where you were seated
  • explain what you want the manager to do about it

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Sir or Madam,


Model Answer: 

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Justin Phillip, and I am reaching out to you to ask for a favour. I left my jacket at your theatre a couple of days ago, and I would like you to help me get it back.

I left my jacket at your movie theatre by mistake when I went there to watch a movie on 19th August. Not sure why or exactly how I could have possibly made such a silly mistake, but I guess that I might have just left it by my side unconsciously as I was probably feeling a bit too hot inside the theatre. 

To give you some information about my jacket, it is black in colour, fully made of leather, and it also had a round neck. The jacket does not have any zipper, instead, it has some buttons. And as far as where I could have possibly left my jacket, I was sitting on the third row, from behind, on the first floor. 

Please try to find my jacket, and mail it to me in a courier mail service at your earliest convenience. I have given my address with this letter. I would be much obliged.  

Yours faithfully,

Justin Phillip

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