IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 458 - It is quite common for both parents in a family to work

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

It is quite common for both parents in a family to work. Sometimes this is because they need two salaries to survive whereas other times it is their choice.

What are the problems you see in this situation? How does this affect the children and the family life?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
With the modernization of the society, it is not uncommon to see both the parents working. There are various reasons for it. Firstly, everybody wants to be financially independent. Secondly, with the increasing inflation and cost of living, it sometimes becomes necessary for both the partners to work. But there is no gainsaying in the fact that this impacts family life and children.

When both the partners are working, it becomes difficult to spend time together and with the family, especially when the work timings are different. Children suffer the most in this situation. Mostly when children are merely one year old, they are sent to day care centre and are taken care by strangers. Childhood is a very crucial time in everybody's life.  This is the time when children learn most, they pick up good or bad habits, develop emotional bonds with their parents. But when both the parents are working, children spends most of the time away from their parents and hence the emotional connect is not as strong as it should be. Even when all family members meet in the evening, both parents would be tired of all day work and could not spend quality time with each other.

One major drawback of the both parents working is there is nobody to constantly keep an eye on children and to correct them instantly. For example; when I was growing up, my mother was always at home when I came back from school, and I would spend hours telling her what happened in school. She would feed me wholesome food and then help me with my homework. As I was growing up, she taught me, how to cook, do the dishes, and clean the house. Whenever I was late for home, I was answerable to her. Whenever I committed any mistake, she could catch it instantly and would correct me. Her constant support helped me, not only in achieving good grade but also to be a better human being; whereas my friends whose both parents were working, would come to an empty house, they would mostly survive on snacks after school. Their grades constantly suffered because they would watch TV or loiter around during study hours. They would often lie to their parents and would escape uncaught.

Other problem that impacts the family life when both partners work is "ego". Since both are independent, ego often comes between both the partners; there would be a lot of argument. The increase in divorce rate is also due to this decrease in tolerance level.

In nutshell, it is sometimes important for both the parents to work but this certainly has an impact on children and the family life. In this situation, it really becomes necessary to pay extra attention towards their children and try and spend as much time with family as possible.

[ by - Preeti ]


Sample Answer 2:
Expenses are increasing day by day for all kind of human requirements like food, accommodation and children education, etc. and living standard is improving due to various technological innovations. So, it has become common for many families to have both parents working. There are two kinds of families having working parents nowadays. Some may choose for having a better life and to make their future financially secured, while another choose because of their financial needs. Recently, from last decade women empowerment has seen a significant improvement. So, Women are sharing equal responsibilities with men in all professions.

I believe that families having both working parents have edge over others in financial perspective. But its impact on children must be recognised first. In families, when parents go to work, children are left at home alone. Some people argue that children become independent and they learn how to manage their selves. In addition, they believe that children who grow up having the support of their relatives in the family make them more social and kind.

On contrary, other believes that both working parents do not give enough attention to children’s development. Thus, children become undisciplined and may go out of hand sometimes. According to them, if one of the parents is earning enough money, then another should concentrate on children’s development. Money is not a serious matter always. Parents should not become too greedy.

There are many examples of both working parents from my friend circle. They are good parents and understand their responsibilities towards their children. So, as a conclusion, I will say it depends on the way of thinking of individuals and the way of interacting with their kids. One should identify own situation and requirements and act accordingly.

[ by - Ashish Nimavat ]

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