IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 352 - Some people say domestic animals should not be reared in cities

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people say domestic animals, like cats, should not be reared in cities. Others say that such companion animals are beneficial to the community of a city. Which attitude do you believe to be correct?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Domestic animals have been people's companions for thousands of years. Nowadays many people have dog, cats, fish and even more exotic pets at their homes in the city. There are a lot of advantages of having a pet; however, there are also some disadvantages. My opinion is that having a domestic animal is something which can highly benefit you and your family's overall health and happiness even if you are living in the city. That’s why the city people should also be able to have pets in their homes.

There are many people who consider pets as threats to people's health. Of course, they can be right but that depends on how they are treating the animals and how much care they are putting to foster them. If you do not treat your pet correctly or do not look after it with enough care, it can become a threat to you and the people around you. It is common for dogs to become aggressive if they're being abused or taught to be violent in some way. Also, if you don't take your pet to the vet regularly or you don't clean them well enough they can spread diseases some of which could be really dangerous to people.

Despite these disadvantages having a domestic animal could make your life considerably better. It has been scientifically proven that having a pet makes you happier, more positive and optimistic. For example, buying your children a pet can make them realise what it's like to look after someone and therefore learn how to be more responsible. Pets are also highly suggested for elderly people of the city area because they could help them not feeling lonely and depressed and benefit their overall mental health.

In general, I think that having a pet is an amazing experience and there should not be any restriction whether city people can have them or not. They can cure people’s loneliness; make them happier and more responsible. No matter if you're a young person or an older living in an urban area or in a metropolitan city, having a pet is something I would always recommend.

[by Evgeniya Kostova]


Alternative answer 2:
From the very beginning of the human era, people can’t live without a companion. And sometimes it is seen that pets can be the best companions for many people. People often betray with others, but pets are always loyal to the master. Though rearing some domestic animals have some negative impact in cities, but in my view, such companion animals are beneficial to the community. I am giving some reason on my side.

First of all, they often help people to lessen their loneliness and become a good companion. Sometimes it is seen that people feel bored when they are alone. In that time pets can play a vital role. Especially in developed countries, people are always busy with their own life, they have no time to accompany family and friends. In this situation, pets can be the alternative of friends. For example, a few days ago, I have visited Germany where I have met a man who was alone. He had no friend, but he had five pet cats. He spent his leisure period with the cats and he never felt bored.

Secondly, domestic animals are so loyal to the master. They can do anything for the master even sacrifice their life. Last month, I have watched an animation movie where a pet dog sacrificed his life for the master. And this event is not rare in real life as well. We have read many times how a loyal pet has saved its master’s life.

Thirdly, some domestic animals have direct economic impact on society. For example, some people rear some domestic animals and earn money by selling the animals. Besides, sometimes it is seen that domestic animals are the carrier of different diseases. Some animals often carry different types of poisons. But proper vaccination and care, this adverse situation can be overcome.

In the conclusion, it can be said that domestic animals have direct and indirect beneficial impact on the society both in rural and city community.

[by Sajib]


Sample Answer 3:
We are living in a capitalist world where we sell a third of our days in order to live during the rest. It is suggested by psychology coteries that we are lonelier than ever and as a result of this, depression is now at unprecedented levels. As social creatures we need companions, however, it is now unarguably hard to find time to spend for our relationships - and even worse for ourselves. In my opinion, this is the main reason for people to have pets since they don't judge you for not allotting time for them; all you need to do is to feed and fondle them. However, some people believe that confining pets within walls is wrong and they should not be kept in houses. My personal view is that they are extremely beneficial especially to who live alone.

First of all, as I stated previously, we are spending our times mostly at our jobs and we don't even have enough time for ourselves let alone our friends. Many people have hard times to maintain their relationships and friendships. As a corollary of this, we are now more alone. It is a known fact that lonely people are more prone to depression and suicidal thoughts. I feel that having a pet which can sit on your legs and let you fondle itself can disperse all negative feelings.

Secondly, taking a responsibility of someone or something matures people. You simply have something to care for and live for. In addition, pets can also replace the babies for those who cannot have one. Therefore, they can also satiate the need of bringing up an offspring and being parents.

In conclusion, I feel that pets are a good companion for those who live alone especially for those who harbour depression and thought of suicide. Their love and taking their responsibilities can make people grown-ups and cure their psychologies damaged by their lonely lives.

[by Sangamesh]

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