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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 369 - Majority of children are raised by their grandparents due to the fact that their parents are busy

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Today, the majority of children are raised by their grandparents due to the fact that their parents are busy working. To what extent do you think it affects the whole family?

Give reasons and relevant examples for your answer.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
In the past, one of the parents, usually mother, stay at home for looking after their children. However, with the increase in the career-oriented lifestyle, children had to stay with their grandparents. I believe that this arrangement has more negative effects than positive ones. In this essay, the manner in which parent-child relationship and the health of the young people is affected will be analysed.

To begin with, children spending maximum time with their grandparents can afflict the relationship with their parent. A good illustration for this are the young people for various countries, particularly, India is being looked after by their grandparents while parents continue to focus on their career. Because of this, they do not have enough time to know their parents and fail to develop the bond of love with them. The negative implications of the pupils have been taken care by their grandparents are thus clear.

Most of the times, children lose their grandparents when there are growing and hence can result in the health problems. The reason for believing this is that they loose their grandparents can make them feel lonely and they can find it difficult to connect with their parents. As a result, they can face the issues related to mental health such as depression at the early age. Thus, the link between the degradation of young children's health and the close relation with their grandparents is clear.

From the above discussion, it is difficult to debunk that the bonding and the fitness of the child could be hampered if they have to spend an inordinate time with ageing grandparents. Therefore, it is expected that parents will prefer to stay with their child in the foreseeable future.

[ by - Aqeela]


Sample Answer 2:
In this hectic world, living cost is drastically increasing and that necessitates both parents to work hard to earn their daily living. Moreover, parents are concentrating on their career and continue their jobs even if they have children. Grandparents are the best choice or perhaps the only choice for such parents, although there are some disadvantages. In my opinion raising the children by grandparents is an acceptable fact and has ignorable negative effects.

Obviously, grandparents are the trustworthy caretakers of their grandchildren. Parents can leave their children with them and work with peace of mind. They will feed them and take care of them same or more than they care their own children. In addition to that, parents can leave children at their home, needlessly to bring them to any daycare centres. Furthermore, it saves 20 percentage of family income as additional babysitting or day-care centre cost is saved. In the case of any minor ailments, grandchildren are cared well by grandparents.

Consistently, grandparents have enormous experiences in upbringing their own children and they are successful parents. That is why they can up-bring their grandchildren as well. They are in many cases better decision makers and this quality make them ideal to be attached to their grandchildren. Researchers indicate that children brought up with the family members learn more values and morality than those who spend their day time in day-care centre. Grandparents take special care of their grandchildren and spend the whole day with them and that do not let the children miss their parents as they would have with a babysitter.

Contradictory, there are some demerits of this trend also. First of all, children raised by the grandparents usually have weaker bonding and relationship with their parents. Children cannot distinguish the parents and grandparents at an early age which is an example of a bad parenting. Moreover, the grandparents are in older age and this is the time to rest and relax. In many cases, it is hard for them to take care of children. In addition generation gap is something that will affect many areas of the development of children.

In conclusion, it is unavoidable in many cases that both parents need to contribute to earning to support the family. Raising children by grandparents is a welcomed trend and that will strengthen the family relationship.

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