IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Essay # 494 - Being a celebrity brings problems as well as benefits

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Being a celebrity - such as famous film star or sports personality - brings problems as well as benefits.

Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
A celebrity works hard to get the attention of the public and once s/he becomes famous, s/he constantly tries to avoid the attention. Being a celebrity is certainly not a piece of cake. They get all the attention of the world at the price of personal space. It is a debatable topic whether being a famous personality is a blessing or a punishment.

Firstly, let us look at the negative side of being a celebrity. As the majority of the world follows the film starts or the sports persons, few of them are crazy about the celebrity. For instance, in the headlines of few newspapers, we keep reading about the fans who write a letter by their blood. I am certain that no one would like to receive such letters, constant annoying calls or being stalked by strangers. These all scary things come with the tag celebrity. Moreover being a celebrity is not an easy job. The film starts and sportsman has to continuously perform well otherwise same fans would harm them. For example, when the Indian cricket team did not perform well in one of the matches, their fans broke the cricketers’ houses.

There are always two sides of the coin. Everybody wants to be a special person. Many people dream to become a celebrity so I am confident that the celebrity status must be giving a lot of advantages. One of the biggest benefits is the money. Celebrities make a lot of money compared to other people. It is known that a supermodel earns more than a school teacher. Moreover, anyone can become a celebrity. For instance, no academic degree is required to become a film star or a sportsperson. Sometimes, the film stars get a chance to shoot in foreign countries or play in different locations. So it’s a great combination of holidays and work. The kind of glamour and publicity received by them is hard to imagine for a common man.

I believe that being the role model for someone is the biggest achievement of a human life and being a celebrity gives a chance to be one.

[ by - Naaz ]

Sample Answer 2:
Almost everything has two sides – positive and negative; being a celebrity is not different. Sometimes it is good and sometimes is not, what makes a difference is the way they deal with it.

I am not a celebrity; however, I can see the pros and cons of being one. I believe that famous people suffer a lot because they do not have "peace" in their life. Most of the celebrities do not have a social life, for example, if they go out with friends and family, they are followed by people who want to take pictures of them to sell to magazines and internet blogs. On the other hand, famous people have a lot of money to spend in what way they want. They always have the best clothes, shoes, bags and also the most expensive stuff. They spend a lot of money travelling to others countries and having fun. Additional to that, a lot of people want to be like of them. I heard that there are some people who even do plastic surgery to seem like their favourite actress or actor.
In my opinion, I believe that being a famous person bring more cons than pros. I think everyone deserves a good social life, in another word, going out and having fun without being followed or appearing on the front page of a gossip magazine or a blog.
Overall, celebrities like an actress, actor, singer and sports personality, likes to be famous, otherwise, they would not choose this kind of job and occupations. More than that, I believe that they are used with this kind of life.
[ by - Mariza Ichiy ]

Sample Answer 3:
People often believe that brightness and success provide them with advantages and drawbacks as well.  I strongly Support the idea that the positive part outweighs the negative ones.

On the one hand, being a film star or a bright sportsman lead people to be well known, loved and have a lot of people attracted to them. They also find themselves to be admired and respected by a numerous group of their societies and sometimes from around the world. For instance, a film star would be successful and be well-paid besides being internationally famous and revered.  Another example is about sports people who are always appreciated for their fulfilment since they lead their team to be well known and win many prizes from different competitive games.

On the other hand, celebrities find themselves under the microscope as they are always followed by the press and paparazzi that make them feel insecure and under stress. What’s more, celebrities might get worried about misleading media which sometimes could be harmful to their successful history. A typical example, when wrong news or a misunderstanding for a conversation to the press is published, rumours spread like the wind. Hence, they sometimes would rather stay away from the media in order to keep them secured and not to worry about being bothered by people even though they feel admired by some fans.

To sum up, being famous and successful is like a sword having two sharp edges that we cannot escape. However, celebrities should get the most of their position and always consider the disadvantages.

[ by - Naji Lichaa ]

Sample Answer 4:
Almost every human on planet earth has a dream of being a famous celebrity. One has to follow a punishing routine in order to get success. We will explore pros and cons of being a famous person.

The most rewarding outcome of being a celebrity is fame. Fans adore and worship their celebrity like a god. Wherever you go, people recognise you and you get unrestricted access to almost everything at your disposal. Looking at another side of the coin, fame also creates inconveniences. Wherever you go, people recognise you and try to pose with you and get your autograph. As up the ladder of fame you go, less private life you have.

Next, the most precious thing is respect. People respect and treat you as a role model. People and press follow actions of you and monitor even slightest move, you make. You can be an inspiration to millions of people, which is an outstanding experience. At the same time, you have to be very cautious with your public and private behaviour. Respect comes with a high sense of responsibility and dignity.

Monetary gain is another bright side with achieving success. Successful people earn millions of dollars with each assignment and can get everything, which money can buy. On the darker side, they need to maintain the money wisely so that at the end of career they have sufficient money to live a respectful life. For instance, a famous Indian actress like Saira Bano is currently living in poverty after having a successful career.

In conclusion being a famous celebrity has both pros and cons. It is a gift which a few people get out of millions. With a little inconvenience, I think it has more benefits than troubles.

[ by - Pankaj Jain ]
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When unknown:
Fine essays off-hand rejected
Oft made him sad and dejected;

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Now he is worried, his rubbish,
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Essay Topic:Being a celebrity - such as famous film star or sports personality - brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?Sample Essay: Being a celebrity is a divine gift and requires considerable talent which gives a special identity to a person to the world. However, the fame, money and influence that a celebrity possesses do not come without a cost. In this essay, I am going to discuss various pros and cons of being a star, but personally, I believe that such a person has more to lose than to gain. A person becomes a celebrity due to his determination, talent, hard work, passion, optimism and luck in their corresponding field. A person can have enviable fame and wealth when he is put on the celebrity category. But being a celebrity is not as easy as pie. Moreover, it might seem quite rewarding at the beginning but in a long run, it becomes a two-sided sword. Celebrities are subject to constant media watch and gossip which often ruins the personal life and freedom they have. Their relationship is under the magnifying glass and any deviation can ruin their career and fame. They cannot wander around as an ordinary person and cannot enjoy things in life that anyone deserves. They have a great deal of money but no freedom to enjoy it. Many Hollywood celebrities, for example, have luxurious lifestyle but not personal life. To conclude, money, influence and fame are desirable to all but these are not the mantra of happy life. Since freedom and privacy are even more important, I believe that being a celebrity is not as great as it seems from the outside.
We don't need to 100 percent correct, but please first make sure a word that you're using in your essay is at least relevant. "Stalked by strangers" instead of Stocked.....
IELTS Essay Topic: Being a celebrity- Pros and Cons: A celebrity has to work very hard to excel in his/her field and to get the attention of the public and once s/he gets the fame then s/he tries to avoid the attention and seek for little privacy. Being a celebrity is not always a piece of cake. The celebrity gets the attention of the world at the cost of their personal life and hard works. As everything has both positive and negative side, so being a celebrity had both advantages and disadvantages too. Majority of the people follow their favourite celebrities whether they are film stars, politician, or famous sports personality and few of the followers are crazy enough. For example many times we heard the news of a film star receiving letters written by the blood of his/her fan. These sorts of letters also include threats and heinous intentions. Nobody likes to receive such kind of annoying letters or to receive phone calls with threats. It is difficult for a celebrity to move freely publicly as many of the followers would like to touch him/her and wish to take an autograph from them. Moreover, there are journalists and paparazzi who follow them every moment. A little mistake made by them become a big issue. We can take the example of Indian cricket team. Once the team could not perform well in a match and people destroyed their houses. So being a celebrity is very tough sometimes. Everybody wants to be famous. Being famous, whether a film star or a sports personality, has many advantages as well. They earn a great deal of money and lot more than other professionals. Sophisticated lifestyle, huge salary, luxurious house and branded cars are common for them. Different corporations, product manufacturers, even MNCs calls celebrity to endorse their products so as to make the brand more famous and increase brand franchise. This brings the amount of money that would take the lifetime for other professionals to earn. They often become role models and they get fame, publicity and attention from mass people. I strongly believe that being a celebrity such as a famous film star, singer, dancer or sports personality brings problems as well as benefits.