IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 462 - What are the possible effects of living long on an individual

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

What are the possible effects of living long on an individual and on the whole society? Give some examples for and against according to your knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
The survival period of the individuals has increased in the recent time. Some people believe that this trend has positive effects while others refute this claim. In this essay, both the viewpoints will be critiqued before reaching a reasoned conclusion.

On the one hand, there are groups of people who consider long life has benefits on the individuals and the society. The main reason for believing this is that the society is able to utilise the experience of the matured people for the growth of the economy of the country. Furthermore, this group of grown-ups can help the young people to take mature decisions in their personal as well as professional life. Thus, the positive implications of rising in the life span of the people on the masses and the society are clear.

On the other hand, some consider the extended life of the humans can have numerous disadvantages. One main drawback will be the swelling in the world's population since the death rate will be declined. As a consequence of this, the pressure on the local resources will be increased and still some people will not be able to receive the required resources. In addition, with the increase in the numbers of the aged population, there will also increase in the responsibilities of the young generation and thereby, affect their career and family life. Therefore, the negative impacts of the increased life period of the people are difficult to debunk.

After analysing both the views, it is felt that for the well-being of the individuals and the society, the life span should not be increased beyond a certain limit. 

[ by - Aqeela]


Sample Answer 2:
Mankind since ancient times has always looked for ways to increase the length of their life span. They believe that by living a healthy life free from everyday challenges and stresses in a countryside can help them to attain long life, while few are still cracking the myth to discover water well to achieve eternal life. Longevity has its own merits and demerits both on individual and global levels which will be analysed in this essay.

There are many merits associated with longevity, such as people can share the achievements and other memorable events of their grandchildren like their marriages or birth. Some people believe that increased life span can give them a chance to complete their unfinished work which they have dreamed for. For instance, my grandfather’s long life helped him to complete his book over History of Jarcha Community which he quit working over due to increased responsibilities when he was in his 40's. Senior citizens can render valuable advice which can be fruitful for the society over time. Furthermore, their experience and knowledge can be used to educate youth which can result in marvels.

On the contrary, old people can become a burden on the family and on the government. More funds would be required to meet their medical, housing and other living expenses dispersed to them in the form of pensions and other funds. These funds are collected in the form of tax from youth. With older people in rise, we can lose their senses and their thinking can be impaired while working on key positions their decisions can be drastic for the welfare of the society. Moreover, their way of living results in conflicts with the youth which disturb the family environment and relationship. For instance, senior people don't like noise and they tend to sleep early, which give rise to conflicts when adolescent want to celebrate late night parties.

To recapitulate, the aforementioned provides some plausible argument on both views. Increase life expectancy has both positive and negative aspects associated with it and it depends on people how they take it forward.

[ by - Tauseef Raza ]


Essay Topic: What are the possible effects of living long on an individual and on the whole society? Give some examples for and against according to your knowledge.

Sample Answer 3:
Advancement in medical technology, better knowledge about medical science, and the invention of the cure for deadly diseases have greatly contributed to increased life expectancy these days. Both the individual and the society have been affected by this achievement. This essay delves into the positive and negative aspects of 'longer living' on individual and the society with relevant examples.

Undeniably, death is a terrific affair to all the human and each and every individual denies to accept this inevitable event. Therefore as an individual, increased life expectancy is a benefit that they can live longer and enjoy their time on Earth. In addition, long living is a positive trend towards the development of a country. For instance, increased life expectancy contributes more to more workforces to a country and in turn, raises the productivity of the nation. Professionals like doctors, researchers, writers, political leaders and much more can contribute to the country even more in their old ages with their immense experience in life.

In contrast, increased human lifespan has some drawbacks also. Firstly, it will worsen the unemployment rate in an overpopulated country like India. Moreover, increased life expectancy might proportionally increase the dependents’ rate. For instance, it will cause an elevated number of retired people and in turn, it will be a burden to the family and society, no matter how cruel it might sound. Furthermore, society needs more funds for the medical and recreational facilities for the older generation. Finally, life in old ages is fragile and diseases attack easily and make an individual’s life miserable. For some people, a short and healthy life is more desirable than a long and suffering life. Hence increased life expectancy has some adverse effects on both the individual and the society.

Putting everything into consideration, the longer life is a positive development for the individual and the nation in terms of our desire to live long with others and to contribute to the country, whereas it will cause unemployment, dependency and sufferings also.

[ by - Kavery ]

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