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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 268 - Working from home should be encouraged as it is good for workers and employees

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Computers and modems have made it possible for office workers to do much of their works from home instead of working in offices every day. Working from home should be encouraged as it is good for workers and employees.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience. 

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:
There are many high-end computers and modems available in the market using which we can set up the same type of environment as office and can have a better privilege to work from home. I do not think that's a good practice to work for office staying at home. It affects the work in various mean and spoils work culture of an office.

Many companies follow a dress code for employees and ask them to maintain 9 to 5 job timing. Being at home they need not bother about their dress code and the timings, but usually, people do not maintain a proper discipline to work, sometimes they are very late to send a response to their emails just because they start accomplishing their personal work in mid of office time without informing their co-workers. Though, they show their status as available but actually they remain busy in taking a nap sometimes or doing their household work hence, they cannot be more productive for their employer being at home.

Yet at the response of above working from home, employees would not be able to get the full update of work via email which causes rework sometimes. Moreover, they cannot visit their team member in case of delay to achieve targets and meet deadlines in time.

Therefore, work from home option is good in some scenarios like health issues with you or your family members or some very important work where your presence is required and you are not supposed to take leave etc. We should not misuse the facilities and privileges given to us, which can bring problems and put us in soup. We should always beware of the wrong move.

[  Written by  - Namrata Jain ]

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With modern advancements, the aspect of offices has changed dramatically. Internet and computers have become very popular and at least one in every ten people now has a laptop and the Internet. Employees are being encouraged to work from home and this is a popular trend observed nowadays. Even though there are some cones of this arrangement, I agree with the viewpoint that working from someone’s home should be encouraged, specifically in jobs where an employee’s presence is not mandatory. Obviously today's world is more and more complicated and competitive than ever before. Most of the employees spend a lot of his time to commute regularly to their workplaces. In some busy cities, it takes more than 4 hours road trip to attend office. Heavy traffic and long drive make the employees tired even before they start working on his desk. While allowing them to work from their home will help to control the choking traffic and will also save their invaluable time which is wasted on the road. Moreover working from home environment provides workers with a great relaxation and freshness and thus their productivity increases. In addition, workers can adjust their time to take care of their children and complete household works.Meanwhile employers can also be benefited from this arrangement by saving money, energy consumption and management effort. For instance, in this arrangement, there is no need to maintain a large office with lots of staff members. With the help of personal computers, the proprietor can assess the work of his subordinate anywhere. In contrast, there are some demerits of this setup also. Computer proficiency rate is not higher among older people. So this decision will endanger their work and life. Furthermore, by amalgamating to the household works, many employees will take extra time to finish their tasks. Finally, office authorities will have a little control of the employees work and thus finishing projects in time would be a very difficult task. Analysing aforementioned points, it could be concluded that advantages of letting workers work from home outweigh the possible disadvantages it has. Employees, as well as the employers, will be benefited from this arrangement. Besides people will have better personal and social life in this arrangement of work from home policy.