IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 292 - Teaching children at home is best for a child's development

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child's development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.

Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Education is the fundamental building block for children’s development. However, the growth of students is very much dependent on the way of coaching. Some prefer educating students at home while others think it is necessary for children to attend schools. In this essay, I will analyse both viewpoints before reaching a reasonable conclusion.

There are groups of people who consider homeschooling has many benefits for child’s growth. For instance, a student studying at home can get personal attention from parents which result in good academic results. Furthermore, parents are aware of their child’s weakness and can help him to cope with difficulties. Thus, it can be said that children can learn their subjects at the pace in which they are comfortable and this can help them to excel in studies. 

On the other hand, many consider schools as the required element in student growth. Educational institutions, for example, concentrate on teaching moral values like tolerance and sharing along with studies. Moreover, they are encouraged to perform tasks in a team, enabling them to learn teamwork and not to dishearten by failure. Therefore, chances of suffering from depression are reduced to a greater extent in case he doesn’t get what he desired in the real world. 

From above, it can be seen that both the viewpoints have their own merits. However, I tend to believe that in order to sustain in the actual world, students should be motivated to get educated in institutions rather than learning alone at home. It is thus hoped that the government will enforce strict laws for attendance in school compulsory.

(by -  Aqueela Mansuri)


Sample Answer 2:
Homeschooling method of educating children is a trend still followed by a diverse variety of groups all over the world. The concept dates back as far as the times when actual schools, for teachings group of attendees, didn't exist. The method originated in royal environments where kings would appoint the wisest pupil in their cabinets to carry out teaching sessions with kids in the house. However, this practice of in-house education began to diminish when public education institutes came to the fore.

Benefits of homeschooling cannot be overlooked. The biggest advantage for children who are learning at home is the individual attention the tutor can provide to them. This not only results in clear delivery of knowledge to the student, but the pace of such can also be set, maintained and adjusted as per needs of the student and requirements of the course. Recipient of home tuition can enjoy a flexible schedule as deemed fit by the involved parties. This time selection option can be a great tool to tune up the process of learning. Some children find it easier to study at night while others prefer to do the same in the daytime. A one-on-one session between a student being taught at home by his teacher establishes a social bond between them. This leads to an increased level of interactivity which contributes assertively in the learning curve.

On the contrary, participants of group schools acquire some distinct advantages primarily due to the system they get involved in. First and foremost would be societal structure. Human is a social being and there is no place better than a public or private school where children learn how to interact with others. Another social property which the students pick up in group schooling system is competition. They learn how to survive together and how to get ahead of other. A healthy competition amongst students teaches them the value of effort. Group schooling systems make the arrangement of specialized practical equipment feasible, which would ultimately enhance the learning experience of all the students.

In my opinion, group schooling systems were made a global standard for a reason and not the homeschooling. Public schools provide balance in society on a large scale. Children with the uniform set of educational skills aligned towards a common goal can grow up to be more useful for the world, rather than each child moving in a different direction.

[By - Rouhullah Noorani]


Sample Answer 3:
Today’s children become tomorrow’s citizens. So allowing them to interact with the community is very important. More than that every human is a social being. Schools play an important role in forming children’s social behaviours. So, in my opinion, teaching children at school is better than teaching at home.

The main reason why kids need to be sent to school is to get awareness about the society he/she will be a part of the future. Till 4-5 years, children normally with their family. Only after sending to school they will get a chance to mingle with the same age group. This will help them to improve communication skills, social awareness, skills to handle difficult situations etc. They will be able to do at least their own things themselves. Also, I think this is required to reduce their selfishness- they will learn how to share in schools.

The other important fact is discipline. At home, kids always feel easiness. It will be always a tension free atmosphere for them since they are used to it from the childhood. Also, parents and other family members may not be as strict as a teacher in many aspects. So it is hard to get discipline in life for kids those who miss schooling. The main reason for this is the freedom they get at home.

Apart from all these disadvantages, learning at home has some merits too. The main advantage is kids will be more comfortable. Parents can decide or prioritise the topics to teach, unlike in some schools give over work-load to kids. The time for study can be flexible so that children will get more free time. And parents may be comparatively tension free too.

In a nutshell, even though both methods have its own merits and demerits, parents should make important decisions about their children according to their circumstances and convenience.

(by  - Tintu Joy)

Sample Answer 4:
One school of thought is that the best approach for child’s development is that if parents teach their children themselves at home. On the other hand, the second school of thought is that children should attend school for their better development. There is no general consensus over this and both approaches have advantages.

Let’s see the advantages of the first approach. It is understood that no one can better understand their child except his/her parents. A child is with the parents since birth and parents know each and every aspect of the child. While teacher has to teach the whole class and take every student along with including slow learners and fast learners. Whereas parents have one child to teach and they can give him/her their hundred percent attention. They can schedule the teaching as per their child’s pace. Moreover, parents can better look after the child.

Another approach is attending school. This method has its own advantages. In school, a child has to spend his time in the class with other children of the same age. He/she starts making new friends. They not only talk about studies but also discuss other happenings around them. They share knowledge and information with each other.  All the children take part in group activities including extracurricular activities. As a result, their confidence increases many folds.

As we have seen, both methods have their own advantages. However, I strongly feel that it is very vital for children to attend school. This way, school and parents share the responsibility of development of the child and it is the best approach.

[by  - Mansoor Afzal]

Sample Answer 5:
Education is a vital element in a child's development. Over the past years, there has been a lot of option on how the parents want their children to attain an excellent education. Hence it brought the argument on being homeschool and being enrolled in a school. Although homeschooling provides much freedom for the children to learn on their own time without limit, being enrolled in school will provide them much of the resources that are available in a school set up.

Homeschooling has been a practice throughout history, as the mother serves as the first teacher. At the present, homeschooling has been a choice for parents who commonly not satisfied with the school system. It provides learning freedom, giving children enough time to focus on one topic at the time as well as giving them enough rest periods. Commonly it is facilitated by the mother, giving them a chance to spend much time with their children creating a great bond. Moreover, making them aware of the children’s aptitude, attitude and abilities, making it easier to come with the individualised lessons and facilitate one-on-one tutorial.

Another benefit of it is that it helps in reducing emotional pressure brought by bullies, peer pressure and boredom. On the contrary, this requires a full attention by the parents, limiting their time to work. Thus, requires parents to be creative in facilitating the lesson in order to gain interest and children's attention in each lesson. In the fiscal note, although you are not obliged to pay for tuition fees, being homeschool is expensive as you need to buy certain educational resources that are easily available in school settings.

On the other side, attending school provides a lot of positive aspects; one of this is that the school provides a wide range of up to date educational resources. Moreover, teaching is facilitated by a well-trained teacher that can provide effective teaching strategies. Although bullies and peer pressure are present in the school settings, this will help children to be socially exposed to these factors, thus, giving them a chance to cope with it and further gain their confidence and high self-esteem.

To sum it up, both choices has its positive and negative side, but in my opinion, attending school provide a wide range of necessary information as well as skills that children will help them develop well. Even though attending school is beneficial, education supplementation from home will help students to attain a high level of education. School and home teaching will greatly help students understand more and help them mould their character and attitudes that will help them in the near future.

( by  - Arlyn Crescini )
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Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child's development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.

Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, homeschooling is becoming one of the best alternative traditional education methods. Some people claim that it is excellent for the development of children, while others prefer the conventional education system. Although both methods have some advantages, in this essay, I will argue that teaching learned from an institution is tailored to the students, which make them more skilled and well organized.

On the one hand, home-taught students can receive specific knowledge because the teacher-student ratio is significant. In many schools, one teacher has to teach many students; for that reason, all students do not equally understand the lesson delivered by the teacher. If a student is not good at mathematics, for instance, the home tutor or parents may adopt a new strategy which may lead to the subject comprehending to the learner.

On the other hand, school-going children acquire knowledge from school with specific rules, regulations, and discipline. All students must wear the uniform during assembly time and respect the national flag, leading them to become patriotic and well organized in practical life. In addition, they have to perform some extracurricular activities such as waste management, blood donation campaign, personal sanitary hygiene and debate competition. In this way, a school assists the student to acquire some social and practical life skills such as leadership quality, team management, independence and decision-making ability, which are crucial in our daily lives and finding a job.

In conclusion, though homeschooling is essential to some extent; the benefits of sending children to school cannot be denied. Hence, I believe that to make children ideal and skilled, a school is the best place.

Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child's development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.

Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion.

Education is the basic building block in a child's life. Many people believe it is important for children to go to school, and some think it is beneficial for them to study at home. However, it is important to know that a teacher plays a more important role in a child's improvement. This essay will analyse the advantages of both viewpoints, but I believe that students studying at school and working in groups along with other students will get more benefits and learn better.

In earlier times, the kings assigned the wisest persons from their cabinet to teach their children which helped them to get the best education at home. They always believed in providing one-to-one attention to their children as it helped them get quality teaching. Also, it enhanced the relationship between the student and the teacher. It is true that when children are taught at home, they feel way more confident, comfortable and responsive. This situation makes the learning experience much better because there are no restrictions or distractions for them as they are aware of their surroundings.

Again, when students are sent to school for their education, they are taught by the experienced teachers or guru's who have been teaching for a long time. People now consider sending their children more beneficial because of the social understanding that a child gains from that. It also helps them know where they stand in terms of other students. For instance, a student working on a project in a group will understand how to communicate better with others than studying alone. It will not only improve social skills but will also help them create healthy relationships.

In conclusion, parents should send their children to schools so that they learn from skilled teachers and their interaction with other students. Along with that, they should give a conducive learning environment at home as well.

(By - Prayas Ahuja)

There has been always a debate among parents regarding effective methodologies of teaching that should be adapted for kids. Children learn and inculcate, necessary traits, through various means. It is our responsibility to guide the minds of our future.

Primarily, teaching at home has its own benefits. In developing countries - with a more ambitious mindset, like India- the competition to excel is so fierce that our wards are struggling to find the time. For instance, I have seen kids juggling between academics, sports and arts. Furthermore, a lot of time is wasted in commuting to and fro. One finds their passion, in a moment of reflection and introspections. Doesn’t studying at home, ensure that commuting time is saved? This will ensure that children will find some leisure time and relax at home.

On the contrary, a homely atmosphere takes away the pressure to perform. Pressure or stress is similar to a proverbial frog, which revels in slowly warming water and dies a slow death. Taking off pressure, unbridles tender minds and ensures that creativity flourishes.
On the other side, learning at school - where kids sit in a community environment, encourages them to be more social. Our wards are exposed to multiple perspectives, a plethora of cultures, habits and students from innumerable regions.

One can always, solve their problems through debates and mutual discussions. Where else, our kids will find long-lasting friendships through discussions and arguments?

To summarize, both viewpoints have logic and rationality. I believe children should be taught at home and guided at school to accelerate their learning process.

Thank you.
Sivia Pinder
It is good...
Education is a fundamental building block of child’s development. Some people believe that home study is more beneficial in children’s development while other individuals consider that attending school is still the best. In this essay, we will discuss both viewpoints and the significance of each method as stated above before reaching to a reasonable conclusion.Some people consider that studying at home is the best for children’s development. There are several reasons why this method seems to be helpful. Firstly, children learning at home provide them comfort in the knowledge that they are with their parents. Moreover, they can concentrate more on their studies because the ambience of being at home provides them ease while learning. Secondly, children are more flexible with the time they spent studying. For example, they may have their breaks anytime when they feel the need to. Lastly, parents can attend to focus more on their child’s weaknesses where it can lead to more productive and better academics.However, other individuals insist that attending schools is still essential. Educational institutions, for example, offers students shared knowledge and activities. Moreover, schools may improve children’s interpersonal skills. For instance, children are given responsibilitie s and tasks where they should attend and deliver the activities together with other pupils. As a result, children are more active in their social activities. Having this said, it can also be a factor to reduce the number of depression cases around the globe.In conclusion, it is true that education plays a vital role in our society. In my own honest opinion, both methods have their own merits and can actually coexist in the way that parents should be encouraged to have their children to attend schools and studying at home would be a supplement if parents need the feel of having their children to develop more and lead them to good and better academics.