IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 301 - Professional athletes make good role models for young people

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people think that professional athletes make good role models for young people, while others believe they don’t.

What is your opinion on that?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Each person has one or many role models in his or her life. They prefer to imitate style, method of life and skills from their role models. Professional athletes are also good role models for the people who prefer to watch sports or engage in similar sports activity. People, who have good athletic skills, showcase their talents. They will accept both success and failure in the same manner. This is a very good lesson learnt from professional athletes. People who think athletes as their role model, they will try to imitate that behaviour in their life.

Athletes are playing a major role in influencing in other’s life. The example of attending to practice, time management, continuous practice, self-confidence and many more behaviours are learnt by many youngers. This is influencing in both male and female youngsters.

At the same time, professional athletes are not the only group of people act as good role models. Good artists, good social workers, teachers, medical staff, government servants also act as good role models in youngers’ life. According to the preferences of youngers, role models also differ. Such as Youngers like to watch more films than sports, then, an actor or actress would be a role model for them. If they prefer to involve in social service, previous leaders on social service would be their role models, examples of Mother Theresa. Likewise, role models are not only from the field of athletes but also from vast numbers of other fields.       

Anyhow, as per my own opinion, I agree with the statement, ‘some people think that professional athletes make good role models for young people while other fields of professionals also make good role models for young people.

[ Written by - Niro Devi ]

Sample Answer 2:
As we know sports are very important in day to day life. Youngsters get more attraction towards sports and try to play the same as professional athletes. They copy them in various means like playing style, looking, hair style, speaking, body language etc.

Interviews from professional athletes play an important role for all of their fans as they implement their tips and advice in their play strategies, which gives them guidance and path in becoming successful. Likewise, they learn team building, teamwork, individual effort and people management skills in their life.

Yet in the response of above, we see some professional athletes involve in advertisement, movie making and promoting brands, which is basically a way to earn more money for them but it gives wrong lessons to their viewers and fans. Young people think, to be good looking, is also a part to become a successful athlete and somehow, they get distraction from their career path. Hence, many good athletes remain unsuccessful in their career path and usually switch to another domain when they face failure. Followers should understand everyone has one or other merit in himself and different style to do any work, also to be true to their work only can make them successful in their life; for Example: Mahendra Dhoni is a famous athlete and famous for his batting style and long hair style, but he is also a dedicated person towards his work which helped him to climb the success ladder.

Therefore, I truly believe if something comes to lesson giving to the viewers and fans, successful people like celebrities should not give wrong lessons. They should always boost up their viewers and come up with different ideas which can help them to lead their life in the right path. Distracting youngsters in their career building age can bring serious issues for country's development and put everyone in soup.

[ Written by - Namrata Jain ]

Sample Answer 3:
Professional sportsmen and women are and have always been inspirational idols in young people’s life. In my opinion, youngsters take examples from them and attempt to become successful forthcoming people of the same type. The young generation also mimics the styles and fashions of their favourite sports person. I believe that the professional athletes can be exemplary figures for the young generation.  

Their persistence and perseverance are an incentive for young people. Because when children observe some people around them that attain big successes they get thrilled and fall in the desire of such resounding targets. No one can perceive this emotional reaction as a bad thing. In sequence as children get older, they carry these targets with them and also they boost ambitions by seeing other achievements of inspiring people. In addition, they proceed their educational period with these ambitions.

One of the positive aspects of professional athletes' influence is that they do not only be an insight and incentive for those who wish to become a sportsperson but also they exhibit massive successes on account of at least that big efforts and hard working for other children who intend to be successful engineers, doctors or business people. Athletes are also good examples for children who are not in good condition and environment. These athletes such as Usain Bolt, Muhammed Ali and others teach to tolerate hardships and learn from those. Most successful sports people come from poverty and show their abilities that if they wish to achieve and work hard they can reach their target.

To sum up, professional and successful sports people constitute a large part of children's inspirations and their perseverance and hard work help their little admirers to try and take initiatives to become like them.  

[ Written by - Elruz Rehimli ]

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Essay Question:
Some people think that professional athletes make good role models for young people, while others believe they do not.

What is your opinion on that?

Sample Essay:
As we are progressing towards a contemporary and modernized world, youth have started considering professional sportsmen as their paragon. Many believe that sports celebrities have the onus to become a perfect idol for children at all times. I agree with the assertion as they are successful, disciplined, skilled and famous personalities of society and can positively influence the youths.

Firstly, professional athletes have achieved their goals in life. In other words, they have not only pursued their career in their field of interest but also gained success that makes them an idol for many youngsters. To exemplify, former Indian Cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni left his job at Railways and joined Cricket Academy and this story later has influenced many budding minds.

Secondly, the discipline maintained by sportspeople while playing any game also plays a pivotal role in making them exemplary. That is to say, if a student needs to overcome any hurdle, this skill can be learnt by following in disciplined sports stars. For instance, Sachin Tendulkar had always followed the rules and regulations while playing, also, he had never used any abusive word in the field which makes him a perfect Idol for youth.

Eventually, many athletes have gained name and fame from their sports and become role models for those who wanted to be on media. This is because their achievement is broadcasted on various media platforms such as television, newspaper, and the internet, and as a result, they become famous and are followed by many youngsters. To illustrate, gold medalist Geeta Phogat, who won gold in Commonwealth Games in 2010 became a youth icon for many girls that belong to destitute families.

To conclude, owing to the success, control and name achieved by professional sports personalities, they can become perfect idols for children. Indeed, sports celebrities are worth considering a role model as they are skilled, successful and are followed passionately by many youngsters.

Essay Topic: Some people think that professional athletes make good role models for young people, while others believe they don’t.What is your opinion on that? Answer: Sports stars and film celebrities are probably most popular to youngsters and it would be very rare for a youngster not to know the name of famous sports personnel. Young people usually get involved in different kinds of sports and they often mimic their favourite sportsmen and learn from their actions. Even though professional athletes can motivate and influence the young people, I believe, other successful professionals can act as better role models for the young. First, youths regularly watch the sports programmes and select their superheroes - be it football, cricket, rugby, car racing, badminton or any other sports, youngsters always like to pick a favourite. For instance, Indian cricket star Sachin Tendulkar is one of the most popular cricket players and many young people consider him as the master of cricket. However, he can be a good role model for young in terms of their inspiration to become a better cricket player, not in all level in life. Sports personnel usually have a short career and one superstar gets replaced by another one within years. So, in my opinion, they could be models for aspiring sports lovers but not to all youngsters. Again, many successful sportsmen have set bad examples in their real life like abusing drugs and by committing crimes. Such people should never be our young generation’s role model. On the contrary, other professionals like scientists, writers, politicians, doctors, architects, explorers are also hardworking and can guide pupils in their life more efficiently. Formal president, APJ Abdul Kalam's life is a great illustration to this. He was born and brought up as a poor kid but by his hardworking and positive attitude, he reached the top. Social workers, teachers, policeman, artists or any other professional who contribute to change the world for betterment can also motivate and inspire the young generation. In my opinion, their contributions are far greater than that of successful athletes. To cut the long story short, all individuals can have multiple role models in their life and indeed our role models changes with our ages. It is true that successful sports personnel have a great influence on youngsters but other important professionals like social workers, artists, writer etc could be better role models for young people.
Thank you. This helps me a lot.