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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 341 - Some workplaces do not ensure the safety of workers who use dangerous equipment

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some workplaces do not ensure the safety of workers who use dangerous equipment. What can be done? Who should take responsibilities to ensure safety at workplaces?

What is your opinion on that? Give reasons for your answer.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
It is seen in many places that a lot of accidents are caused due to lack of awareness. Mostly, in the case of workers working in an industry with hazardous equipment. ‘Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth’, in the same way instead of appointing many workers blindly there may be a drastic change if a worker who knows to deal with the equipment is being granted.

Firstly, the reason behind the cause of accidents is the lack of literacy rate. For instance, if we consider the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in Ukraine in the 20th century, this affected severely around 25 countries, took many months to recover to genuine state. In addition to that, Steel industries which involved lots of equipment to make the iron mould to a particular shape, Workers try hard to complete work rather than to understand and complete in a smart way.

Moreover, large companies which deal with heavy equipment require huge staff members. In my opinion, it is the responsibility of the management who should take care of each and every worker progress and maintain till date report. Some people think that up to date progress of workers is a quite time-consuming process. But, eligibility criteria comes with regular correspondence, everyone who is capable of understanding in more effectively can give a high productivity more obviously.

After discussing the pros and cons I conclude that a worker before dealing with heavy equipment has to be well known to deal with it. Otherwise, a small mistake may cost so many lives. It is also the responsibility of oneself to take care, even though management provides several guidelines.

(by Karthik)


Sample Answer 2:
Nowadays, work safety is very important and receives a lot of attention in many countries. However, there are still some places where dangerous equipment is used but the workers’ safety is not guaranteed. In order to enhance the safety of people involved, we need to establish a work safety procedure and put responsibilities on every person.

Firstly, a safety protocol needs to be in place with a list of all necessary measures. This will include doing a risk assessment to carefully examine and predict all the foreseeable risks and consequences a person might encounter during equipment operation. Secondly, all the workers who are expected to work with dangerous facilities need to be educated intensively on the equipment handling and operating techniques.  Education helps workers to be more aware of what they are dealing with and take necessary precautions. Lastly, supervisors should be employed to take care of the workers during working hours and alert them if any suspicious thing happens.

Everybody should be liable for ensuring safety at any workplace, including business owners, managers, supervisors and workers themselves. The owners are accountable for the whole business process, including the welfare of their staff. On the other hand, the workers are the ones who actually do the work and use these hazardous facilities. Hence, they know better than anyone else on the risks they have and be cautious of them. In addition, the government and authority should be also answerable to ensure the safety of all work places under their care.

In conclusion, everyone who is involved in the work and the authority should take part in making workplaces safe for workers. In addition, business entities should have a safety protocol with a rigorous risk assessment, worker training programmes and supervision so that people can enjoy a better workplace.

(by Van Tran)


Sample Answer 3:
Most people would accept that the life of a human being is more valuable than million dollars. Unfortunately, avaricious companies don't hold the same opinion. Every day, hundreds of workers around the globe die because of unspent money to safety. In this essay, I shall examine who should be accounted for safety issues in a workplace and what measures can be taken to prevent accidents.

We live in a capitalist world that is led by mercenary companies that do not care about anything other than low expenses and high profits. The only thing that might scare managerial cadre of a company would be high taxes, compensations and fines. This statement may sound harsh, but one should only look at the death rate of workers in countries that do not have deterrent sanctions for negligent employers to see the bitter truth. The mine explosion in Turkey with 300 deceased workers would be a good example to illustrate this argument.

This brings us to the main actor who can bring the most disincentive measure into this problem- the government. There are a variety of potential ways of combating this problem. One preventive measure would be that to compel companies to employ at least one health and safety consultant who will directly report to the corresponding ministry about the company's internal safety applications. Another measure would be unannounced regular audits. Besides these two preventive measures, astronomical fines and to close companies that insist on compromising safety guidelines should be devised as a main, deterrent measure.

My conclusion is that it is the regulations of governments that can save workers against employers. To tackle this problem, safety guidelines and disincentive penalties should be devised and carried on by governments.

(by Irem Yortanlioglu)

Sample Answer 4:
Accidents in some workplaces are assumed inevitable for employees with certain skills or professions such as cooks, construction workers, high voltage operation technicians and drivers. However, in order to avoid or minimise accidents, it is necessary to understand what has led to this happening first. In this essay, I first of all will examine what are necessary actions to be taken for avoiding accidents, and then I will suggest who should take necessary actions to get rid of unexpected.

Surely the principal cause of accidents which happens to staffs who use dangerous material is due to lack of education. For instance, a worker who works for minimum wage most likely isn’t aware of safety instructions if not educated deeply with examples and in a result of this, the accident might be possible for even usage of basic equipment. In order to eliminate this chance, the government should take necessary actions to compel employers to hire environment, health and safety officers. These officers should be responsible for all workers education process. In addition, officers should also investigate workplace to make sure that it is safe for everyone.

Although employers should be responsible for hiring officers to ensure education level of workers, the government should take necessary actions. For example, unannounced audits and investigations can be made to understand education level of workers might secure their life. Furthermore, investigated negligence should be ended up with a serious fine by the government to urge employers for checking internal process about the education of health and safety.

To summarise all points that I explained so far, workers using dangerous equipment should educate themselves about dangers of their profession, also employers should control their staffs’ knowledge level regularly and the government should ensure systems status and punish who do not care as much as required.

(by Irem Demir)


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