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IELTS Essay Sample 405 - Why do people take part in dangerous sports

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some sports are extremely dangerous but many people still like them very much. Why do people take part in dangerous sports? Give some suggestions on how to deal with these dangers.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
It is true that countless individuals are eager to participate in adventurous sports even though they are aware of the risks involved. There are various reasons for this; however, certain safety measures, if adopted and followed, can mitigate the dangers associated with these sports.

To begin with, one of the predominant reasons for the popularity of some dangerous sports such as paragliding, bungee jumping and scuba diving is that people tend to take part in these sports to overcome and conquer their phobias and fears. Many people suffer from aquaphobia and acrophobia, and to free themselves from these fears, they indulge in some adventurous yet life-threatening sports. These sports, they believe, will boost their confidence and make them intrepid.  To exemplify this, I was extremely afraid of heights but to overcome this fear, I did paragliding not only once but thrice in a row on the same day even though I was aware of the risks involved. I am no longer afraid of tall buildings and extreme heights. Moreover, people have thrilling and exhilarating experience after doing these sports. They feel more alive and younger.

To mitigate the dangers involved in these sports, the most effective measure is to use proper safety gears and equipment such as harness, ropes and specialized clothing. Before doing the sport, the participants should be checked thoroughly to ensure that their specialized safety kit and gear is functioning properly. This practice, therefore, would reduce the risks involved. In addition to what has been mentioned, the specialists and experienced professionals should provide 1-2 days of training to interested participants to avoid any dangers. For example, before doing sky-diving, the professionals provide 2 days of coaching to the people who are going to take part in it. Moreover, participating in these hazardous sports must be avoided in extreme weather conditions, such as during rain and thunderstorms.

In conclusion, from a quick analysis of the situation, it is quite evident that people are inclined towards precarious sports as it helps them to conquer their fears. Undoubtedly, the dangers associated with these sports can be significantly reduced by taking proper safety measures.

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Sample Answer 2:
No doubt, everything in life has two sides, the good and bad. Sports are just another example, in some cases, it can be life-threatening, but still, a lot of people find it very enjoyable. I guess the pleasure overcomes the danger, especially if it is assessed and controlled.

Dangerous games are sometimes very alluring and have a large amount of prize. People like to watch thrilling sports and those sort of games are often taken as challenges. Those are the main reasons people participate in dangerous games even after knowing the consequences.
To control such threats, standardisation must take place to put some guiding rules to decide whether a person is fit or not to practice a sport of dangerous nature, also to highlight environmental conditions needed to practice it safely to both practitioner and spectators, a good example would be the rally racing. Cars have to be inspected very carefully for mechanical failures by a highly qualified team prior and during the laps, very close monitoring for the road to avoid any obstacles that may cause harm or damage, also the car itself from the design point of view has to be safe to the driver against potential accidents that may contain front or side hits and in most cases extreme flips or fire.

Another clear example would be diving, a very enjoyable experience but dangerous and needs good preparation. Extensive training should take place in a simulated environment like a swimming pool before actual diving into deep water, the equipment has to be tested, a dive location readiness to be briefed prior to the dive and a common language to use underwater to communicate different basic sentences.

In conclusion, it is safe to practice any sport you like with enough planning and adequate training, no matter how dangerous it is, you just have to measure the risks and get over it with gradual skill improvements.

[ by - Mohamed Shokry ]

Sample Answer 3:
Sport is a very important thing in our life and it plays an integral role in keeping us healthy. There are many types of sports, for example, fighting sports, water sports, single and team sports. Some of these sports are dangerous like mixed martial arts and mountain climbing.

Many people prefer these dangerous sports and keep practising them regularly. I think they love to do so because they may feel a lack of confidence, so they try to maintain this point through doing these dangerous sports. Besides that, some people may have problems in dealing with others as they might be treated in an impolite and crude way, so they need to learn and practice fighting sports to be able to defend themselves. The most striking feature, in my opinion, is the stress in addition to the negative energy that many people have, they need to release their stress by practising dangerous sports as windsurf for instance.

I tend to see that, those people should be trained well by professional coaches before they start playing these to minimise any danger that may occur during this practice. Also, some restrictions should be done for these sports and they should be related to age, as the small children and young ages should be avoided from practising this kind of sports because they may still young to deal with their dangerous.

Last but not least, governments and the concerned regulatory authorities should set rules to guide and control the practising of these dangerous sports, as one of their responsibilities is to keep their citizens safe.

[ by - Waleed Hassanain ]

Sample Answer 4:
There are many extreme sports today such as a high-speed car or bike racing, mountain climbing and water sports. Despite many risks associated with these sports, many people love them because of their adventure and risk-loving attitude, to feel the sense of achievement and to attain celebrity status thereby earning money through sponsorships. Since these risks come with a price tag, they need to take several precautions while playing these sports like, following strict safety measures, learning from the experience of others and joining a group rather than attempting them individually.

Many people today are ambitious because of the said reasons. For example, the number of people today trying to climb Mount Everest is on the rise. It makes them stronger mentally and physically by handling life-threatening risks such as avalanche. Apart from these reasons, some like this type of sports to earn celebrity status. Once they earn this privilege, they are respected by society and organisations pay them to become brand ambassadors. For example, a recent Mt. Everest climber has been selected as an icon of a famous trekking equipment maker.

While adrenaline-raising sports are good, several precautions need to be taken while participating in them. Safety measures are most important because life is at stake. Having safety devices at reach can save one from serious injuries. Another easiest and suggested approach is to read blogs or books of people who succeeded and failed while trying them. It helps to form a list of what and what not to do. When these games are tried in a group, they can help each other during accidents and whenever an obstacle struck.

In summary, as risks are associated with a price tag, strict precautions need to be in place to stay alive.

[ by - Sandeep ]

Sample Answer 5:
People are becoming more and more carefree and can go way out of the ordinary when it comes to risky sports. Because of the fame and the monetary reward that some unsafe sports provide, it has been common practice among many sports professionals to go to the extremes of the risk limits. Below paragraphs shall discuss reasons why people dare to choose these sports, following recommendations to safeguard against such dangers.

There are several reasons why many people like threatening sports. The abundant amount of monetary income and astonishing fame allowing them to become global celebrities are some of the main reasons which in turn lead to adrenalin rush among the sports professionals to participate in unsafe sporting activities. The racing drivers are the people who daily undergo such high-risk conditions, for instance, however, they are willing to do it repeatedly due to the rewards that they receive through this.

Safety measures and standard instructions are always there in place for the majority of the mincing sports when it comes to practising them. Firstly, sports person should train oneself under experienced coach, which will help to get an overall idea about dangers associated with the particular sport. Secondly, a person ought to take proper precautions according to the standard guidelines outlined. For instance, racing drivers should always wear fire-proof jackets to better protect them from fire accidents. Finally, these kinds of activities should be performed after the careful inspection of a sporting venue and the sports equipment by safety experts.

In conclusion, many people like to participate in life-threatening sports activities for various reasons like money, popularity etc. However, one should be circumspect about the dangers of such activities and better follow safety guidelines and train well in advance before practising them. Also, governments can define some safety norms for unsafe sports.

[ by - Noghan ]

Sample Answer 6:
Some sports have a high level of risk. However, individuals still enjoy these activities due to their high adrenaline level and their popularity. In my opinion, it is still possible to handle these dangers by using proper equipment.

Firstly, some people like to be at risk by their nature. They like to take part in activities, which cause adrenaline in their bodies. They believe it is the most enjoyable thing to do in life. For example, my friend John is a professional boxer. His nose is broken twice in competitions. Although he gets hurt badly, he believes he can not quit boxing due to his high adrenaline level. This is one of the major reasons why people like to be a part of risky sports.

Secondly, dangers are quite popular in our societies. Since it has become common, some individuals like to be on the stage. For instance my cousin Graham is a rally racer. He mentions that his activity helps him get attention, especially among the opposite sex. Therefore he keeps on joining risky exhibitions.

In my opinion, these dangers can be controlled with appropriate tools. There are many products in order to protect people. For example in Ice Hockey, manufacturers are creating strong helmets against hard hits. They are testing these products under laboratory conditions, moreover, they use extremely hard materials like fibre-plastic as a contributor.

In conclusion, it is a fact that people are going to continue to attend dangerous sports events because of their desire for adrenaline and popularity. I believe self-protection can be provided by choosing the correct equipment.

[ by - Noghan ]

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This essay is very easy to learn because, in this, sentences are clear and concise.
IELTS essay topic: Some sports are extremely dangerous but many people still like them very much. Why do people take part in dangerous sports? Give some suggestions on how to deal with these dangers. Essay: Sports choice depends on an individual and people's attitude is dynamic when it comes to their sports preference. People's participation in adventurous and dangerous sports has dramatically increased. This essay delves the reason for increased participation in hazardous sports and methods to avoid these dangers. To begin with, these days people want to escape from the banal daily activities. For their relaxation, they choose adventurous games and activities. Secondly, youth these days have an attitude to do something different and that is why they participate in sports which involve risks. In addition, media also plays a role in attracting young people to those types of dangerous sports. For instance, bungee jumping, diving, wrestling, mount climbing and ice scatting have attained popularity by the media. Moreover, some are participating in adventurous games for attracting the public attention and to become popular.Obviously, perilous games are harmful and fatal not only to the practitioner but also to the observer. So people and the government should take necessary measures to control the impending danger. First of all, people should practice comprehensively before participating in a sport that involves high risks. They must follow the instructions carefully and make sure the environment and tools are proper for the game. For example, for deep sea diving, swimmers must practice different techniques and carry first aid equipment. Secondly, uncontrolled games that risk someone's life should be banned by the law. Parents should educate their children about the dangers of adventurous games and deviate them from such activities.In conclusion, adrenalin stimulating games and activities are new trends. People are attracted to those because of the sensation and fame those activities offer. However, it is the government, individual and parents’ responsibility to reduce the dangers associated with these games and aware people about the consequences.