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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 225 - People today change their career and living places in their lives

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

An increased number of people today change their career and living places in their lives. Is it a positive or negative development?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
It is believed that a lot of people have decided to change their jobs or workplaces, and living areas as well. Despite some negative developments that do exist, I personally believe that the changing activity is a positive development.

On the one hand, some potential risks may occur when people decide to change their jobs or residential areas. There is a risk that they might not perform well in their new roles, or not welcomed by the other employees. Besides that, there is also a chance that the new neighbourhoods have high crime rates or the weather might not be friendly. However, changing a career and a living area is an essential thing; therefore people should study, do some researchers, analyse all of the problems and try to mitigate the risks before they make a decision.     

On the other hand, it is true that when people changed their careers and area of living, they could find some benefits. Firstly, as people changed their works, they might become more successful than in their previous careers. In certain situations, some people might have felt that their current jobs are not in accordance with their passions. Therefore they prefer to change their occupations into other jobs which are more suitable for them. Secondly, living in new places, or new cities give them the opportunities to experience new things. They could feel the experiences of having new friends, learn new languages or even feel the different weather conditions.

In conclusion, I personally think that changing a career or living place is a positive development, as people could achieve higher careers in their lives and get more experiences in their life.

[ by - Darwin Lesmana ]


Sample Answer 2:
Migrating to another city or changing a career is nowadays a popular trend. Some people choose to stay in the cities where they have been born or to stick to their career and never try anything new for their work, but some decide to change their lives, moving to another city, or changing their work field. Though there can be many disadvantages of radically changing the way of someone's life, in my opinion, such a change can create numerous benefits for all types of people.

Discovering something new was and always will be one of the favourite aspects of people's life. We still try to find out more about the ocean, space, cultures and history, spending millions of money on these things. While identifying the new limits of space can be a huge step forward for all the humanity, for some people moving to a bigger city can be a personal discovery. To my mind, it is tremendously interesting to discover new places, people, hobbies, and by moving to a new city, these kinds of aspects become possible.

Similarly changing the field of work can be a huge step forward into a new world of discoveries for some people. Sometimes, the same everyday routine that does not change in years can make someone extremely bored, and make a person fall into a depression. For some individuals, a career change could create a new daily routine, where he or she would have to face new problems, people, tasks, and new enjoyment. It has also been proved by psychologists in a recent study, that a change in someone's life could be a healthy treat.

To conclude, human beings are designed in a way that many aspects of our lives become boring to us after a long, and a change of our living places or career might create a positive tone in our boring everyday-routines.

[ by - Agha Pasha ]


Sample Answer 3:
"Change is the essence of the life ". I feel that in today's competitive world, one should be professional in multidisciplinary fields to survive. As what author mentioned that the increased number of people today change their career and living places in their lives, is correct and is a positive thing as far as I am concerned. Below I will justify why I say that it is a positive development.

Firstly, I think that it is a critical thing to change career and place from one to another because it requires a lot of potential and adaptability to do this. This happens when a crisis occurs in any particular field then a lot of people lose their jobs and positions of those people become chaotic. So in that situation, if a person has knowledge in some other fields, then he can actually sustain. One such instance was, my uncle Jim who was working as a JAVA developer in a software company, during that time his field had an economic crisis and lots of people have lost their jobs. Then he was also a professional in teaching, so he joined as a professor and taught lessons to the students. He changed his career and was stable enough in life.

Secondly, I even support changes the living places because one likes to move to the place where he gets good salary in his profession. Most of the people migrate from place to another in search of jobs also and the best facilities to live a comfortable life. These days it is becoming quite a common that people move from one place to another. This not only fetches good propensities but also come across different culture and lifestyle. This could happen even because of some discrimination in that place so that a person moves away to get opportunities to live happily. One such example was: a person called Mark who was living in a village had to leave his home in search of a job in the city as he was a computer science engineer. He never had a chance to do a job in his village, as no company existed in that town. Now he is an executive engineering and earning a very good ransom of salary and has all facilities with him.

So I would like to conclude by saying that it is always a positive point to change career when the situation demands it and is also a good move to change the living places. One will be satisfied when his work is appreciated and gets a good salary, so in search of this one can definitely change his or her career or place but not in every instance.

[ by - Avinash ]

Sample Answer 4:
It is noticeable today that a significant number of people are shifting their careers and living places during the course of their lives, domestically or even internationally. In my opinion, it is a positive phenomenon that has its impact in both, personal lives and the society in general.

Life is dynamic and people tend to adapt to change in all aspects, it is no longer strange to notice people from different races living together and interacting in a day-to-day routine in work and living places. A good example of this change is the Arabian Gulf countries where East and West intersect and a new community characteristic is evolved. This has reflected positively in the whole community, people get more and more open-minded, having less resistance to new ideas, the knowledge and experience are shared from different sources giving the best out of this mixture, everyone contributes and the result is international.

In a personal level, the change is huge, having lived this experience myself, I can say I'm not the same anymore, interacting and dealing with people coming from different places all over the world with different backgrounds had a significant impact on me in both personal and professional levels, now I can adapt more easily to changes and foreign idea, I appreciate cultural motivated actions and decisions I never thought of or imagined I can accept and live with before.

Emphasizing more on the career change, I think it is positive not to restrict yourself to a certain career path, having the flexibility to move easily if needed to a different career or field gives the power to change and gain more knowledge and experience keeping learning as you grow old, it is a cumulative process that strengthens the personality and opens the door for future potential opportunities.

In conclusion, change is a principal element of human nature, one should not fight or resist it whether it's a career or living place or country change, it has its positive effects and gets more and easier with today's globalisation and integration in life.

[ by - Sayed Shokry ]

Sample Answer 5:
People switch career paths and move to different places for various reasons ranging from better prospects, high earnings to the better quality of life. In many instances, this has many positive impacts on family or community of a person. Particularly when a talent is not recognised and appreciated in a country or in a career, it is definitely a wise step to change jobs and move to greener pastures.

If we consider the case of a person coming from a developing country, it is very likely that there are fewer opportunities in his home country. If this person relocates to a country where his skill is regarded as niche and rare, chances are that he will get paid 100-300% more than his pay in his native country. For instance, today there are better-paying jobs in Information Technology industry in the USA than in India. Due to this, young population in India wants to relocate to one of these countries to have better standards of living and salaries. Apart from this, there are more chances to go up in corporate ladder and get chances to interact and work with experts in the industries. In some instances, even when we have the best paying job, one may not end their day satisfied. It is strongly advised to divert their energies to a career of their interest or choice.

On the contrary, when relocating to a different country or a job, one needs to leave their families and friends behind and live far from them. It takes very long time to socialise in new environments and get used to cultures. For example, if one migrated from India to Australia, he will have to adjust to different weather conditions, cultures and living style. A lot of things that are deemed acceptable in India are probably considered absolutely insane in Australia. Due to reasons like this, career growth may stagnate for a while and sometimes does not go as expected.

We should balance the positives and negatives when deciding to change careers or living places. When we need years to adjust to new careers and communities, it is wise to calculate impact beforehand and move on.

[ by - Sandeep Rayapudi ]

Sample Answer 6:
The modern world has seen the profound growth in availability of various job prospects and better living standards. This trend has enabled people across the globe with a wide range of career options while improved and affordable lifestyle became the key path breaker in helping them move across the globe. I believe it is a positive movement.

There are several reasons why people undergo a career change and relocation. Sometimes, lack of job opportunities and poor financial situation of one's state could be the key factor leading to change in career path. Another reason could be better wages and low tax rates in other states, adding to more savings and an increased happiness in peoples' lives. In addition to this, better living standards and a fast-paced career advancement opportunities, helping one to climb the ladder of organisational positions even faster, could be some of the main reasons.

Naturally, it is considered to be a positive and an advantageous practice, leading to improvement in ones' well-being and better financial possibilities. With the smooth flow of finances, one can invest in other businesses or can better support his family in various ways like for child education, health services, housing, entertainment, travelling etc. , therefore, the ultimate contributing factor for the better life. Moreover, changing the place of living due to career changes provides one with options to experience the different cultures and traditional customs of many parts of the world.

In conclusion, many people prefer to opt for alternate career options and sometimes different place of living for various life and jobs related reasons. This shift is considered a rewarding and absolutely positive for mankind as it comes with a wide array of benefits along with fulfilling lifestyle.

[ by - Noghan Odedra ]

Sample Answer 7:
With more and more technological advancement, the world is becoming smaller day by day. Modern means of transportation and communication have enabled the business organisations to become global. This has also opened doors for people to travel and live in different places in the world, and even have more career change options.

In spite of challenges associated with moving places, more and more people are keen to explore and experience living at different places. This not only takes away the boredom associated with living at the same place, or doing the same job for long, it also brings a lot of personal grooming and adaptation ability to one's character. This further improves their ability to grow in their career and seek out best opportunities available.

"Why say no to a great opportunity just because it needs the change of a place?", is the modern generation's thinking. The Internet and mobile phones have further helped with this cause.

But, there are some downsides of this. The traditional way of living at the same place and being in the same profession for many-many years provides stability and peace for both mind and body. One can keep better health by staying at one place. Life will be less stressful. And while adults may like the changes, it could be taxing for kids to adjust to new environments, and make new friends.

To conclude, there are both good and bad aspects of changing places or careers, but the fact is more and more people are embracing it, and this is becoming part and parcel of modern life. More the flexibility for change, better the career opportunities are.

[ by - Girish Jain ]


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