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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 266 - Time and money spent on music classes in schools are not necessary

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people say that time and money spent on music classes in schools are not necessary. Instead, children should be learning useful subjects such as science and computers. 

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Give your own opinion and include relevant examples.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
The music industry has become widespread and prevailing day-by-day as adults have the awareness to music since their school. But some people have controversial opinion and emphasis that school budget and time should only fix for science and computer subject instead of music. I accord to this argument as it is a prerequisite of time. This essay will analyse the both sides of view.

To begin with, as this is the age of science and technology and our planet requires more exposure to nature for making life more valid and convenient on it. This goal can only be achieved if we have sufficient scientists, astronomers and sea divers etc.

Further, students are the future of any nation. By having more science and information technology pupil at a school, there will be adequate researchers and engineers in upcoming days alternatively. Hence, there is a need to build more research and computer labs furnished with advanced equipment in schools.

Moreover, the world has been contracted just because of development in information technology. If children will have easy access to internet and Microsoft software since their childhood, they will indeed be the Bill Gates of the future. For instance, Arfa Karim (Late) became the youngest Microsoft certified professional at the age of nine. She made her nation proud by getting a prize of performance and the invitation from Bill Gates to visit Microsoft headquarter in the United State. In contrast, music has its own place in the empowerment of a region. Some students, who have extraordinary talent in music, may become well- known musicians and directors in future.

To sum up, although science and technology are inevitable for the world but there should always be space for students to learn according to their curiosity.

[ Written by - Samia Anam ]

Sample Answer 2:
It is true that some education systems have different outlines for teaching. Some believe that governments are better to pay attention to music lessons; however, others, myself included, agree that scientific courses could be more valuable.

On the one hand, some individuals agree that music lessons taught in schools can assist pupils to become more creative. In this way, those who are graduated from a music college will be able to surpass other rivals applied for the dental course in university. The reason beyond this is that this group will be more prosperous in practical lessons, which are numerously taught in the dental universities. In addition, they will achieve more in some manual tasks. Had a normal student learned piano in childhood, he or she would have had a better control on their hands than the normal ones, helping them to react faster. As a result, this group of students will become more creative practically.

On the other hand, learning technical subjects can be more beneficial to students, and I believe that its advantages outweigh the benefits gained from music lessons. In this case, they can defeat other competitors because they higher scientific backgrounds learned before entering the university. Being familiar with computer software, students will be able to understand more deeply the related details taught in the university. Besides, doctors will have more conceptual learning when they were having learned basics of medicine. Personally, if I had not had sufficient knowledge about human physiology learnt in high school, I would not have succeeded in medicine.

In conclusion, music lessons are valued in some education systems. However, scientific subjects could be more important practically because they can assist scholars to achieve their goals during the higher level of education.

[ Written by - Rambod Taghaodi ]

Sample Answer 3:
There is a general belief that music subject in school does not add any value to the children’s education. As an alternative, the time and money should be spent on more important subjects, for example, science and IT.  Although there are arguments on both sides, I strongly agree that music should be banned from the school program.

The school program is getting more difficult and children need to cope with all new requirements and practice a lot in order to be able to have good marks. For example, in the past children were required only to read and they were asked only basic math to be able to solve. However, the level of difficulty modern students are required to learn is significantly higher. For this reason, music should be removed from school curriculum and children should not waste their time and parents money on it.

The next point that needs to be taken into consideration is that music is an essential subject only for children who have a special talent on it. In this case, those with talent could be educated in music school but not in state general school. For instance, every city has at least three music schools where children could be taught various music subjects such as the history of music, compositors, how to play on a guitar or a violin.
To sum up, it is evident that music subject should not be included in school curriculum due to the necessity to spend more time and money on practice with more useful subjects like science and IT.  I firmly believe that those who wish to learn music should study it in the music schools and do not waste time and money in ordinary school.

[ Written by - Natalia Svetlova ]

Sample Answer 4:
Child education & their curriculum is always a matter of controversy, especially among parents. Though some people are against to spend a great deal of money and other resources for music classes in school, I hold the view that this is not a waste of time and money if school curriculum and syllabus are arranged wisely.

One obvious reason to support my view is that this is a great opportunity to identify people's hidden talents in music and playing music instruments. Many students have a good deal of extra talents along with academic excellence in these days. This extra talent identification and promotion would be helpful not only for the individual but also for the whole society in various ways. Apart from that, music classes are stepping stone of many music maestros and professional singers in these days. For instance, renowned musician Muhammed Shafi strongly mentioned in his biography that the school music classes remoulded his career as a professional singer.

Another justification to support my opinion is that the music classes immensely help to reduce tension and stress which occurs while the study of complex subjects. To be more precise, students feel relaxation while attending music classes in the midst of Mathematics and Science classes. Besides, these refreshments enhance the concentration in other subjects in a great extent. On top of that, students can get academic excellence. To cite an example, recent research has doubtlessly proven that the music tremendously enhances the brain activities, especially concentrations.

Some others argue that the science and computer subject allocation must be increased instead of music classes. They argue that these subjects are playing leading role in the contemporary world. Perhaps it may be true, but we cannot deny that this is a great opportunity to identify and promote the future singers, who also are the major part of our society.

Taking everything into consideration, wise allocation of each subject, including music, in the curriculum will countlessly contribute to school children's overall development.

[ Written by - Basil Pallath ]

Sample Answer 5:
Gone are the days when schools were only meant for study. Now children have a wide variety of additional classes available in schools such as music. Undeniably, some people believe that these activities serve no useful purpose, but I fully dissent with this argument.

The very first reason for this lack of consensus is that they are the boon for unprivileged children. Almost everywhere there are children from such section of society, which cannot afford such pleasures outside school premises due to the associated cost. Take an example of wards of lower income demographics in developing nations; they hardly have money to shell out for these kinds of programs. Therefore, such facilities will help them pursue their aspirations in music, sports etcetera.

Another factor that favours such extra activities is that they help pupils to relax. They already have so much to combat in their curriculum in order to stay ahead in this world of cut-throat competition that it will be wrong to snatch this little time from them for studying same subjects like computers and science again. It has been proven by research that students perform better if they are allowed to follow their passion side by side.

In crux, I would say that devoting time to music, sports and so on in schools cannot be called sheer wastage of times since it can help the children of poor citizens to follow their desire to learn something apart from studies. Moreover, they provide a great relief to all the students from the monotonous schedule of studies.

[ Written by - Navdeep Kaur ]

Sample Answer 6:
In today’s modern world, parents are sending their children to attend a variety of classes including music, science and computer classes. Among these three classes, some people assert that more time should be allocated to join the science and computer classes instead of music class which I strongly agree.

In these times of austerity, children are facing problems in their academic and it is one of the reasons why children are advisable to learn a more useful subject like science. Learning science subjects enable children to think from different perspectives and hence they may become more knowledgeable. It is proven that when children who learn science can actually deal with difficulties than any other students using scientific theories they learnt in school. Besides, learning science is the stepping stone to achieve a higher goal. It is considerably significant for children who want to be a doctor or scientist and they are the ones who more likely to contribute more than a musician to the societies.

On the other hand, learning computers rather than music benefits children more both in their academic performance and their future career as well. It is undeniable that computer plays an indispensable role in every field around the globe at present. Many of the companies these days, thus, sponsor their employees to join the basic computer classes so that they can handle most of the tasks in their workplace. In the days to come, the employers may expect every interviewer to master this skill following the continual development of technology. Hence, it is crucial for every child nowadays to learn computers so that are familiar with the function of computers and becomes computer-literate.

In conclusion, learning more important subjects like science and computers are more beneficial in comparison to music as they will help the children to become successful and brings glories to our nation.

[ Written by - Lee Wing Qeen ]


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