IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Essay # 422 - Some people feel that entertainers are paid too much money

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people feel that entertainers (e.g. film stars, pop musicians or sports stars) are paid too much money.

Do you agree or disagree?

Which other types of jobs should be highly paid?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.


Sample Answer 1:
It is often said that people in the entertainment industry mint money and they are loaded! Although we cannot generalise this for everyone who enters the business, it is arguably true. I believe there are several factors to advocate that they deserve what they earn.  

Entertainment is a very important part of our lives. In our day-to-day mundane routine, it is movies, music and sports that rescue us from the boredom and monotony. They inspire us, motivate us and it makes us hope for better by giving a vivid experience which is often larger than life, through films, songs, concerts and games. However, people who bring these stories to life, who put in months to connect the lyrics and pair it with the right notes and people who go through extreme training to bring out the best sport for us are often thought to be just ‘lucky’! I honestly believe that the people who strive to bring quality to our entertainment deserve to be paid well. Besides, usually careers of sportsmen, actresses or musicians last for a shorter span of time than that of teachers, doctors and engineers. Thus, if they earn more money for the risk they take, the amount of dedication they put, and the performance they show, seems quite justified to me.  

Having said that, I also think that there are few other professions other than film, music and sports industries in the realm of entertainment, should also be highly paid. People who devote their lives for their jobs, army officials, for instance, ought to be paid well as a small appreciation of what they do for the civilians. Also, jobs which involve a high level of responsibilities and pressure also deserve a  high pay. Professions like doctor, politics and teaching are the jobs that require people with high level of perception and proficiency. Thus to attract such talent to these jobs, it is important to pay them well.

In conclusion, all the above points fortify my opinion that people in entertainment business receive a payment that they deserve. Nonetheless, other professions which involve high risk, responsibilities and skills, should also be paid well so as to attract and keep the required talent motivated enough to choose these fields as their possible career.

[ by - Gunjan Mahindre]


Sample Answer 2:
In the past, the field of entertainment was not developed and hence, people from this field were paid very less. However, with the improvement in the technology, the income of the celebrities increased to a greater extent. I personally believe that these people are gaining money in excess. In this essay, we will analyse the reasons for this and also discuss the professions which deserve such high income.

To begin with, celebrities such as actors, musicians and sports person are been paid based upon their fame among the people. A good illustration for this is the Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan who is said to be charging money in crores for signing a single film. In other words, he is been paid such a huge amount just with the hope that film will run successfully. But, it is also true that the society will not be harmed even in the absence of such films and actors.

Instead, I feel that people working in the industry with the aim of the well-being of the society should be offered such pay. For instance, doctors or security personnel’s should be paid good amount because they always help the people of the country by protecting them. Moreover, they invest a lot of money and the time for obtaining their degrees and once they receive the degree, they oath to be available for the people at any time of the day. Hence, it is apparent that jobs that focus on safeguarding the people should be heavily paid.

In conclusion, it is seen that paying huge amounts to the famous personalities is equivalent to wasting the resources which can be utilised in a better way. Instead, this amount should be paid to the people in life-saving professions such as doctors or police officers. It is thus hoped that government will regulate the salaries of the people based upon their important and role played in the society.

[ by - Aqeela ]


Sample Answer 3:
Many people believe that actors, athletes and musicians are overpaid nowadays. I personally agree with the statement since there are other occupations which are more important and vital for human beings. The following essay will discuss in details about the disagreement and a brief explanation about jobs that should be highly paid.

It is a fact that a lot of entertainers such as movie stars, pop singers or professional sports players are highly paid. It can be seen from their night lifestyles, luxurious properties and sports cars. A lot of people believe that they are overpaid since the function of their jobs is only to entertain the public and it is not categorised as vital jobs. There are other jobs which are more important for societies, and they should be well paid. Firstly, many people do not realise that the existence of firefighters is crucial for the neighbourhood as they could save many people's lives. Besides that, their jobs are also considered as a high-risk job, since they could be seriously hurt or injured.

Secondly, as a leader of a nation, the president or prime minister has a lot of responsibilities. He/she must be meticulous, prudence and wise in taking decisions, since his/her decisions might have a serious impact on the public. And then, becoming a country's leader also faces the terror of being murdered or kidnapped by terrorists. Therefore, these professions should be well compensated in accordance with the risk and responsibilities.

In conclusion, it is believed that famous entertainers are overly paid these days. I strongly agree with the opinion, since entertainments are not the basic need of human beings. I do believe that there are other jobs which should be highly paid since they are high risk and their existences are essential for mankind.

[ by - Darwin Lesmana ]


Sample Answer 4:
I strongly agree with the notion that entertainers, today, are paid an excessive amount of money. In current times, science and technology have taken major strides for the betterment of our society. Our focus should be on facilitating such endeavours rather than on entertainment.

I believe all the biological scientists like pharmacists, biochemists, microbiologists etc. in our society should be paid more than the people in the entertainment business. These people or as we dub them ‘nerds’ spend valuable hours in their lives in discovering a new molecule that might be used to make our lives better. Their goal is to discover novel ideas and to create innovative techniques. Thus, rather than spending their time with their families or an evening in the theatre, they immerse themselves in their laboratories working night after night too, maybe, discover a new drug. For such sacrifices, these scientists should get their due remuneration. However, a discrepancy can be seen in our society. We tend to value people in the entertainment business more than the scientists who might be working on the Ebola virus vaccine.

I do not devalue the hard work by an actor or a football player. They had to reach their stardom after endless practice sessions and failures. However, if we make an objective comparison, at the end of the day, it is the work of a microbiologist or a biochemist that helps us to live a healthy and disease-free life. So, our money should be spent on those individuals who strive to bring about a healthier and comfortable society.

[ by - Parsa Sanjana ]


Sample Answer 5:
Another controversial issue related to the salaries being paid to different professionals has been aroused among people in recent years. Some thinkers think that professionals like pop stars, actors or sports person are being paid far higher than they deserve.  There are several other professions that also deserve a handsome amount of salary. However, this essay will look into both the aspects before giving a one sided conclusion.

First of all, there is no such profession that is more deserving or higher than the other. Every type of work, either be it acting, playing or hospitality job is different and valuable of its kind. Talking about the amount of money that is being paid to entertainers, I think they deserve this. Though they are not serving people, they play an important role in serving the country. These people work harder and harder each day to master their skills and amuse people. They play for the country and represent it in the world. For example, our Indian cricket team give its fullest to win the game at national as well as international level so as to raise the name of the country.  Another example that can be given is, film stars, they struggle a lot to get into this field and eventually, when they are successful and famous people remember our country by their names. Therefore, it cannot be said that these jobs do not deserve money. They are paid for their determination and hard work.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that jobs like doctors, teachers or community workers are paid considerably less amount in comparison to above professions. These fields of expertise should also be paid generously depending on their performance and the knowledge they possess.  They are equally important to us as the entertainers.  These people serve the country not sometimes just physically but, also using their mental capabilities.

To sum up, from the aforementioned, it is totally justified that no work is high or low. Every profession has its own value and everyone deserves the best. However, I recommend that instead of reducing salaries of the entertainers, people and government could think of increasing the wages of other professionals too.

[ by - Fatema Bohari ]


Sample Answer 6:
There is no denying that entertainers like film actors, pop musicians and sports stars are paid too much money. I really do agree with this statement. However, some people think, there are several jobs that should be highly paid as well. In this essay, before presenting my point of view I would like to discuss the job culture.

Nowadays there is news about the celebrities who are earning more money through their profession like acting, singing, dancing and sports etc. some of the celebrities like sportsmen and actors are earning extra money through advertising and becoming brand ambassadors of the particular brand. There is no any difference in work like sweeping, machining, teaching and in medicine, every work required effort and the reason for earning money for the sake of survival.

A person becomes an actor because he likes that profession the same way singer, doctor, designer and scientist. But some people are unfortunate to get a proper education or because of laziness or because of lack of scope they sacrifice their dream and doing some different work which society considers it as a low-level work.I think no work is small or big, every work requires effort and passion. We should respect one another and we should practice equality. My mother always says us “Big or small, there is no such kind of difference and it is only made by us”.

In conclusion, I do not think any work is big or small, it is the difference created by us and I think now the time has come to stop differentiating people through their work and everybody should be paid equally for their work.

[ by - Joseph Franklin ]

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Ashis Kumar Das
Just my thoughts:
I think the remuneration of film, sports, music professionals should not be paid any more than 30000-50000 $ per year. They are given just too much money that is tantamount to robbery or theft. Their service viz entertainment such expensively is just not required when numerous hard-working gigantic performers are doing so much work such as construction, production, manufacturing people, people in import-export, and in marketing, transportation, hospital and education sectors.

Tiger Woods was given one billion dollars for playing golf only that is downright ludicrous.
Entertainment or even the literary world can wait until poverty and unemployment have been looked after.

Some people feel that entertainers (e.g. film stars, pop musicians or sports stars) are paid too much money.

Do you agree or disagree?

Many people hold the opinion that performers earn far more than they deserve as they have a bad influence on society, while others opine that entertainers deserve this money because they earn it by setting good examples and through hard work. In reality, some artists have good and some have bad influences on the general public, so I can neither agree nor disagree with the opinion expressed.

To begin with, many believe that famous celebrities should earn more money because their lives are exposed to the public and media and they had to work hard to gain their fame. For example, stars like Sharukh Khan and Imran Khan cannot visit a market without getting followed by fans and they cannot walk on a street as a normal person would do. Sharukh khan and Imran Khan both have commendable qualities and they keep inspiring the young generation with their deeds and speech.

Furthermore, these starts are often subject to gossip and negative news which has a negative impact on their families and personal life. For instance, a celebrity named Riya's personal information leaked and she suffered from stress. She committed suicide due to unbearable mental pains caused by the public and media. Thus they are often treated badly and should be compensated by the money they earn.

Furthermore, some actors, musicians and celebrities produce stuff that shows violence and encourage drug abuse. This leads the young generation to follow the wrong examples. These performers should not be getting extra money as they are leaving a terrible effect on people.

To conclude, some entertain are risking their lives to entertain the public and they put extra effort to provide good stuff to the public. They deserve more and should earn more. On the other hand, others are making detrimental stuff for society and should not earn more.

Manouchehr Teymouri
I think that all of these essays are good in terms of the range of vocabulary and grammar structures that the authors used. However, I think, most essays are difficult to follow and sometimes do not make sense. In other words, they are not convincing too much as the authors should refer to the tangible facts to support their ideas.

In the essay written by Gunjan Mahindre (Sample 1), the author refers to "several factors" in the introductory paragraph as support against the claim, which is entertainers being paid too much. But then, in the first body paragraph, the authors refer to two reasons in one paragraph; first, the value of their work in terms of innovation, and second; the nature of the job income not being lasting for a long period. I cannot relate the second reason to the first one as both are presented in a single paragraph as though they are related to each other somehow.

In the second paragraph, the authors refer to some other jobs which should be paid as much. Even though I can guess what probably the author meant by "army official" and " devoted their life"? The author does not develop the idea by giving tangible examples. Maybe because, these jobs are risky and in some cases, those in these jobs need to put their life at risk during a mission. However, it is my guess, not the fact that the authors should have given. The same weak point in the second example as "high level of responsibilitie s and pressure" does not seem to have anything to do with " precision and level of perception".

There are the same flaws in other essays in the essay coherency.

Shrey Barot
I think all essays were very very good. All essays take out of many vocables.