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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 348 - Discuss the cause and effects of widespread drug abuse by young people

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

People in all modern societies use drugs, but today’s youth are experimenting with both legal and illegal drugs, and at an early age. Some sociologists claim that parents and other members of society often set a bad example. Discuss the cause and effects of widespread drug abuse by young people. Make any recommendations you feel are necessary to help fight youth drug abuse.

Give reasons for your answer.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Nowadays, youth drug abuse has increased at an alarming rate in many societies which is leading to unhealthy lifestyle and setting bad trends in society. Unaware of their effects, adolescents are experimenting with both allowed and prohibited drugs in early childhood age. Sociologists believe that parents and other members of society are responsible for its increase usage. This essay will analyse the cause and effect of taking drugs and will make some recommendations to eradicate this abuse.

The very first reason in drug adoption in youth is primarily due to parents, guardians and social circle. Parents may consume drugs to remain active at work or to relieve their bodies from mental stresses of everyday life. For instance, a divorced mother consuming drugs to comfort herself from the horror of past will set a bad example for her children to follow. This act will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle where children will opt to do the same.

Another compelling reason which has significantly increased the drug usage is media and pressures to perform well in studies. Youth is challenged to deliver the most in academic institutes and this pressure forces them to consume both legal and illegal drugs. Media also plays a vital role, for instance, body building and other fitness advertisements portraits how mega mass and other medicines can help grow their muscles in a matter of time or lose weight in days. Though these look appealing and their continued usage without consulting a physician will have adverse effects on the body and will harm it in the longer run.

To conclude, I recommend that the only possible way to eradicate this acute problem is through organising drug awareness and counselling programs. Government and civil society should put in their efforts to educate young people about the harmful effects of drugs addiction and should provide counselling services where required. By the passage of time, these practices will ensure that adolescents of our society will live a healthy life free from drugs and other harmful medication.

[ Written by - Syed Tauseef Raza


Sample Answer 2:
It is a fact that most people in this modern era consume drugs either because doctors prescribe them or they take the medicines themselves. But it is noticed that the young people are consuming both legal and illegal drugs from an early age and this is indeed a concerning issue in today's society. Some experts believe that it is the fault of the parents and others members of communities that show an inappropriate example. Easy access to drugs is another problem that accelerates the depth of this concerning issue. The following essay will discuss the causes, effects and solutions that can be considered to resolve the issue.  

For a number of reasons, many young generations are using legal and illegal drugs nowadays. Firstly, many teenagers are taking drugs due to the fact that they want to be relieved from the family problems. One of the examples is that their parents' marriage might not be working out well and could be in a divorce stage. These teens are stressed out with a bad family condition and the way to release it for them is to consume drugs. Secondly, many young people are using drugs because they live in an unsafe neighbourhood. They live in a society where as most of the adults are consuming drugs and drug dealers are moving around in the area. They could be friends with drug users and dealers, and in the end, they will also consume the drugs. Curiosity and lack of proper guideline are the two other reasons many young declines towards drug use. Most interestingly in many modern societies abusing drugs has become a fashion trend and many young simply follow this trend and as a consequence get trapped. Easy access to drugs in many countries and lack of monitoring by the authority lead to drug abuse by many young.   

Many young people are abusing drugs and this results in serious problems. One of the effects is that these drugs are affecting their brain and mental conditions. Without consuming the drugs, they cannot think clearly and they would act like a paranoid without proper care. Another serious effect is that some of these young people might not have enough money to purchase the drug, but as they are addicted to it, they would do anything to get it. They might steal things, become a thief or even rob a store. The overall impact of this in a society is quite dangerous and the young who are meant to lead the society in the future are simply destroying their potential.  

There are several things that people and government could do to resolve the issue. The government could make a campaign about how to raise young people and how to maintain the marriage. These campaigns must be socialised to all family members and show the impact of a bad marriage to young people. And then the government should also give more attention to high crime areas. Drug dealers must be arrested and drug users must be punished and sentenced to jail. By implementing these solutions, it is hoped that it will reduce the number of young people who consume drugs.

[ Written by - Darwin Lesmana ]


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