IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Essay # 500 - In some countries the average weight of people is increasing

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their levels of health and fitness are decreasing.

What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
In many countries, the number of people who became overweight has increased and their health condition and fitness level are declining. This essay will discuss some of the reasons why these problems have arisen and some of the steps that can be taken to address them.

For a number of reasons, the average bodyweight of people in several countries is rising these days, and they have problems with the physical condition as well. Firstly, a lot of people prefer to consume in fast food outlets nowadays. It is undeniable that most of the fast food restaurants serve foods that contain fat and sugar, and as a result, those who frequently consume the food get overweight. Secondly, it is a fact business competition is getting tougher due to the globalisation, and people have to work for longer hours. They have to wake up very early in the morning to go to their workplace and arrive home late at night; therefore they have no time in doing some exercises. Consequently, many of these people have some serious health problems, such as obesity and diabetics.

There are several things that people can do to resolve the problems. One of them is that people should be more selective in choosing their diets. People should avoid in consuming fast food since they contain a lot of high cholesterol ingredients which are dangerous for their health. They should consume more of the healthier ingredients such as wheat, oat, vegetable or fruit rather than consuming fried chicken or hamburger. The other thing is that people should do more physical exercises and burn more calories in their life. One of the ways is by changing their mode of transportations. For example, they could change the way they commute from driving a car to riding a bicycle. It is not just making the body healthier, but bike riding also reduces air pollution as well.

In conclusion, it is true that many people are having problems with bodyweight and health conditions these days. The problems are mostly caused by the unhealthy lifestyles and there are several things that people could do to fix the problems. They should be more selective in choosing their diets and they should have more exercises in their life.

[ by -  Darwin Lesmana ]


Idea Generation for this IELTS Essay:

Essay Type: Causes and Solutions.

The main question of this IELTS Essay:

A. Why people’s weight is increasing and their health condition and fitness are decreasing in many countries?

B. What measures could be taken to solve these problems?

Causes: Why people’s weight is increasing and their health condition and fitness are decreasing in many countries?

  • The popularity of eating high-calorie fast foods across the world.
  • People have become less active than before due to changing of lifestyle (Using more private vehicles, using machines to do their tasks, or sitting in front of the computer and TV).
  • The role of food advertisement in the media, which has tremendously increased the rate of obesity among children.
  • Producing more variety of high caloric food products by food companies compared to the past.
  • Shortage of health budget in some developing countries due to overpopulation and obese patients are less monitored by doctors. 
  • Trusting to other commercial methods for weight losing. People have less monitoring on their weight because they think there are better methods than sports to lose their weights.
  • The role video games and computer games on children’s inactivity.
  • People's busy lifestyle forced them to depend on fast foods rather than cooking meals at home.
  • Parents' carelessness often causes obesity among children.
  • Ready to eat foods like chips, cheese and packet foods do more damage to our digestion system.
  • The GM (Genetically Modified) foods contain high fats and we are consuming these GM foods every day.
  • People's diet habit often makes them eat a large amount of food at a time rather than eating it in instalments. 
  • Lack of awareness, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise.
  • People’s choices of tasty but unhealthy foods lead them to gain weight.

Solutions: What measures could be taken to solve these problems?

  • A healthy diet could be the best solution to tackle the obesity and health related issues.
  • Restricted legislations on TV food advertisements by governments.
  • School authorities must encourage young to do more daily exercise.
  • Timely consumption of meals and ensuring that they are full of nutrition’s is the key factor in living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Considering more substantial health budget for obesity and its side effects.
  • Avoiding GM foods and eating more fresh and organic vegetables and fruits.
  • Popularising bicycle as a more leading method of transportation in many cities.
  • Increasing the number of sports facilities.
  • Increasing sports facilities in schools and encouraging children to do exercise more.
  • Commercial methods for losing must be banned by health authorities.
  • Increasing the awareness of people about the heinous effects of obesity.
  • Parents should be more attentive to their children's health. 
  • Arranging sports and exercise facilities at the workplaces.
  • People must be trained by the local council about how much is obesity dangerous for their health.
  • Unhealthy foods must be banned from schools.
  • Drinking a lot of water every day and avoiding alcohol totally.
  • Avoiding fast food and drinks that contain high fat and sugar.
  • Having more trained teachers who know more about children’s diet.
  • A healthy lifestyle, balance diet, exercise, outdoor activities can reduce this problem to a great extent.
  • Monitoring packet foods and fast food items and their ingredients by the food authority are required to control the quantity of fats and sugars these items contain.
  • Walking, making face-to-face communication and using the bicycle whenever possible.

[The above points should be helpful to aid you to generate your own ideas and then turning them into a nicely written IELTS Essay. Add any point you think we have missed in the comment section.]


Sample Answer 2:
Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and changes in lifestyles, new and eccentric problems have arisen in the society. Obesity which was a rare sight in the past has become more of a common sight. As most of the developed countries around the world are now facing this issue, the World Health Organization has decided to enlist obesity as a medical condition.

Two reasons could be listed down as the main cause for Obesity: firstly, the excessive consumption of fatty food, also known as junk food. Living in a society where time is of utmost importance, people tend to eat foods which are easy and quick to consume. It is this unhealthy diet that consists mostly of fatty food, which is the prime cause of obesity. Secondly, the busy lifestyle which the current society lives in is another reason for this health condition. People travelling in vehicles, using escalators, avoiding every task which needs physical exertion has made them lazy and unhealthy.

A healthy diet is the best remedy for obesity. Timely consumption of meals and ensuring that they are full of nutrition’s is the key factor in living a healthy lifestyle. Fresh fruits and home grown vegetables provide those necessary nutrition’s required. In addition to this, exercise and sports help in burning excessive fat and help reducing weight.

In conclusion, it is beyond a doubt that obesity is a rapidly growing health concern nowadays. It is time for us live a healthy life for the sake of our next generation. A well-planned diet and plenty of exercises would give birth to a generation that is fit, healthy and above all happy.

[ by - Inam Imthiyaz ]


Sample Answer 3:
According to a study, the average weight of people is increasing in few countries, which is, in turn, reducing their stamina and immunity levels. Overweight is always a problem and overweight causes numerous diseases and reduces the fitness.  

A healthy human body on an average needs 2000 calories per day. Anymore added calories can cause more harm than good. There are few causes which contribute to this problem. Firstly, the type of foods intake and more advancement in technology is resulting in processed food, which is high in sugar and salt levels. Ready to eat foods like chips, cheese would cause more damage to our digestion system. Secondly, in few countries like India, people eat food at once in large amount instead of eating it in instalments. This habit would result in digestion problems.

Thirdly, proper intake of water is another important factor that many people simply ignore. It is said that 3 litres of water per day can avoid any digestion problems. Lastly, lack of exercise: many people, especially in corporate cultures, spend most of their time in front of the desk. Due to these highly pressurised jobs, they find very less time to take walk for at least 10 minutes. As a result of these reasons, a healthy person becomes obese.

These causes can be counter measured by following a proper diet which includes all food categories like fruits, vegetables, meats instead of readymade food, hydrating our body across the whole day. And finally, walking should be induced in our daily routine for at least 30 minutes.   It is said that "Prevention is better than cure ".Though we have time constraints with our busy schedules we have to balance between our routine and health.

[ by Anila Poch ]

Sample Answer 4:
Weight-related issues have been on the rise in certain countries resulting in fitness levels moving towards a downward trail. The cause of the issue and preventive measures that can be taken is addressed in this article.

The major causes of weight gain in human beings can be attributed to dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle. The human body is primarily designed to do physical work to digest the food consumed. Inadequate physical exercise leads to fat getting deposited mostly around the stomach and waist areas. Modern food habits are also a major contributor to weight gain. Excess consumption of processed and fatty foods can result in an obese and disease-prone body. Technological development has produced machines that perform work which was once done entirely by humans. This has caused human beings to become lazy and rely on machines even for the smallest possible physical work.

Research has shown that citizens of countries whose government emphasis on physical activities (sports) in schools and universities lead a disease-free life. While the issue of weight gain is a serious one, there are a number of simple measures that can be taken to address it. A personal acquaintance of mine had major issues with obesity. Regulated food habits, combined with a disciplined lifestyle and plenty of physical exercises worked wonders for him. Within a matter of months, he became leaner, fitter and extremely cheerful. Governments should create health-awareness programs that throw light on the ill-effects of weight gain and the numerous benefits of maintaining good health. Public swimming pools, jogging grounds should be provided and citizens must avail them at every opportunity.

As the old adage goes “A sound mind resides in a sound body”. It is the responsibility of each individual to maintain proper body weight and set an example to their near and dear ones to achieve the goal of a disease-free society.

[ by Kalyan ]

Sample Answer 5:
In recent years, there is an increasing trend of obesity among individuals. Overweight is creating several health and fitness related problems. Allow me to analyse the reasons for this issue and possible remedial action. The essay will discuss the possible cause, lack of exercise and the available solution options.

Lack of physical exercise attributes as the prime reason for overweight. For example, with the increasing desk jobs and personal comfort, people end up working eight hours a day in front of a computer and travel in the comfort of their personal car. Once they reach home, they spend the majority of the time in front of the television. This lifestyle reduces the amount of physical activity of a person and contributes to their weight gain. Thus, lack of exercise impacts the amount of weight a person gains in a negative way. Increasing popularity of fast food is another major reason for the overweight. People’s choices of tasty but unhealthy foods lead them to gain weight and finally, this food habit creates the obesity problem.

Required steps have to be taken to ensure that weights of individuals are in the right ratio per the body mass index; an index used to calculate the appropriate weight for height and weight. Involving in sports related activities and exercise could create wonderful benefits for the body. For instance, football and volleyball are the games that can be played to keep a person fit. Running can also increase the physical stamina of a person. By exercising sports related activities and cross-training activities body weight can be maintained at the correct level. Therefore, improving the duration of physical activities will reduce the overweight gained.

To conclude, reduction in the physical activities contributes to the majority of the individual’s weight and health related problems. Indulging in sports activity or joining a cross-training gym is the suggested remedial action to overcome the problem. In coming years I think everyone should spend times to take care of their health by indulging in physical activities.

[ by Rajaganapathy ]

Sample Answer 6:
Obesity is progressing worldwide and the number of overweight population is increasing in many countries. Moreover, physical fitness and health status is deteriorating. I believed that environment, inactive lifestyle and food industry are just some of the causes leading people to overweight. These problems can be resolved but thoughtful lifestyle and food habit should be changed.  

Fast food places are everywhere. People often buy foods to save money and time from those fast food shops. However, fast foods have a lack of nutrients and contain fats and sugars in a high amount which can cause health problems later on. Moreover, physical inactivity and laziness linked to the advancement of technology encourage obesity. For example, most individuals prefer to stay at home and they either work on their computers or play with their gadgets rather than going outside for a walk or doing outdoor activities. Another reason is the invention of cars and motorcycles which are convenient for travellers but a passive way of transportation thus resulting in decreasing of physical fitness. In addition, the food industry has a great impact on society. For an instance, food advertisements sometimes mislead the consumers by giving false information and sway people to buy high caloric foods.

The solution should start within individual's efforts and supports from the government. Each and every one of us is responsible for looking after ourselves. Engaging in physical activities, providing our body with healthy & nutritious diets, avoiding vices can lead toward life betterment. The other solution would be a support coming from the government such as promoting physical activity programs in the community. An example of this is to have a free outdoor exercises or dance at the park. This can be an effective way to persuade people to be physically active while enjoying others company. Also, implementing of proper food education at school and having a healthy set of meals at the canteen help the students to receive the nutrients they need.

To conclude, there are several factors that can affect the rising number of obesity population and decline of physical fitness and level of health. These can be solved with collaboration between government programs and people's efforts towards a healthy society.

[ by - Hera Andrea Panerio ]


Sample Answer 7:
Healthiness plays a vital role in human lives. It is true that people's average weight is growing in many nations due to several factors that degrade their strength. There are various reasons why individual's average weight is being increased, but they could certainly take steps to address this issue.

Firstly, the variety of food is different in each country that could increase people's weight, and the fitness standard reduces drastically. For instance, many western countries people used to have foods in such as pizza and burger which leads to obesity and surge in their weight that causes their health level. Moreover, people used to skip their breakfast to keep them fit because of which their weight gets increased after some point of time. The food with proper quality, less cholesterol would control their weight and keep them fit that lead to healthy life in near future. In addition, people should have their meals in proper timing to avoid any health related issues.

Secondly, the lack of exercise is one of the reasons for human's weight control. Most of the people are lazy to do any daily exercises that affect their health directly. For example, people intend to use bus or train to travel for even small distance and also people are using lifts instead of steps for small distance walk in their work premises as well. As a result, human average weight is increasing drastically now a day in many countries. As a corrective measure, people should walk daily at least a couple of kilometres where it is possible and also do basic exercise to keep them fit and that would improve the health standard.

In conclusion, various measures can be taken to tackle the problems that are certain to average weight increase to peoples in many nations to maintain their health standard at a high level.

[ by - Manickam ]


Sample Answer 8:
Over the last ten years, there are increasing numbers of overweight people around the world and at the same time, unfortunately, people do less exercise and have more health problems. Indeed, it is not a surprise that the number of fast food restaurants has increased and people have started to be busy and some of them lazy. This essay will discuss two reasons why this has occurred and examine the consequences of this worrying trend.

The main cause of the problem of obesity is the prolific increase in the number of fast food restaurants. For example, MacDonald’s, Hungry Jack’s, Pizza Hut. The advertisement of these restaurants focused on children to attract their attention, thus, increasing the number of customers amongst children.  However, not only this, hard working people do not have time to prepare a healthy food at home, instead, they buy processed food such as sausages and meatballs in the closest stores. Also, in the rapidly developing society, there is a need to work harder and spend more hours at the workplace.

The measures of this problem have been and will continue to be taken. Firstly, in the TV famous people need to talk more about obesity as a major problem around the world that leads to serious health consequences such as diabetes. Secondly, it is important to promote a healthy lifestyle and life-work balance, which already have been done and will continue to be done. Not only this, great development was introduced to the market, which helps to measure how many steps did a person do during the day. If people start to use it, this will encourage them to do more necessary exercise during the day.

To sum up, it is evident that there are several causes of obesity and a variety of negative effects. Society must ensure steps are taken to prevent this problem from deteriorating further.

[ by - Natalia Svetlova ]


Sample Answer 9:
Throughout history, humans faced a wide range of illnesses. Some of the ailments rely on region and country but some parts of illnesses depend on culture. Yet there are some health issues which are global, for example, obesity which is one of the mankind’s malicious problems, regardless of the race and region. In addition, during recent years, overweight and obesity increased so much that people and government should consider this issue very seriously.

21st century and technology advancement of it brought us computers, televisions, mobile phones, cars, lifts etc. Those gadgets, tools and devices prevent people from moving and compelling them to sit. So it is clear that one origin of obesity is overusing of computers, cars and televisions. Moreover, people don’t join sports clubs and don’t care with regard to doing regular exercise and this leads to unhealthy human generation. Furthermore, the fast food industry has the biggest impact on our health. Unhealthy foods with high fat, low nutrition, less use of vegetables, conservative items in foods are just some part of dark sides of this industry and obviously, this industry is the greatest factor in this obesity and health problem matters.

Handling this problem requires the support of government and they should be worried regarding the health issues of people. In some European countries, government obliged people to do exercise at least 5 hours per week. In addition, America legislates a rule that in line with it each person must eat at least 7 house maid meals per week. People need to be aware of their health. A healthy lifestyle, balance diet, exercise, outdoor activities can reduce this problem to a great extent.

To sum up, it can be argued that there are industries which invite us to taste their cheap, delicious and also unhealthy food. However, governments restricted those industries but people should care about their health personally and teach their children with regard to this matter.


Sample Answer 10:
The present generation is steering towards an unhealthy lifestyle resulting in obesity. This is at an alarming rate in some countries and is spreading wider across the globe. While overweight poses a threat to health and fitness of the current generation, also passing the risk to the future generation as well. There are several factors for this issue and this essay will shed light on a couple of them with possible solutions.

Firstly, the technological advancement is to be blamed. The growing number of computer-based jobs have restricted employees to minimal physical activities, and the introduction of intra-office messaging has further reduced the need for people to move around. For instance, in most software companies, the culture of messaging to colleagues who are in the adjacent cubicles is increasing. The solutions will be to encourage the employees to have intermittent breaks with simple stretching exercises. Also, they could be encouraged to have more face-to-face communication, thereby, not just achieving a physical activity, but also workplace integration.

Another important factor is the growing fast food consumption. Marketed as quick-to-prepare, these processed foods have several ingredients, which possibly remain the major reason for obesity. For example, fast food chain like KFC and Mc Donald's are known to serve burger and chicken with a greater amount of calories, which may not be required for a single meal. The solution is with the government to educate people about the health hazards so that people learn to avoid processed food. Also, the government could enforce the companies to manufacture much healthier food thereby contributing to a healthier society.

To conclude, both the people and government should work together to address the issue on the obesity. It will not just reduce their weight, but also an increased life with a greater health and fitness.

[ by - Balaji Mani ]


Sample Answer 11:
There are several reasons that cause the health's breadth and fitness decreased whereas people's average weight increased. Honestly, this is a serious problem for health. Nonetheless, it can be solved by some thoughtful and prudent attempts.

First of all, it is related to the job. Some people, who work in the office, always have a long time in the office since early morning until night for six days and probably they just have a day to take rest. Because of that, they think that there is no rest time, so the amount of food consumption always raises but the sports programs like fitness is never done by them. When they have a leisure time, of course, they just sleep. In addition, one of the reasons of their weight is never doing sports although they are workers.

Furthermore, the activities of jobless, some people who are spending their time in their houses, just eat and sleep without doing any physical exercises like jogging. These activities enforce them to achieve a high weight and making the obesity problem. Fast food outlets and people’s dependency on them is another reason for obesity.
To solve this problem, individuals need to put more concern on their own health. They should take a balanced diet, lead a healthy life, do some exercises daily and take advice from physicians. The government can take many initiatives like adding more sports facilities in the community; strictly control the junk food outlets, and encourage people to walk or use bicycles on the roads.     

In conclusion, while they are workers or jobless they must be able to manage their time to balance the time for work, rest and doing sports like jogging. Although it is a simple sport but has a big impact on health. By doing this, the average of weight and health will balance.

[ by - Melanesia Boseren ]


Sample Answer 12:
Weight and health of a person are inter-related aspects. Nowadays, it seems that obesity has become a significant concern in some countries, as a result people there are getting relatively unhealthy than before. In this essay, the factors relating to over-weight and the ways to tackle them would be discussed.

There seem to be various reasons on why people become a victim of obesity. Firstly, the popularity of public and private vehicles have, to a large extent, discouraged people from walking to their works, shopping places etc. Secondly, there are few people who are regularly involved in some forms of exercises to burn their calories. Furthermore, the increasing trend of intake of junk foods like noodles, chips and cafeteria products as burgers, pizzas etc. have significantly contributed to dumping calories in people. For example, a guy from my neighbourhood does not go to the gym and takes a large amount of high-calorie fast foods. As a result, his weight is 74 kg while he is only 20 years old.

Modifications in sedentary lifestyles and proper diet could certainly address the problem to a large extent. To be more specific, consumption of calorie should be done according to the body requirements, by calculating the age, height-weight ratio.  Diet should be balanced, inclusive of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in required quantities rather than just oily and spicy. Additionally, exercises are also inevitable factors for a healthy body and it should be encouraged among all age groups. One should be motivated to give up sedentary habits and lead a more active life by walking, running, jogging, going to the gym etc.

Therefore, I would like to conclude that inappropriate food habits and non-active lifestyles are the contributors to obesity which can only be dealt with careful meal planning and calorie burning activities.

[ by - Sajana Koirala ]


Sample Answer 13:
It is believed that people in some countries are gaining more weight and their health and fitness are deteriorating. In my opinion, unhealthy lifestyle and sedentary nature of work are the main reasons for these health issues.

Firstly, people are becoming lazy and they want everything without making any effort. People who are unlikely to do exercise regularly are more prone to gain more weight. In addition, due to development in modern technology, most of the works are done through machines at home. For example, people use washing machines to do their laundry which does not require any physical effort. Furthermore, people consume fast foods increasingly that are rich in calorie.

Secondly, many people in developed countries spend most of their tie in front of computers, sitting in the chair whole day. Moreover, people do not walk to their office, even if it is at walking distance. They do not want to use the staircase, but elevator and lift are being used in every building and office. This is certainly contributing considerably to add unnecessary body weight.

Finally, to tackle these serious health issues, simple but regular physical exercise can be helpful. In addition to exercise, people need to reduce intake of high-calorie food on a daily basis. Taking a short walk to purchase vegetables, daily, instead of driving a car or commuting to office by foot, if it is near, can improve health to some extent.

In conclusion, to reduce these pressing health issues of increasing unnecessary body weight, people should do physical exercise regularly and avoid consuming too much fat.

[ by -  Vivek Sharma Dhakal ]


Sample Answer 14:
The overweight of people is a global issue as the number of obese people is increasing in many countries.  At the same time, the quality of their health and fitness are declining. Some individuals assume that these matters are occurred because of over-consumption of fast foods, sedentary lifestyle and lack of consciousness. In spite of the horrible effects of this lifestyle, people can minimise those trends by eating some organic vegetables and fruits frequently and doing exercise regularly.

To begin with, fast foods are the major cause of overweight. Every person who loves consuming these meals has a tendency to obtain inappropriate weight, particularly, obesities. In fact, junk foods contain less nutrition and more fat. This circumstance may come from ingredients which are used to produce the foods. Fast foods, in most of the cases, contain ingredients which are harmful to our body and cause rapid weight gain.

Secondly, people nowadays live a sedentary lifestyle and rely on technology to do their tasks. They even rely on ready-made foods to avoid cooking at home. Reliance on the computer and the internet has decreased their outdoor activities and very few people these days participate in sports and exercises. As a result, their health condition is decreasing as well as weight is increasing.

Finally, the lack of consciousness among people is another reason for this to happen. Apart from teens and children most of us know the harmful side effects of fast food intake and not doing exercises. Yet, we choose to live a life that we know would be harmful to us.

However, the preceding issue can be deterred by few steps. Firstly, people should get used to purchasing organic vegetables and fruits which do not contain chemicals. Although the prices of these organic foods are not cheap as non-organic one, benefits are indispensable to support our healthy. Secondly, it is often stated that to keep your body in good condition requires exercises daily basis. Doing sport can be adequate help to obtain ideal weight. For instance, going to the gym every week and walking in the evening can keep our body from being sick. We need to avoid fast foods as much as possible and put more effort on staying healthy by getting involved in physical exercises. The government can build more sports centres and gyms to encourage people to take part in exercises and reducing pollution would be another effective measure that should be ensured from the government’s end.  

In brief, people may choose to eat fast foods; however, this behaviour can cause serious health issues. It would be better if people seek more information about the foods and doing sport to decrease the disadvantages of fast foods.

[ by -  Waode Eti ]


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Essay Topics: In some countries, the average weight of people is increasing and their level of health and fitness are decreasing. What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.Essay Response: Overweight is a common health problem in many countries and this is getting worse while people's physical condition and strength are declining day by day. Sedentary lifestyle and food habit are two major reasons for this and several measures are required to improve our health conditions. First of all, modern living standard and reliance on technology have evoked a lifestyle where people prefer avoiding any physical exertion or movement. Moreover, we prefer fast food than preparing food at home. Sedentary lifestyle and fast food full of fat and cholesterol are destroying our health condition. Thus, obesity appears to have become the result of our food habit and inactive lifestyles. Next, people's busy life and increasing work pressure bound them to stay away from exercises. Both the government and people should take necessary steps to improve the health condition. First, the government should reduce the working hours both in state owned and private companies so that people can enjoy more free time and participate in outdoor activities. Apart from that, the government should invest more money on building new sports centres, parks, gymnasiums etc. so that people have places to exercise. Then, individuals have to be committed to vacating their weekends to watch over themselves and take part in outdoor activities. Finally, fast food should be avoided by people and more taxes should be imposed on it. People should understand that home-made food is the best option for them and reliance on fast food would only deteriorate their health level. All in all, health is perhaps the most important wealth in our life, and our choices can make the whole difference. The way we lead our life and our food intake will decide whether we will have a healthy life or we will suffer from obesity. Government's investment and personal awareness programmes also important for that.