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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 290 - Many parents use punishment to teach the difference between right and wrong to kids

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Many parents use punishment to teach the difference between right and wrong to kids. Many people think that the punishment is necessary to help children learn the distinction.

To what extent do you agree to punish a kid to teach him/ her something important?

What kind of punishment do you think parents and teachers can use?

You should write at least 250 words.


Sample Answer 1:
Parenting is a very difficult challenge all around the world. Most of the parents consider punishment a better teaching method instead of listening and communicating with the children. However, to my mind, anything excess is bad. It I not deniable that the punishment is one of the easiest ways to teach children good or bad but it should not be the only way of teaching.

To start with, children are very sensitive, want love and care. They need their parents’ support and encouragement in every aspect of their life. So, it is considered by most of the psychologists that by giving harsh punishments too often parents are making their children prone to violence. Hence, it is now proven by social researchers that children learn less from punishments, becomes shy and insecure and it may affect their social behaviour.

However, it is deniable that children are naturally advantageous and curious about everything. Some are stubborn and need to deal differently. For such children, parents and teachers should adopt a strict but no-torture behaviour. It could include numerous methods such as scolding, taking their favourite belonging for a couple of days or limiting their leisure time. In addition, cancelling their pocket money for a month or cancel a weekend outing plan could be a better option rather than locking them alone in a dark room.

In conclusion, I surely believe that minor punishments could teach children the difference between right and wrong, however, the consequences could be different for every individual child. I suggest that there should be a proper and balanced communication of parents and teachers with the children.

[Written by - Mansoor Afzal ]


Sample Answer 2:
Teaching children to differentiate between the right and the wrong is an important and critical job for parents. There is one school of thought that believes that children can learn to distinguish between good and bad when they are subjected to punishment. From my point of view, punishment is one of the several methods, which will allow young brains to understand the difference between the positive and negative aspects of any action.

The human, by nature, performs efficiently and learn better when they are subjected to the sense of fear, rewards or greed. When it comes to children, they do behave and act better under the condition of getting punished, in case a wrong thing is done. Punishment without actually beating can be practised under certain scenarios, where the objective is to make young ones learn a lesson and develop cognitive abilities. Punishment can be in different forms, for instance stopping pocket money of children for a couple of days, reducing playtime of children and not buying them gifts or toys are also effective punishment.

On the other hand, the notion of rewards and appreciation can also make young ones become better decision makers. Research show that kids take smart decisions when they are in a competition and expect a reward at the end of that. School going kids are often subject to beating in some parts of the world and this is definitely not the advised way to deal with young pupils. Teachers, who are considered as eternal parents, make use of sticks and sometimes hands to physically punish students. This situation creates negative impacts on children and they lose confidence, feel insecure, and they become shy. Contrary to this, if the same students are handled in a more balanced way by following the rule of carrot and stick, that will bring desired results, children will acquire abilities to choose between what is beneficial for them and what is not.

To conclude, it is evident from above discussion that punishment is one of the tools to make young ones learn and adapt skills of differentiating between right or wrong. But, there are other ways which are even more effective to achieve the same objective.

[Written by - Muqeet Khalid]

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